What is Meditation

Meditation starts when the wandering of thoughts stop and mind dwells in purest form of consciousness. It is the most exhilarating experience of yoga. There remains no past or future. You remain in present. At the subtlest level, you disconnect from outer world. The immense joy and divine peace that you feel at these moments is beyond words.

If you touch inner depths of your consciousness, you discover many precious jewels. Only the highly skilled goldsmith knows the value of stones. Similarly, you begin to understand your actual worth, and your connection with cosmic world. The fake identity with body, wealth and worldly title vanishes when you deeply engrossed in meditation.

In classical yoga texts, the word “dhyana” symbolizes meditation which is the higher form of yoga. The outer world seems to be merely reflection of your inner world. There is no illusion or duality but only transparency when you observe the world from meditative eyes.

  • Purify your mind to divine level
  • Free your mind from any bondage
  • All the worldly temptations ceases
  • You become seeker of spiritual joy
  • Explore your undisclosed divine nature

How to Start Meditation?

You need to train your mind for one-pointed concentration. One can learn basic meditative techniques from enlightened guru or undergo meditation course from certified yoga school. You need favorable environment, right time and place for the start. It is a self-learning process once you attain knowledge of meditation. The foremost thing is purity of mind.

The right sequence to meditation is asanas, pranayama and then meditation. You can choose any asana that suits you the most. The yogic breathing purifies your inner channels of energy. Once your inner blockages are opened, then you can go to the stage of meditation. Choose the time when you are not in a hurry and mind remains peaceful at the time of practice.

  • Meditation starts when the mind is empty
  • Regularity & sincerity is must for beginners
  • Commitment for learning is key to learners
  • Disconnect with outer world during practice

Common Obstacles to Meditation

It’s not easy to control the wandering habit of mind. First of all, you have to master focus and concentration of mind on one subject. When you concentrate for a prolonged period, it turns to meditation. You need continuous practice with unflinching commitment. As you practice more and more, the layers of meditations start appearing to decode the many secrets of inner world.

Following are the few common obstacles to meditation:

  • Unfit Body: If there are rigidness & complications in your body, you wouldn’t be able to sit for long period. Practice mild asanas to stretch and relax your body to make it fit.
  • Impure Thoughts: The garbage of sensuality accumulated in your mind can’t be erased in a day. You have to purify your mind by constant awareness.
  • Worthless Imaginations: The mind remained occupied in fearful past thoughts and uncertainty of future. It creates troubles in mind which mars your meditation session.
  • Little Knowledge: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Try to gain scrupulous theoretical knowledge of meditation before plunging into practice.
  • Strong Bond of Attachment: Family/friends/children are all attachments which occupied your mind and create troubles. Cut all the strings of bondage.