The spiritual trail is straight and tranquilizing to connect you with super consciousness. The priority of life remains the same whatever be the consequences

You might find yourself standing at a junction of two paths. Which road to be taken for further journey and what to leave is truly a dilemma? When two roads seem equally captivating, it becomes difficult to take the decision. The spiritual trail is less travelled path where many spiritual travelers return back after covering some distance. Taking right decision in the nick of time transpose you to your destination.

The body’s five senses love to indulge in external world which is material in nature. There is another world, your own inner world which is vast and unlimited. The outer world is only a reflection of the inner world. One is peak, and the other is bottom and the two can’t meet. One can easily see and observe the peak of mountain, but the bottom is shrouded in mystery. It can’t be perceived easily as it is beyond your mind, body and senses.

Materialistic path is full of illusion or delusion. There is no fixed path and it involves sharp bends and curves which can sometimes endanger your life. You meet many mirages during materialistic voyage. But the spiritual path is straight with no zigzag road. At the diversion, you have to take the right decision to guide your future endeavor. Your priority in life goes on changing on every turn. The object of obsession also changes time to time.

What is illusion?

The materialistic world is transitory and illusive. The irresistible abundance of worldly things draws all peace and happiness from your life. And, your never-ending chase starts to get it by hook or by crook. It disconnects you from the core of your true identity. And you remain engrossed in satisfaction of one desire or other.

Young think that they will never grow old, but it comes uninviting. Nothing is permanent. It is changing every moment. Your childhood friends depart as you enter into professional life. Your money, status and family disappear as soon as you leave for permanent abode. Only your divine nature is permanent, with no-ending peace and happiness.

The outer world is illusive, and the inner world is true. In a drama, nothing is real, but still you cry, laugh and weep as the story goes on. A character only plays its role assigned to them, but never takes it seriously to accept it in real life. When you see the world with spiritual eyes, all the deception of world vanish and you remain connected with your inner roots.

  • The world illusion creates veil to spirituality
  • It creates hurdle to the path of self-identification
  • Body craves for the satisfaction of senses
  • Irresistible charm of perishable binds you
  • You become blindfold to supreme reality

The material life is deceptive, while inner path is divine

How We are Connected to Spirituality?

You are both gross and subtle. Your gross existence is reflection of your worldly identity, and your subtle conscience is your true identity. Just like all big trees have deep roots inside the earth, you have your roots inside the spiritual existence. Within, we all are connected to the same cosmic power, which governs the ever-expanding universe. Infernally, we are the same.

Yoga science reveals that owing to power of inherent spiritual energy, which you call divine power or cosmic consciousness, human moves, talk, think and act. As soon as it leaves your body, you become lifeless. The root cause of your existence is spirituality. The deceptive world draws a division line to separate you from the essence of your spirituality.

Senses are your worst enemies. It compels you to wear the mask. If you throw the mask of duality, the originality comes. A spiritual person neither wear any mask, nor remain enslave to his senses. You go inwards only when you disconnect from outer world. Always hear the voice of your conscience, if outshine materialisms.

  • You are not merely flesh and bones
  • Human is blessed with inner divine energy
  • Pure consciousness is your true identity
  • It guides you when you move in wrong direction
  • Divinity within you is ageless & timeless

Balance Your Spiritual & Professional Life

You can be successful in your chosen professional career, yet remain spiritual in personal life. It helps you to remain calm and composed in every critical situation. A spiritual person accepts success & failure as equal part of life. He neither swept away when success comes in loads, and nor loses the hope and peace of mind when clouds of failure hang on.

Follow your heart, and hear the inner voice while you are at fix to choose the best from equally appealing options. Don’t fall to the trap of senses. It will misguide you. Never try to cross the boundary of rest-respect & dignity for the sake of sensory pleasure. No sensory pleasure can give you more satisfaction than timely helping the needy and poor.

Be a mute spectator while watching the world. A lotus floats over the dirty water, yet it reflects beauty and spread fragrance. Perform your duty with honesty and commitment, but never at the cost of compromising with your conscience. Spirituality is your force that drives you to perform your action wisely without expectation of any award or monetary benefit.

  • Perceive the world with purest conscience
  • Never compromise with moral & principles
  • Align your spirituality well with actions
  • Have a belief in your potential
  • Be optimistic in all situations
Written by : Yogi Simant

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