The ultimate purpose of life is to be contended and happy. One can be happy without reason as it comes within you. You don’t need to learn it from others

Happiness is in your DNA. You don’t need to learn from others. It is neither subjective nor objective. It comes inherently as soon as you take your life’s first breath. It comes within. You can’t define happiness in the border line of words or sentences. The more you try to define it, the more it gets you confused. Feel it, experience it—in all situations and circumstances.

A newborn baby remains contended & cheerful in his small world. His actions are not directed to sense gratification. His mental space is void with no information or experience which can make him happy. He neither understands talk of others, neither read their gestures. In spite of all this constraints, he remains contended, happy and cheerful.

Happiness is beyond the limited boundary of language, religion and nationality. It is spontaneous. It is expressive which can communication with others without using your lips or uttering any words. The cause of happiness doesn’t need any specific reason. It is beyond the cause and effect design of life. You can be happy without reason.

Levels of Happiness

The ultimate purpose of life is to be contended and happy. All scientific discoveries, inventions and research are directed to make you happy. The intention of world classical literature, timeless painting and beautiful composition is to paint all the hues of happiness in human’s life.

Sensual Happiness

  • Enjoying holiday in beautiful beaches
  • Hearing melodious songs in seclusion

Ego Satisfaction

  • Successful in belittling others
  • Upper hand in any argument

Developing Relationships

  • Maintaining good friend circle
  • Cordial relations with spouse/sweetheart
  • Strong bonds with parents/children
  • Attachment with pet puppy dog
  • Fine tuning with colleagues

Purest Joy

  • Meditative psychology
  • Empathetic to others

Pleasure & Pain

One can value the pleasure only when he has tasted the pain. The king is also not free from pain. It comes into life without asking for. Everyone tastes pain whether he is wealthy or pauper. The pleasure is always followed by pain, and vice versa. The day begins with sunrise, and ends with sunset. Birth and death are realities of life. Pleasure and pain are complementary to each other. Happiness can’t be measure in materialistic gains or success in life.

Pain is invisible elixir which adds divinity in your life. It makes you sensitive, compassionate, believer and empathetic to fellow human-beings. You grow inwardly. It makes you strong to bear all sufferings of life silently. When pleasures come into your fold, you better understand the worth of life. You enjoy every moment of life in good times while forgetting the past.

  • Pain is essential ingredient of life
  • Never lose mental balance in bad phase
  • If pleasure is sun, then pain its shadow
  • Neither pain nor pleasure is permanent
  • Eternal happiness is above pleasure & pain

Outer Happiness

All materialistic things which make you happy are creation of outer happiness. All are the creations of mind. You love to visit circus, cinema and market for recreation. Children’s joy reaches its optimum level when they go for picnic with their school friends. Youngsters enjoy company of like-minded people. The love-birds prefer to sit in isolated spot of river to talk and share their feelings & emotions to each other.
Most of the people seek happiness in outer world. It solely relies on the satisfaction of five senses. The senses have the habit of going outwards. But all worldly happiness are transient and in most cases end in pain. When lovers are separated due to some reasons, it brings misery in life. Once children grew young adults, the responsibility falls on their delicate shoulders. Care free days of childhood are over. Life becomes boring and insipid.

Happiness is spontaneous without any reason

Inner Happiness

Outer happiness is short-lived which originate from amusing moments, hilarious talks or sense of achievement. It comes and goes like hovering clouds in the sky. Inner happiness is permanent and internal. It’s a self-made attribute and you don’t need any outer source to ignite the flame of happiness. You are the epitome of supreme joy and unending happiness.

The never-ending happiness is inner-self, and beyond the senses, outer subjects and objects. You are born with this trait. You are born happy. As you grow old and comes in contact with sensory object of world, it loses its luster and essence. Living a pure conscious life is the only way to revive this hidden attribute. You don’t need any reason to achieve this pure conscience—an expression of joy. Mind and meditation are tools of inner happiness.

  • You are gifted with this trait
  • It comes within since birth
  • No dependency on sensory objects
  • Connect with your consciousness
  • Bloom your inner happiness

Happiness and health

There is no best tonic for health than happiness, which comes with no fees. When you remain happy, positive and joyful, you exuberates radiance of positivity wherever you go and meet others. A cheerful person sees happiness in all objects, he create positive vibration in all situations. It creates balance in your physical, mental and emotional attributes. A positive attitude carries you to the heights of success in your chosen professional path.

You become a pleasing personality which attracts others just like a magnet attract all nails. It makes you an optimistic person. You take storm and calm in equal breath. No situation can snatch the balance of your mind. A pessimistic person sees calamity in all opportunities, while an optimistic person sees opportunity in all calamities. Happiness is the key to health and longevity. Remain happy is the best potent for health and longer lifespan.

  • Happiness is fundamental to health
  • Infuses positive vibrations in mind
  • Improves your immunity power
  • Balance emotional & psychological aspect
  • There is no tonic for health than happiness
Written by : Yogi Simant

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