Desires are unending. The fulfilment of one desire opens the door for new unborn desires. It binds you to this materialistic world. Spiritualism liberate you from false promises and senseless chase. Desire-less mind is a state of joy, bliss and happiness.

Is desire spiritual or worldly? Or, is it a combination of both? How it originate? What is the purpose of desire? Is it ok to have a desire? You can long of having a palatial house in the posh locality? A young man can desire of having beautiful girlfriend. Your friend can fantasy of winning a jack-pot. The classification of desire varies from person to person.

It depends upon the framework of individual mind. Two distinct persons can share the longing of same desire. Desire is the faculty of mind. It is the dreaming of future. When mind stays in future, it disconnects you with the present moment. Life is living and enjoying every passing moment. A man with dreamy eyes can’t meditate. Desire and peace can’t co-exist together.

The impression on your mind decides your dreams. When you observe the name, fame and trophies of someone famous, you dream of achieving that status. Individual wishes changes with time. What you used to dream during school times has vanished? You even don’t remember them. Now, you have new dreams, expectations and aspirations from life.

What are Desires?

The illusion (maya) of world gives birth to desires. The world seems to be in constant motion in fulfilling desires. It is the aspirations which make momentum in mundane life. The desires in your life are unending. As one attains one dream, other dream occupies the mind. It’s like a mirage or oasis in the ocean of sands. Then you can ask: “How to achieve peaceful mind?”

Desire is inherent which comes by birth. The unfulfilled desire of past lives makes indelible impression on your subconscious mind. When you take birth, these unfulfilled passions of past lives take the form of intense desires. Desire-less mind is state of enlightenment. For worldly people, to have a desire is not a sign of lunatic mind. It’s as natural as sleep, breath and food.

Cultivate good habits in daily life. Live a virtuous life. Fill your mind with pure thoughts. Then, naturally it will give birth to worthy desires. You can have desire of becoming millionaire so that you can help your poor relatives or friends who are in pitiable condition. You can dream of becoming a doctor so that you can treat poor people with little fee charges.

  • Promote and cultivate selfless desire
  • No compromise with your ideals
  • Be a selfless worker (karma yogi)
  • Never think bad of others
  • Accept whatever comes to you

How it Come?

Cravings, addictions and passions create the ripples of desires in the silent lake of mind. It asks for price for chasing your dream. You have to keep your peace and happiness of mind in back lane. You forget yourself, family and dreams in running and chasing your dream day and night. Only you know the plight of yourself. In the beginning, the world laughs at you.

The whole world is a drama of fulfilled and un-fulfilled desires. Dreams and passions are pushers to suppressed desires. Normally, you desire what you don’t have. A man walking on road dreams of owning a bicycle. A cyclist aspires to have a two-wheeler. A poor wants a simple comfortable life. Similarly, a millionaire wants to be billionaire. The chase never ends.

The whole world seems to be dancing to the tune of desires. It takes away your peace of mind and contended heart. The desire to prove your worth is natural in every human-being. Even a lonely child in classroom or playground feels neglected and wants attention of his peers and teachers. It’s ego and eccentric nature which gives birth to multiple desires.

How to Control?

The action and reaction is applicable in cause and effect of desire. Lust is the main reason of desire. It is also the cause of restlessness and bondage. It is the lust by which you get attracted towards objects. It causes irresistible attraction towards the object. You become slave of your senses. It put your marriage life in trouble. It takes away your peace of mind and sleep.

Desire create ripples in the silent lake of mind


The best way to control uncontrollable senses is by contentment, self-enquiry and bring spirituality in life. Meditation is possible way to control the wandering mind. You gain strength and power by regular practice of silence meditation. Start reading the classical yoga and religious texts to eliminate all evil thoughts. Learn to control your egoism.

Types of Desires

You are born and reborn, as you desire for it. Desires make deep impressions on your sub-conscious mind. You become what you aspire for. Desires have myriad hues and it is more appealing than rainbow. It can be categorized into three groups:

Materialistic desire

Name, fame and money are the common materialistic dreams. Most of the youngsters make plan and set goals to achieve fame and money. A handsome salary package is the most common dream among younger generation who are skilful & full of energy. The enthusiastic ones dream of settling down in USA to make their life more comfortable & secure.

Sensible desire

A sensible desire knows the limitations. To settle down in life and get married and have healthy children is sensible dream. They wants basic needs of life should be fulfilled readily. Some aspire to have their parents with them. Old parents can play with their grandchildren and live life happily. Some wants to save enough money for the rainy day.     

Spiritual desire

Yoga, pranayama and meditations becomes regular habit in the life of spiritual-seekers. He/she wants to connect with super-consciousness for peace and happiness. He/she well balances his/her materialistic and spiritual life. Purity in life, right conduct and well balanced thoughts are part and parcel of spiritual dreamers.   

Nature & Basic Instinct

Your body is composed of five elements of nature. So, it’s natural that you are bounded by laws of nature. When you transcend nature, meditation starts. You need food to gratify hunger. You need bedroom to take rest in night. For the gratification of sexual hunger, you need consent of opposite sex. All the dreams revolve in the gratification of these normal hungers of life.

But the problem arises, if you have insatiable appetite for sex. Promiscuous sex and outer-marriage relationships always give you pain in the end. If you nurturing the dream of bevy of beauties are waiting for you in bed, then you are living in fool’s paradise. It breaks the foundation of sanctity of marriage institution. A nymphomaniac can never think beyond sex.

You ought to eat to live, not live to eat. If you reverse it, then you let the floodgates of pain and sorrow open. Excess of anything brings misery in life. Balanced breathing in hatha yoga teacher training course endorses moderation in life. Controlled sex in marital life, light food for life sustenance and healthy desires are the secrets of happy and contended life.

  • Avoid excess of anything
  • Balance chastity in your life
  • Satisfaction of senses in moderation
  • Sanctity in marriage institution
  • Endorse pure dreams in life
Written by : Yogi Simant

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