What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is your innate source of tremendous energy through which you move, talk and think.  “Prana” is individual subtle body which constantly draws energy from infinite cosmic prana. Kundalini is also known as “prana shakti” in Tantra yoga. It is “prana” and “kundalini”, which sustain all life on this earth. Sleep, breath & meals only supplement your vital energy level.

All people are born with some traits. Selected people excel in writing, oratory skill or some other artistic creation. More the evolution of this intrinsic energy, more you express yourself in overall directions. Hard work and fate has its own role in shaping you future, but kundalini yoga in Rishikesh always has upper hand to turn all tables in your favor.

  • Kundalini is tremendous source of energy
  • Your inherent potential remains untapped
  • Stirring kundalini brings divine hope of transformation
  • Free-flow of “prana” indicates subtle changes in life

Knowing your hidden power

Kundalini is hidden power with tremendous potential to bring spiritual evolution in your life. It remains in sleeping state at base chakra (mooladhara chakra). It exists in perineum between origin of genitals and the anus. Without purification of mind & body, activation of chakra is nearly impossible. 12 days Kundalini yoga course in Rishikesh steers you to familiarize with mystic powers concealed in different subtle channels of vital energy.

  • Rising above basic human instincts
  • Harnessing your inherent potential
  • Prepare with complete inner purification
  • Maximize your “prana” level with pranayam

Why awaken kundalini?

Life is more than breathing & gratification of senses. By contributing something to society, you can make your existence valuable. It is possible only when you have creative mind and adequate energy to carry out your noble mission. Deep faith in your kundalini shakti empower you to achieve something unachievable and cross all hurdles in life comfortably. As your consciousness refine and go higher and higher, you simultaneously touch new levels of achievements.

  • Sharpening of your peculiar skills
  • Builds your self-esteem & confidence
  • Helps in growing vertically & horizontally
  • Soaring high in new sky of possibility
  • Bring opulence in spiritual aspect of life

Expression of Kundalini

Snake is worshipped in almost all part of world since ancient times. In Himalaya, several deities are depicted wearing garland of snakes. It is manifestation of controlling fear by intense penance & attaining mystical power. It represent as coiled snake resting in lower chakra and waiting for stirring in yogic way. It also symbolizes unconscious state of man.

  • Snake is worshipped in mystic old cults
  • Ascending of consciousness as kundalini shoots-up
  • Kundalini is worshipped in different forms across world
  • It is harbinger of peace, bliss and prosperity 

Seven Chakras in kundalini

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’. These are major psychic centers in the subtle body which are connected to nadis (psychic channels).


Mooladhara Chakra: This is the base chakra represents dark red lotus with four petals

Svadhishthana Chakra: This is second chakra which vermillion in color with six petals

Manipura Chakra: It is located behind the navel and sparkling yellow chakra with ten petals

Anahata Chakra: It is located behind the heart and blue in color with twelve petals

Vishuddhi Chakra: It is located behind the throat with violet and sixteen petals

Ajna Chakra: It is located between two eyebrows & silver in color with two petals

Sahasrara Chakra: Located on top of head, it is radiant in hue with thousand-petal lotus