Yoga for corporate

Corporate Yoga Program

Yogic Transformation Program

Indulge in mind-soothing & soul-stirring program for corporate professionals looking for “out of box” thinking. This 3-5 day transformation program connects is intended to bring holistic changes in your emotive behavior. When emotions altered, it affects your behavior, thought-patterns and psychology too. The elements of our yogic program are physical stability, mind purging kriya, Vedic Counseling & cognitive behavior therapy.

Everyone needs a break from a monotonous and insipid life, and corporate world is no exception. Problem comes in various forms. Our transformation program is strictly formulated with the distinctive work culture which is beyond 10 to 6 routine hours. It is stress-buster reducing anxiety of outgoing senses.

Spirit Yoga Foundation outlays corporate yoga program for re-programming of mind and honing management skill for personal & growth development. This program is slated to run for 90 minutes in corporate corridor and four days in outside. It includes traditional yogic methods in combination with contemporary psychology.

✔ Long-sitting stamina with stability
✔ Yogic breath kriya to balance energy
✔ Meditation kriya to release pent-up emotions
✔ Correct stubborn psychic complexities

Transformation through Yoga

Sometimes, you have to meet challenging deadlines with no compromise in quality. Mind and body are worst sufferers when you and your team work in a stressful environment. Spirit Yoga Foundation has created refreshing way for transformation of energy at consciousness level.

Yogic breath kriya aids in making you strong enough to bear all vagaries of life boldly. You will be able to retain balance of mind without compromising with personal and professional life. After completion of three or five day transformation kriya, you return to work with fresh zeal and zeal. In a short duration, it brings transformation more than your expectation.

✔ Mould mind & your psychology
✔ Release stress in a harmless way
✔ Transform your energy in sublime way
✔ Remain balanced & cheerful in every situations
✔ Restart your work with zeal & enthusiasm

Yogic Transformation Program

The duration of the program can be 3-days to 5-days—including either in-house or outdoor location. It involves yogic transformation kriya with yogic techniques comprising both practical and theoretical training. The duration of program ranges from 2-5 hours in a day.

Time and venue will be flexible and decided with the mutual consent of all participants. The transformation program will be blend of retreat-cum-yogic kriya in outdoor location. In indoor location, the program will be held either morning or evening without replacing your daily working schedule.       

3 - Days Outdoor Program

To rejuvenate mind and refresh senses, this 3-days program will be held in a spiritual place far from the maddening crowd. Classes will go for flexible 4-6 hours leaving ample space to let you retreat in your own way. Program will initiate with physical stability to ensure free-flow of energy. It will be followed by yogic kriya and transformation in the backdrop of spiritual environment.

Yogic Transformation

✔ Physical well-being
✔ Behavior correcting
✔ Shodhan-Kriya
✔ Mental-physical balance
✔ Breath & meditation kriya

             Philosophy of Management

✔ Group counseling
✔ Stress & spirituality
✔ Self-purification technique
✔ Diet & lifestyle
✔ Behavior & psychology

Duration: 3-days Daily Kriya: 4-6 hours Location: Outdoor

5 - Days Program for Corporate

Rhythm in mind and body go disordered, when you race against time to meet deadlines. This is in-house program to means to physical, mental & spiritual well-being. It comprises simple techniques which you can practice even in office to bring rejuvenation. It will be five-day program at your workplace. The working hours will be two and half hours, with 90 minutes devoted to physical balance. The remaining hours will be dedicated to personal counseling and team-building spirit.

Yogic Transformation

✔ Physical balance
✔ Breath-kriya
✔ Shodhan-Kriya
✔ Long-sitting effortlessly
✔ Meditation kriya

Philosophy of Management

✔ Counselling
✔ Balance professional life
✔ Mental purification
✔ Balanced lifestyle
✔ Behaviour & psychology

Duration: 5days Daily Kriya:3 hours Location: Outdoor

Levels of Awareness

Shodhan begins from physical awareness with graceful movements of body. It induces inherent energy level with breathing awareness. It flourishes into subtle awareness in void meditation when everything comes to standstill.
Here are three steps to traditional shodhan kriya:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Spirit Yoga Foundation is a non-profit organization in operation since 2009. We carry holistic healthcare programs to corporate world. It is registered under NITI Aayog, India. It is also registered under 12 A and 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961. We are advocating “Fit India” concept coined by PM Modi under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our yogic transformation program comes under CSR fund.     

Wisdom of Training

In nature; air, water, earth and ether everything is in perfection. In human body, sensory cells are attached to spinal cord, which is vital to central nervous system. It is five elements and five senses which define your individuality. Yogic transformation brings innate nature’s elements in right proportion, and also brings outgoing senses under your control. 

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Benefits of Yogic Kriya

Life has many hues, with stress denoting grey shade. Corporate working culture emphasizes on perfection and timely delivery. As human is not mechanical, unending chain of projects, high expectation and recurring deadlines stir-up stress levels. Shodhan-kriya and meditation are an excellent way to recharge tiring nerve cells and boost-up sagging energy levels.

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