What is Meditation


Transcending mind and senses is meditation
Meditation is idle state of mind, body and senses. Body stays in motionless state, and all thoughts disappear from mind. Outer awareness is replaced by inner consciousness. In deeper state of meditation, individual consciousness merges with its source i.e. cosmic consciousness. It neutralize your sense of “I”ness. It ceases all the polarities of life.

There are three states of awareness----waking state, deep sleeping and dreaming state. In deep sleeping state, the mind goes to its original seat i.e. heart. All the fluctuations in mind come to standstill. Senses also withdraw inwards. All this happens in meditation too, but awareness remains active. You witness all the happening in your inner world silently.
Meditation is thought-less state of mind. It is divine way to know yourself and your connection with nature and its elements. Concentration is retaining only one thought in mind for an extended period. The only thing in common is awareness. Science understands only the anatomy and physiology of physical being. Meditation helps to know your subtle dimension and how it supports your gross body.

✔ Concentration is the first step to meditation
✔ Enter into the thoughtless citadel
✔ Slumber is not meditation
✔ Meditation is a void state of mind
✔ Being aware of inner conscience

How to start meditation?

In traditional ashtanga yoga and raja yoga, preparing mind and body for meditation is compulsory. Meditation practice starts with asana, pranayama and “dharana” (concentration). Basic asanas of hatha yoga training induce strength and stability to body. You have to sit untiringly for a longer time to go through attention, focus, concentration and finally then meditation. Pranayama helps in controlling mind with breathing awareness. 

 Gentle stretching removes blockages    Asana brings stability in body    Breathing purifies channels of energy

 Controlling mind via concentration    Expand your inner awareness  

Preparation for Meditation

Choose perfect place and convenient time when body is fully-relaxed and mind remains stress free. The best time is early morning when you awake after night-long sleep. A yoga beginner can use add-on for meditation practice. Many yoga schools in Rishikesh favor supplements as it help meditation-seekers to disconnect with outer sensory world. These add-ons are:      

Cotton balls: Hearing sense is active and a slight sound can distract you. You can put soft cotton balls slightly inside the ear passage. It creates inner silence zone     

Eye-shades: Sense of sight is restless, and must be tame right from the beginning. You can use eye-shade which blocks irresistible charm of colorful world.    

Dark room : Your meditative room should be tidy, small and free from insects and worms. Seat of mediation should neither be too high or too low. It should be free from disturbing dimension.     

Flame for focus: Cultivate your focus & attention to reach one-pointed concentration. Focus on candle’s flame in a dark room without blinking to develop “dharana” and “dhyana”.

Obstacles to Meditation

To reach meditative state of mind, you need continuous practice under guidance of guru. Know the reasons why some remains satisfied with focus & concentration. 

Following are the few common obstacles to meditation: 
  • Unfit body: Rigidness & complications in body never allow practitioners to sit motionless for a longer period 
  • Train of thoughts: Meditation starts only when train of thoughts halts in platform of inner space and senses turn silence   
  • Open space: When you sit for meditation in open space, outer dimensions distract mind and senses also activate.  

Best time for Meditation

Spring and autumn are considered to be good for yoga and meditation. During these months, there is neither hot nor cold. The best time for yoga & meditation retreat in Rishikesh is from October to March. If you practice at home, morning or evening time is best.   

  • Early morning is best for meditation 
  • Avoid peak winter/hot months 
  • Never practice in a hurry
  • Wear yoga dress as per seasons  
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