What is Kundalini Yoga

“Kundalini” derive from Sanskrit word “Kunda” which means ring or coil. Kundalini is creative divine energy in feminine form.  It is also known as “prana shakti” (vital force). It resides in sleeping state at base chakra or mooladhara. She is represented as serpent power & Lord Shiva wears the garland of snakes.

Due to “maya” (illusion), the materialistic world looks real. You become slave of your senses and forget divine nature of your existence. You disconnect from your enormous spiritual energy, and this energy remains in dormant state within you. Kundalini yoga explores untapped mystic power concealed in your body.

Kundalini yoga teachers training course imparts deeper knowledge of “shakti”.  Man is subtle manifestation of the same shakti, which is controlling the universe. But, most of us are not aware of this hidden enormous energy waiting to merge with her consort Lord Shiva after ascending through six chakras.

  • Kundalini yoga stir the untapped potential in you
  • It is connected with chakras & nadis (subtle energy channels)
  • Piercing of three knots (grantis) ensure climbing of kundalini
  • It culminates when “shakti” enters thousand-petals chakra

Purpose of Kundalini Yoga

The aim of kundalini yoga is to ensure the unhindered flow of subtle energy in all channels (chakras & nadis) which carry kundalini upwards. The nadis are expressway where prana moves. The yogic breathing control the flow of prana by  removing congestion in the pranic passage (nadis).

Heart is the abode of your prana. If you can control it, you can control the mind. Breath is also manifestation of prana, and your life begins as you open up your eyes and takes first breath. Your subtle body contains five pranas.

  • The full potential of subtle energy is possible
  • Merging with universal prana is an act of grace
  • Always keep good thoughts & always stay positive
  • You learn enough to handle energy by yourself

Role of Chakras in Kundalini

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’. These are major psychic centers in the subtle body which are connected to nadis (psychic channels). There are seven chakras and 72,000 nadis in your astral body.

No human life can exist without chakra. These are wheels of pranic energy which control the circulation of prana in the entire body. The hatha yoga teachers training course focuses on the purification & activation of all chakras.

If you always think of blessings, you attract more blessings. Chakras are harbinger of hope for more blessings, which represent the powers of consciousness that lie within the range and level of every human being.


Mooladhara Chakra

This is also known as base chakra or root chakra. It belongs to lower worlds where human consciousness begins. In all human beings, at this base of spinal cord lies the sleeping kundalini shakti in serpent form. The conscious level is lowest at this subtle location. The first psychic knot Brahma granthi (knot) also located here, which kundalini pierce while ascending. This chakra represents dark red lotus with four petals. The seed mantra is Lam.

Svadhishthana Chakra

This is second chakra where human desires are germinate. It represents your materialistic vision of dreams and aspirations. It also belongs to the lower world of existence. All pleasant and unpleasant experiences stored in your subconscious mind. This is vermillion in color with six petals. The seed mantra is Vam. Dark side of human like sluggishness, haughtiness and ignorance lie at this chakra.


Manipura Chakra

It is located behind the navel in the spine. Once you reached at third chakra, there is little chance of retreat. You rise above the lower world of animal instinct. Your thoughts and actions refine in divine form. The kundalini takes its momentum to reach the desired destination. The human traits like strength, power and agility lie at this energy center. It is sparkling yellow in color with ten petals. The seed mantra is Ram.


Anahata Chakra

It is located behind the heart in the spine. It is associated with mind and purity in heart. One can hear anahata sound while meditating on anahata chakra. All the humans’ emotions and feelings emanate from this chakra. There remain no illusions and deceptions in your mind. It is also related to devotional yoga. The second psychic knot Vishnu granthi also lie here. It is blue in color with twelve petals. The seed mantra is Yam.


Vishuddhi Chakra

It is located behind the throat pit in the spine. It is the center of pure divine energy where all negativity ceases. You reach at the border line of anandamaya kosha with maximum number of petals. The knowledge of past, present and future merge at this level of consciousness. The fountain of youth starts activating in inner sheath. It is violet in color with sixteen petals. The seed mantra is Ham. It is centre of purification and ensures vitality, health and purity.


Ajna Chakra

It is located at the top of the spinal cord and is known as eye of Lord Shiva. It represents the highest of the psychic centers in man.  Ajna chakra is also known as guru chakra as it is connected with Venus, the planet of knowledge. You just reach on the corridor of super-consciousness knowledge. This eyebrow chakra is the confluence of three streams of knowledge. It is silver in color with two petals. The seed mantra is Om.


Sahasrara Chakra

It is the highest chakra where ascending of kundalini culminates. It represents abode of Lord Shiva and is radiant in hue with thousand-petal lotus. It is beyond the realm of the psyche. When Shakti meets Shiva at top, the spiritual experience gain can’t be express in simple words. The individual consciousness unites with cosmic consciousness and the knowledge comes automatically from the main source.


“You realize your potential after transcending the limitations of mind, body and conscience. True power is awakening & observing all. Faith in kundalini awakening makes everything possible, and hope makes everything work. Many have got novel experiences by undergoing kundalini yoga course in Rishikesh.”