Turning green with envy is part of life.It is a complex emotional behavior, which can’t be easy to understand. It prevents you to enjoy life at its fullest

Roots of resentment develop in a heart deprive of adoration, affection & attention. Jealousy is often found in heart of jilted lover. It is nourished by dashing hopes and nurtured by rejected lover. You might love your next-door girl silently, but never mustered-up a courage to start a conversation. She always ignored you, in spite of all your efforts to woo her. One day, you heard her clandestine affairs with backstreet guy from reliable source. Then, what happens?

Do you feel broken like a piece of smashed mirror when your dream shattered? Jealous is a complex emotional behavior, which is difficult to express in words or sentences.  The reasons can be visible, logical, or it can happen with no concrete reason. The reason of jealous heart varies from situations to situations. You may feel proud of your son being passing examination with flying colors. But you feel jealous when your neighbor’s son achieves the same.

Jealousy is an indication of your low consciousness, which is also found in animals. It never comes alone, but also brings anger; resentment & helplessness as companions. Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud connects this distorted emotion with narcissism. No one is free from enviousness, except sage and child. “I am superior…I am perfect…..I am powerful…I am gifted with supernatural power…” these are deep-rooted feelings in human nature.

Jealous & frustration are twins. Turning green with envy is a common complaint in modern social life. The green monster remains invisible, yet it silently creeps in every echelon of society. A poor boy desires on riding a bicycle while walking on foot. A cyclist while pedaling is jealous of the motorcyclist. A motorcyclist feels inferior when a car speedily overtakes him. This goes on unending. Ingredients of dejection & failure make you irrevocable envious.

Jealousy: An Emotional Sickness

Your emotional weakness is reflected through enviousness. It is your mental immaturity when accepting the fake world. It is your self-appeasing attempt to see the world from cracked magnifying lens, while you can see it clearly with your naked eyes. The feeling of envy never comes from outside, but “within” you. It happens when you give full freedom to five senses. You are accountable for your emotional sickness which dries-up loving waves in pond of heart.

Jealousy instills toxic reaction to your emotions, and you find yourself entrap in weak, helpless and compromising situation. The levels of repulsive emotions may vary from person to person. Some are mentally strong, but emotionally & psychologically weak. They are more vulnerable to this emotional flaw. In any social gathering, they foolishly start comparing themselves from others. Feeling of rejection & dejection subdue their strong traits of behavior.

Jealous is natural emotional behavior. A feeling of insecurity and possessiveness erupts in mind when you find yourself in challenging situations. You try to give all comforts to your family more than with your limited resources. But you still leave space for ‘this’ or ‘that’ in wishing list. You may feel jealous of a fellow traveler on road sitting comfortably in a chauffeur-driven car, while you are adjusting or reversing your mini car vouching for comfortable parking.

  • Jealous is connected with fear & anger
  • Fortify your feelings of possessiveness
  • Makes you moody & emotionally unstable
  • It’s a sign of insecurity & uncertainty
  • Successful people attract more jealousy

How it creates?

The nature of jealousy can be rational, irrational or delusional. It can be due to suppressed dreams and aspirations of your past. It gives you false identification of vanity & bondage. It remained concealed in sub-conscious mind in normal situation. But when something happens where ego hurts and you feel humiliate & defeated, this emerges on the surface layer of heart.

It becomes Achilles heel even for a reclusive who has renounced the world and gained occult powers. A successful person may be jealous of another equally successful person, which turns to business rivalry. Similarly, jealousy can also be seen among intellectuals who compete with each other for more awards, recognition, fan-following & wealth accumulation.

Charles Darwin stated the theory of survival of the fittest. In a highly competitive world, only the fittest will survive, and rest will be eliminated sooner or later. Jealous is natural emotional behavior. Man is a social animal and loves to mingle with friends, relatives and classmates/colleagues. A feeling of insecurity and possessiveness erupts in mind when jealousy overpowers your brain and senses.

Side-effects of Jealousy

Jealousy gives birth to evils like utter confusion, anger, hatred, anxiety & indecision.  There is no concrete reason to cite single cause for jealousy. It reflects your low self-esteem and feeling of inferiority complex. It may be due to ignorance of your preferences and choices in home, office or any public place. It adds complexity to your nature, and makes your life uncomfortable.

When the bubbles of envy ready to burst, it creates emotional vacuum in heart. It also gives birth to split personality, where Jekyll & Hyde claims emerge from the same personality. You become good and bad for the same person. It steals the clarity of your mind and makes you confusing and double-minded. It’s the root cause of confusion and disorder in your life.

The creeper of envy thoughts occupies your mind strongly. It makes you moody, suspicious and short-tempered. It also brings hopelessness and depression in the home of vulnerable creature. This negative emotion doesn’t need any external cause to stir or any wake-up call. But it generates automatically within whenever you see something special.

  • Feeling of anger & bitterness
  • Polishes your animal instinct
  • Dry-up emotions of love & empathy
  • Makes you emotionally weak
  • Fill mind with suicidal thoughts

Love, Sex & Jealousy

When you fall in love with someone, you become extra cautious towards “object of attraction”. It fosters your possessiveness nature. The problem starts from here. She comes under the radar of your watchful vigil. You assume that she has become your sole property physically, mentally and emotionally. You rarely give her liberty to mix and chat with others.

Love is divine, if worship with utmost care & undivided emotions. There can be physical separation, but emotionally the couple remains united heartedly. In material love, sexual gratification is ultimate goal. It is always followed by jealousy. A jilted lover can go to any extremes in taking revenge for ignoring & rejecting him. It makes him lunatic and paranoid.

Sex is potent ingredient of jealousy. The promiscuous relationship between male and female gives birth to all sorts of jealousy. Love is followed by hate, and this intermingling continues in a sensuous relationship. But when one partner left another in a hurry, jealousy overpowers the mind & heart of dejected one. He/she looks for revenge for facing humiliation.

  • Jealousy is more painful than physical injury
  • Rejection in love proposal brings instant envy
  • Adulterous life-partner ruins peace of mind
  • Failed relationship makes you dejected & lonely

How to overcome jealousy?

Jealous seems to be incurable emotional sickness for erratic mind. But from yogic lifestyle, it is psychological & emotional syndrome which can be cured by silence meditation. It removes all the negativity from your sub-conscious & unconscious layers of mind. Even half an hour regular meditation is enough to bring positive change in your intrinsic attitude and behavior.

Gratification of senses can give you momentarily pleasure, but believe me, elixir of divinity is incomparable. Bring spirituality and purity in your life.  Soon, you start seeing all creatures as offspring of the same super-conscious soul. Your mind transcends the finite world. You’re your mind stops comparing with others, jealousy eliminate like smoke disappeared in air.

Yoga & meditation retreat purify your consciousness by expelling negativity from mind. Gradually, your feelings & emotions purify in an optimal level. Even if jealousy comes to perturb you, you will nullify it by developing a sense of equanimity. Static meditation teaches you to control mind in the most challenging time. Finally, you start living in the present moment.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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