Guru is light, and darkness is ignorance.By his blessings, a devout disciple can cross many rivers, conquer mountains and make way through sand dunes to reach his divine destination

Life starts from utter darkness. Mind remains blank. You can’t walk or even stand at your own feet. The only person you recognize is your mother. Your whole world revolves around her. She is your first guru. She trains you to crawl, stand and walk on your own feet. She educates you to recognize distinct faces & voices. She protects you from tremble, bruises and fall.

The first ray of knowledge falls on you when you get admitted in school. You meet outer world first time. Your school teacher becomes your next guru. She teaches you to read and write alphabets correctly.  The life evolution starts from here. You start growing—mentally, physically, emotionally & psychologically. Your mind becomes receptive to wider information.

Saint Kabir wrote, “Without the blessings of guru, one can’t cross the barriers of world to attain salvation. He is torch-bearer who illuminates your path to reach self-illuminating light.”

The charm of world is so irresistible that it is almost impossible even for highly awakened spiritual soul to ignore it. The sense of “I” never eludes you even if you renounce the world and starts living in remotest cave. It is biggest barrier between you and the ultimate truth of life. Guru is the ray of hope during storm and adversity, when everything looks disarray.

Guru is walking institution of knowledge that can quench your thirst. He is the root which supports and nourishes to the tree of knowledge, and you are germinating seeds preparing for next crop.  People come and go but the knowledge remains intact in books & institutions, just like soil which supports new and old trees of wisdom.

Who is guru?

Guru is a Sanskrit word where “gu” stands for darkness, “”ru” means dispeller. Darkness means ignorance or unripe mind. He nurtures and trains your mind for acquiring skill. He filters your heart by gently removing impure thoughts of hate, jealousy and cruelty.

A guru is embodiment of truth. He exists in all streams of knowledge—be it spiritual, religious, scientific, medical, warfare etc. He trains your mind, body, senses and consciousness in right direction. You attain wisdom of deciding what is right and what is wrong.

Why do we need guru?

Guru is potter and you are unrefined clay. Like a skilled potter, he pats the pitcher to give desired shape. Your career is shaped by the blessings of guru. Your hidden potential comes to the fore. You start moving forward to reach pinnacle of success.

He is a link between you and success. He can be experienced in many forms. He explains complex knowledge with clarity of mind and depth in thoughts. He removes all the faults and weakness smoothly. He polishes the unpolished coal to make it shining diamond.

Where & how to choose able guru?

The selection of virtuous guru depends upon your burning desire and craving to excel in your chosen field. You can search him within a day or it may take years. If your intention is pure and you remain stick in your search, nature also favors you. Miracles happen in life, and it’s true.

The hand of god also works to unite devoted disciple with experienced guru. More than outer source, he gains knowledge from inner experience. Guru has no ego, no tantrums or vanity of knowledge. He recognizes genuine disciple from the vast group of searchers.

What is relationship between guru and disciple?

The relationship is very pious standing on strong values of love, respect and trust. There is neither attachment nor detachment. An unseen string attaches the two hearts for thriving. The disciple follows his instructions strictly. There is no doubt or suspicion in mind.

A disciple always approaches his guru with empty mind. He time and again checks the sincerity, devotion and determination of his disciples. He treats his disciple just like a mother looks after her growing-up toddler. The most trusted disciple is chosen as the next successor of ashram.

What is the role of guru in your life?

Guru transposes you from darkness to the light. He is your healer, guide and mentor, all rolled into one. He remains with you from dawn to dusk of your life. He opens the door inviting you to the highest spiritual evolution. A sincere disciple remains connected with guru all the time.

He helps in developing inner strength and power of endurance. He advises you whenever you are in trouble, or finds ways while you stand at the cross-roads of life. He never allows you to jump for instant gain in life. He knows that everything matures with time and experience.

How guru illuminates your path?

Set definite goal in your life. There are too many roads in the beginning, when you embark on your journey. All the roads seem to be equally tempting, which places you in doldrums—which to select & which to discard. It is your chosen guru which takes you to the right path.

You might meet some self-styled gurus to misguide you. They try to derail you from the right track. Be vigilant and watchful from unscrupulous people. One wrong decision in early life can change the destiny of your major remaining part of life.  The guru remains your companion physically or subtlety, from beginning to the end. He acts as torch-bearer to illuminate path.

How a guru motivates you to partaking spiritual path?

The spiritual path is less-travelled path. This path demand utmost care, honesty, commitment and practice. You can get its glimpse by undergoing yoga teacher training course. You can learn bringing stability & strength in body in combination with pranayam for inner purification.

Yoga guru instructs and guides you whether it’s silence meditation or shodhan kriya which is going to help you in your spiritual quest. The balance of mind is indispensable at every stage of divine journey. When you lost your way, it is the guru who comes to your rescue.        

What is role of guru in meditation?

Yoga and meditation techniques start with attention, focus and one-pointed concentration of mind. You can’t control the mind merely by reading and then practicing the yoga philosophy or classical spiritual texts. Guru teaches you how to achieve static state of thoughts in mind.

For the practice of kundalini yoga meditation, the guru prepares you by imparting training in pre-meditative asanas. He instruct for inner purification by hatha yoga. He guides you for shodhan kriya for the stirring of “chakras” & “nadis” (subtle channels of vital energy).

Written by : Yogi Simant

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