Learn to utilize your time smartly. Yoga is traditional time-management which never goes out of trend. There is not forced time management, but it comes naturally.

Time is most precious than all the accumulated wealth on this earth. It waits for none. Managing every seconds are small steps moving towards achieving a cozy, satisfying and stress-less life. Most of you think more, and act less. Your mind remained occupied in train of thoughts. This is biggest problem to your life.

You can’t increase the number of hours in a day, but enhance the productivity by time management. Don’t be mechanical. Learn to use your mind by controlling it in a specific direction. You are master of your mind & body. You are more powerful than mind. Utilizing your time smartly is time management.

Allot a specific time for meditation, yogic exercise, rest & sleep, recreation and working time. Fix your day to day goal and try to achieve it. When you bring routine in your life, stress and anxiety disappear and automatically it improves your work capacity, relationship and social life.
The simple mantra of life is: “If you start taking care of every minute and second, then hours will manage its own.” Time management is byproduct of life management. Make a chart of everyday planning, and read it as you open your eyes in morning time. Decide your own life.

Modern Lifestyle

Life has become stereotype & mechanical. People have little time for their family, friends & relationship. The heyday of healthy society has gone. The social bonds are demolishing. Accumulating luxuries items for making their life comfortable is the sole motto of life. They are moving away from nature. Consequently, the x-generation is falling prey to multiple physical, mental and psychological problems. Yoga is the answer to solve the modern complexities of life.

  • Hypertension, bane of modernity
  • Personal relationship are breaking
  • Working capacity are diminishing
  • Mental & physical problems
  • Sexual problems

Learn managing your time, managing your life will be spontaneous

Yogic Management

Yoga is timeless and traditional time-management which never goes out of trend. It refines your devotion, commitment and discipline if you adopt in your life. One can inculcate this traditional management skill in his life at any age. But if adopted right at the childhood, the results are always amazing. A well-disciplined life is like a fresh breath which infuses spirit and enthusiasm in your efforts to achieve the set goals. The tools of time management are:

Asana :

Start your practice with light asanas for forty minutes. It opens up the physical blockage and betters the circulation of blood. It also regulates the strength and vigor in physical aspect. When enough energy flows, you seldom feel lethargic even after hectic life schedule. You stick to your allotted time schedule comfortably without any break. You remain active and energetic from dawn to dusk.

Pranayama :

After asana, practice yogic breathing for ten minutes. The balance and deep breathing from both nostrils opens up the flow of energy channels in inner body. It improves your immune system by detoxification. When mind and body unites through pranayama, you better carry your daily activities. It improves your lung capacity. You conserve more energy which helps in the execution of your professional and personal work.

Meditation :

Conclude your yoga course with ten minutes of meditation in your personal space. You imbibe positive vibrations by dispelling all negative thoughts. It betters your sleeping patterns for rejuvenation. The mental clarity reaches to superior level. You start taking better decisions. It infuses calm and soothing effect on your mind. The stress & anxiety eliminate and you manage your time in a better way.

Yogic diet :

The philosophy of ayurvedic diet states that your food is medicine. Eat what your body needs the most. Consume what is nutritious, digestible and seasonal. Avoid overeating and never skip a meal. Avoid food which is empty carbohydrates like junk food which ruins your health. Never drink water or tea/coffee between the meals. Food which are opposite in nature shouldn’t be taken at a particular time.

Yoga is the answer to solve the modern complexities of life

Fixed routine work :

Always stick to fixed hours of sleep, awaking, food, yoga exercise, work and recreation. Pay attention to personal hygiene and sanitation by devoting a few minutes to it on a daily basis. Your body will be attuned to work at different hours in a day. Never shuffle the work for priority or any other reason. If your daily routine is well organized, it is going to help you in time management.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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