Woman loves to express care, creation & love.She is passionate by nature, and always follows her heart. She fills color in flavorless life which makes her more charming

Can sensitivity and sensuality exist together? Femininity is prominent paradigm. She carries all the charm of life to justify your struggle for strengthening family bond. Nature expresses itself through delicate femininity which exhibits hope, joy & prosperity. She captures the imagination of poet. The object of poetry is mainly rustic woman gathering firewood lonely in a mountain.

Woman’s shapely & glowing face reminds the blooming of lotus flower in a pond. Her graceful gait creates flutter in many hearts. She leaves her footprints on rain-drenched sand dunes. The fragrance of feminine charm is enough to infuse life to a dying man. She has the power to melt steel heart. Her gait, style and mannerisms evoke lunar charm of femininity.

Her fresh breaths strike a chord with a composer playing flute on top of alpine meadow. Her divine charm makes you forget all the tensions and worries of mundane life. You never feel lonely either you stroll with bevy of beauties, or chit-chat with sisters reminiscing childhood memories. She plays myriad of roles in time. She strokes myriad hues of brush in life’s canvas,

“The basis of man’s success & happiness rests on feminine power.”

Beautiful Creation of God

To make his presence felt all over, the God created women. She had carried onwards human life since time immemorial, facing all upheavals. Had there been no woman, there would have been no man. Culture, tradition and society are byproducts of her creation. She nurtures & nourishes young ones, thus filling the vacuum between older generation and upcoming generation.

When God first made life on this earth, he prepared a woman first. He gifted her with all charms of the love & romance to procreate and sustain life. Then, man came later from the same mud to accompany her as a life-partner. She became his shadow without any nuptial knots. As the bond grew deeper and stronger, the male-female union gave birth to human species.

The world goes on multiplying. When older ones depart from earth, the new crop of children fills the vacuum. The saga of God’s creation hasn’t eclipsed for any epoch of time. The fairer sex is still carrying nature’s will to sustain life. It will continue till the prophecy of doomsday comes true or any eventuality in the form of gigantic disaster ends all big or small lives.

Women represent power

In Indian culture, women are worshipped as ultimate “Shakti” (power). In kundalini yoga, she is represented as serpent feminine power resting in lower base chakra. She ascends by piercing three psychic knots (granthis) and finally unites with her consort Shiva. Lord Shiva is incomplete without Shakti, and is always portrayed as ardha-narishwar (half man-half woman).

From ancient times, woman is treated at par with male. In classical Sanskrit texts, there are many stories of wise women participating in religious debate in open public view. Her arguments and cross-questioning brings laurels to her fame. She is harbinger of hope in time of despair. Prosperity and peace will remain elusive in a home where women are suppressed.

In ancient Rome, woman was always treated equally with man. Queens remained pillar of strength to kings who remained busy in world-conquering mission. She prepared prince and princess to inherit blue blood and carry royal traits of bravery, strength and chivalry. Similarly, women’s role in Indian national movement is marvelous and incredible.

Women have passion

Women are passionate by nature. She can overcome any hurdles and have the capability to turn the table in her favor. She can shower love and empathy even to poor and discarded people living on the fringes of society. Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa followed her heart and devoted her entire life for the poor, lepers, orphans & helpless children of smaller gods.

Oprah Winfrey needs no introduction. She is celebrity figure known for rendezvous with celebrities from different fields. Her childhood was miserable with bad memories. In spite of all odds, she followed her passion and turned to be top women journalist with global recognition. Her show “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is great source of inspiration to budding journalist.

It is the fighting-spirit which is the real strength of woman. She never surrenders easily to the circumstances. The things which seem impossible turn to be possible for a woman with the power of endurance. Arunima Sinha, an Indian by nationality, became the first woman amputee to climb the Mount Everest in 2013. Now, she is determined to climb all the seven summits.

Women: Love or Lust!

Love without feelings is lust. Love exists in heart, while lust in mind. Women follow her heart, while man act what his mind instruct. In a conflict between heart and mind, the later always surrender. You might have heard famous adage, “Behind the success of every man, there is a woman.” It may sound exaggerated to misogynist’s mind, but it’s true.

As a mother, she develops unflinching adoration towards her children. The first teacher of any child is his/her mother. She comes to his life again as a wife or beloved when a child grows into adult. Man bereft of woman’s life seldom attains success in life. This vacuum in heart can make him lunatic. Some renounce the world and turn to be monk in search of purest love.

You have often watch tall building collapsing like pack of cards. It happens when its foundation is hollow with construction on fragile bricks. We give extra weight to money in relationship. Love is the strongest chain for any relationship. The bond grew deep when it is supplemented by faith and mutual trust. Give due respect to female counterpart, and then all will be well.

Women & creativity

Creativity is another name of woman. She ignites the power of imagination and inspiration to minds of ingenuity. Be it music, art, prose, literature, you will find her presence everywhere. Feminine beauty is real driving force which helps the pen-pushers.  It makes their imaginative power more fertile and worthy to write all-time classics in literary world.

Many masterpieces of William Shakespeare are devoted to feminine charm. In his playwrights, he gives vivid expressions of feminine charm to continue interest of avid readers. The whole world is recurring creation by female counterparts in every species of life. In a male-dominated society, women are writing many successful stories to prove their supremacy.

The sixth sense of female refines her creativity to a level of par excellence. This empowers her to take right decisions. More and more women are showing their entrepreneurship skill to contribute more to local/national economy. The women are changing, and so the world. In the field of innovation, they are shinning and giving tough competition to their male counterpart.

Women’s role in family

A woman is backbone to her family. Her role in structuring the family is can’t be described in words. She is the epitome of sacrifice and surrender, yet she never compromise with dignity and self-respect. Time has changed, and now many women are working in different sectors, contributing to family’s income. She balances her professional and family life in dignified way.

Family is the basic unit of society. Indian family bonds revolve around mother, wife and sister. In current scenario, women are playing pivotal role in decision-making, related to education, job selection and finally marriage. The responsibility of maintaining strong family ties, upbringing of children and caring atmosphere in home lies in the slender shoulders of women.

Ups and downs are part of life. In times of financial crisis, man easily breaks down. But a housewife knows how to run a family with meager income. She always saves for the rainy day. She seeks pragmatic solution to all problems. It has been said “there is no lock without a key.” Similarly, there is no problem without a solution. A woman is master-key of all locks.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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