When your varied petals of life start uniting, this is yoga. Connection with others becomes spontaneous. True happiness lies in sharing things with the persons who are in need.

Anything that joins or combines is yoga. It cements the bond of brotherhood among all the human beings in the world. The whole universe is the beautiful expression of yoga course. Moon is connected to earth, and all eight planets are connected to sun—thus creating solar system. We are connected to each other either by mental/physical/spiritual plane.

True happiness lies in sharing things with the persons who are in need. The string of bride and bridegroom joins for a marital bliss. A family is incomplete without children who are further connected to their parents for their nurturing and upbringing. A mother showers her unconditional love to her tiny-toddlers, which is a form of bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion).

To run the family, you have to ensure your regular source of income. Money can be generated either by doing regular job or venturing any business. When you involve your heart & soul in work without expecting any reward in return, it is karma yoga (yoga of action). We are connected to it, knowingly or unknowingly.

  • World is endless expression of yoga
  • Connecting for mutual love & compassion
  • Yoga is blooming of diverse petals of life
  • Treat all people equally to bring prosperity
  • You are all members of world community

Definition of Yoga

The yoga is a Sanskrit word literally means to yoke or combine. It is the combination of physical, mental and spiritual consciousness. In yoga teacher training course, the yoga school merges these levels of consciousness. Ancient scripture Rig Veda mention of highly accomplished yogis who unfolded the mystery of nature in form of yoga. In one yoga sutras (aphorism) :

Yogi Patanjali says : “Chitta vritti nirodha”


The spirit of adventure is in the very blood of man. Yoga is planting of positive thoughts. It teaches you how to rely your own spiritual resources. Lord Krishna in epic philosophical text of Gita, says, Yoga is balancing the state of mind in both success and failures. Yoga is not only productive and instructive, but also re-creative in broader prospective. “Removing all the fluctuations in mind by union of mind and body is Yoga”

Yoga can be defined as:

  • Freeing yourself from worldly attachment & bondage— Gita
  • A conscious method aiming for self-development— Sri Aurobindo
  • Yoga is connecting with your consciousness—      Yogi Simant
  • Yoga & knowledge comes through practice—       Swami Vivekananda
  • Excellency in work is yoga—                                       Gita

Art of Yoga

The art of yoga is indispensable to learn the way of life. Yoga teachers training course is an art of expressing distinct life by depicting it in different pose. In therapy yoga, the yogic poses are inspired from the relaxation techniques of animals or birds like lion pose, cat pose, peacock pose, palm pose and many more. Poses are physical expression of relaxation in natural form.

By gentle movements of body, the yoga practitioner displays his/her expressions. Pranayama is the art of yogic breathing. When you control your mind and body by inhalation, exhalation and retention, it is also known as yoga. Mind and body are interrelated, like matter and energy. When your body attunes to signal of mind and obeys its command, it opens the way for yoga.

  • Asanas are artistic representation of life
  • Pranayama purify channels of yogic breathing
  • Transformation of energy
  • Art of mental & physical well-being
  • Develop your immune system

Methodology of Traditional Yoga

The traditional yoga of gurukul was based on guru-disciple relationship. The lives of disciples always move in the direction of the best. It is a manifestation of strong love & compassion among guru & disciples. The body, mind and the spirit rejoice. The disciples used to live with their guru under his constant guidance. They were open to learning all the time.

The traditional yoga is known for its guru-disciple relationship and for its traditional arts and rich literature passed on orally. It was based on gurukal system where guru used to assign work to each disciple. The various branches of yoga are karma yoga, bhakti yoga, gyan yoga, hatha yoga. In traditional ashrams, disciples were expected to come with empty mind.

The functionality of the gurukul system lies in its simplicity. Excellence is recognized and awarded. Guru pick-up his most trusted and sincere disciple and transform his energy. The chosen disciple takes the charges of seat of guru. Expanding your awareness & consciousness is one of the striking methodologies of yoga for achieving direct contact with your divinity.

  • He also chose his next successor
  • Transformation of energy
  • Practical knowledge of yoga
  • Commitment & disciple of disciples
  • Guru selected the suitable disciples

Yoga in Contemporary Time

The value of yoga is not fully realized in modern world. In Vedic philosophy, yoga was aimed at balancing of mind-body-consciousness. But people now have diluted the broader concept of yoga. Yoga means only physical well-being. The mental & spiritual planes of yoga have lost in oblivion. The youngsters are moving to yoga owing to its therapeutic value.

The true essence of yoga in modern time has lost its luster. The relationship of guru-disciple has withered with the passage of time. Now, it has been restricted to physical aspect only. People think of yoga merely as asanas (yogic movement). Asanas remove the physical discomfort and improve the stability in body. These are means for acquiring physical strength.

  • Constrain to physical aspect of yoga
  • Rising popularity of therapy yoga
  • Modification in asanas
  • No strict rules & regulations
  • Mushrooming of new yoga brands

Yoga is Science

Hatha yoga teachers training course speaks the mystique of yoga as science of purification. Yoga is not religion, but absolute science which existed even before when human race was not aware of it. Just like the law of gravitation is universal in nature, so the benefits of yoga can be reaped by one and all. There is no conflict between science and yoga.

Both science and yoga aim at the discovery of truth. Science follows the path of reason and intellect, while yoga travels the road of faith and awareness and conscience. The discoveries of science and its conquest of nature reveal the wonders of same super-consciousness which yoga already talked about. Yoga realized the science of subtle energy moving in physical body.

  • Yoga & science are allied to each other
  • Both shun superstitions & myths
  • Creation & dissolution is part of yoga
  • Yoga changes your dimension of life
  • Yoga is purely science of purification
Written by : Yogi Simant

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