It is the union of sky (male) & earth (female),which gives birth to new life. It gives you same sense of relaxation & ecstasy in mind what you experience in meditation.

What is sex? How will you paint it in a naked canvas? So, what you think? Is it natural, a creation of a devil or a glimpse of divine joy? It has many definitions & dimensions. Sex is the transformation of energy through male to female. Life is not possible without it. If the union of male & female stops, the whole creation stops. “Yoga is union”, in simplest form

In other words, you can say that sex is life or life is sex. It is the moments of supreme joy that disconnect you from the outer world naturally. It is in nature, whether you accept it or reject it. It existed before you and will continue to sustain when you leave this world. You are also one of the creations of sex. So, who are you to label it as right or wrong, ethical or unethical?

The flower blooms, the tree grows and the steamy dream arrives in bed owing to sex. We are just playing our role as a painter, who fills colors to define life. It is a steamy union of two physical bodies, which gives birth to new life. Two opposite poles always attract each other. Sex is a blissful way to unite males and females to ensure the continuation of life on earth.

Learn to flow in the stream of sex. It is not sin, but an ever-flowing stream which carries all big or small life. Don’t suppress it as it takes its ugly form. So let it take its own course. It is also a way to reach God as you easily transcend the mind and body awareness. The sex culminates where your gross existences merge with subtle existence.

Sex in Nature

The simple process of nature is: whenever two opposites meet, it results in progeny. Whether you talk of animals, plants or any happenings in the celestial world, you can call it sex or creation. Creation is always beautiful. It unites us for a long-lasting relationship. Sex binds us, and never breaks the relationship. It sustains all lives on this earth. If you suppress sex, it means that you are going against nature. So, don’t be a spoilsport in sexual activity. The word “sex” is the creation of our mind, but it has nature’s creation in the form of beautiful bonding. It’s a medium to carry life and sustain it for our existence.

Sex is nature’s hungriness. You are also a part of nature. Disintegration is happening every day and every moment. To fill the gap, sex acts as bridge through which new life enters. So, we can say that sex is a balancing act. Sometimes, it is visible to the eyes (gross form), but in many ways, it goes completely beyond the naked eyes (subtle form). It is a force of sex that attracts a young man towards a beautiful woman. Nature is the guru to the seeker of sex & sensuality.

  • Sex is hope for new creation
  • It is a form of physical yoga
  • Involvement by physical, mental & psychological
  • It is a medium to strengthen love
  • Peak of sex culminates in consciousness

Sex is Programming

What do you think; sex is self-programming as you see in software? Yes, it is inherent programming in our genome since pre-historic times. The early man & woman too indulged in pleasurable activity even when there was no language to share their feelings of love and emotions. Sexual craving was reason of male & female union, although it was at physical level.

In the climax of sexual union, all senses go blank where world automatically detach from mind.  A vacuum creates naturally in the mind, which is akin to meditative state in the higher form of yoga. You discover relaxation and ecstasy in mind. You get the glimpse of super-consciousness for a very short period of time. All it happens in a blinking of your eyes.

Sex & Sexuality

Attraction towards opposite sex is natural. There is nothing wrong if sex is consensual between two partners. Age difference doesn’t matter in love & sex. But if the limit exceeds, it can give you the tag of nymphomaniac or satyriasis. It happens when you try to bite forbidden fruit (apple). The excess of anything spoils and corrupt you.

Sex is in body, while sexuality is in mind. One is natural, and the other is fantasy. Animals just follow their basic instincts, and forget sex as soon as the act of love-making is over. Sex is absent in the mind of animals. But in human-beings, it is just opposite. Thoughts of romantic sex occupy maximum space in your imaginative mind. It blocks other creative thoughts.

Sex is natural act for procreation & sustainability of life. Once it over, the mind feels relax and senses come to satiated state. Sexuality is unnatural and imagination of dirty mind. Day and night, the lusty thoughts remain with you and make you imprisoned to senses. In spite of master, you turn slave to your senses. It makes your creativity mind infertile & dysfunctional.

  • Sex is satiable experience
  • Sexuality is insatiable
  • Love-making is universal
  • Sexuality pollute mind & emotion
  • Sex is medium of procreation

Basic Instinct

The drop of all life starts from the copulation. Genes carry the characteristic of parents to their offspring. It is this vital energy which gives similarity in look and intelligence to same family members. Some races are inborn superior merchants, some carry genes of valor and courage, while some class are unique singer, painter, writer and poet carry similar traits in family.

Sexual energy is ever-flowing force which never dries up even in old age. It is neither brutal nor manifestation of devil energy. It is a basic instinct just like hunger and thirst which needs to be satiated on time. Sexual energy is inferior life force which exists in lower base chakra near genitals. When it refines and goes upwards, the same animal instinct changes into purer form.

Sex is powerful life force which unites male & female for continuity of life. Energy transforms from male body via physical union and enters female’s reproductive organ. The successful union gives birth to new birth carrying DNA from parents to offspring.  Male & female are like opposite poles of a magnet which attracts each other.

Sex & Spirituality

Ask any young boy or woman, “Which is the most pleasurable activity in life?” Their frequent reply would be, “ultimate pleasure in life comes from sexual union.” Sex is the cause of bondage and salvation. It is the strongest barrier in the realization of the ultimate truth. Once you rise above it, then nothing is unachievable. You can reach new heights of truth and spirituality.

Sex is not sinned from yogic philosophy. It’s the straightforward cause of all birth on this planet. At lowest level, it is an act of pleasure through physical union. When union involves emotional level too, the same-sex transform into love. At the highest level, the union transcends the mind, body & emotional level. It is called spiritual ecstasy at yoga teacher training course.

Lawful and morally-accepted sex add flavor to your life. It makes your existence jovial and thrilling. It wards off many physical and mental imbalances. It leaves no space for stress and anxiety in your life. Unsatisfied sex gives birth to frustrations, rejection, and dejection. It will snatch all peace and calmness from your mind. You wouldn’t be able to focus on the workplace.

  • Sex gives you a glimpse of spirituality
  • Spirituality begin when union go to purer level
  • Involve your mind, body & emotions
  • Sexual energy transform into vital energy
  • Carnival love galvanize to spiritual love
Written by : Yogi Simant

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  1. Subhash Dhuliya says:

    Excellent article to understand sex as a gift of nature. It’s needs wider dissemination to educate people specifically youngsters towards sex education.

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