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Our team is motley of doctorates and spiritual orators who work in different dimension of yoga, meditation and spirituality. We blend traditional values of yoga with contemporary life to suit new crop of yoga-seekers. Our purpose is not generating yoga teachers, but to understand mind-body connection and to decode matrix of life.
Dr Dilip Jaishwal (Spiritual Orator)

Dr Dilip is co-founder of Spirit Yoga Foundation. He is thinker, philosopher, writer, and academician—all rolled into one.  He is polished commentator on Yoga philosophy, Vedanta and Tantra. He is assistant professor in a reputed college affiliated to Delhi University. He is erudite scholar of Sanskrit and regularly participates in national and international seminars. 

Specialization in Indian narratives is his forte. He has balancing command over Hindi, English and Sanskrit. In 11-14 July 2013, he presented his research paper titled “Psychological Dimension Anand-mimansa in Taittirya Upanishad” in Vedanta Congress held at University of Massachusetts in USA. 

He completed his post-graduation in subject ancient history from reputed Allahabad University and again pursued MA in Sanskrit from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. Further, he earned his doctorate in Sanskrit from Delhi University on the topic of the Ethics in Brhathashloksangraha. He regularly practices yoga and follow its ethics in his personal life.          

Mr Rishikesh Kumar Singh

Rishikesh Kumar Singh is poetic by heart, environmentalist by nature and spiritual by conscience. He writes exclusively on Nature, Yoga, Spiritualism, Gender and Environment. He presented his poems in the SAARC Literary Festival 2010 and in various literary festivals in different countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. 

In 2012, he did a research project in Malaysia on Gender and Human Rights issues of the Tibetan & Bhutanese women. He is also a trained Counselor who practices in the field of Bibliotherapy especially connecting it to Ecology and its impact on Human Psyche.

He is the founder-cum-president of EFSLE (Ecosophical Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment) and the Joint Secretary of ASLE-India (North Zone). He pursued his research in Eco-criticism. He is the recipient of the ‘Best Writer Award’ (2003) for his story ‘Hasrat’ in Allahabad.     

Mr Rishikesh
Mr Sandeep (Writer & Philosopher)

He is a prolific writer on varying subjects from environment, spiritual to lifestyle. He wrote nearly for two decades in environmental magazines, lifestyle tabloid and weekly religious newspaper. But in his heart, he was searching for something indescribable. He started reading and writing exclusively for yoga & meditation. 

In a span of five years, he gained a good control over the yoga and meditation philosophy. Like a passionate booklover, he extensively read all the traditional and modern classical texts on yoga, meditation and traditional ashram lifestyle. He loves to travel to holy shrines and loves to write amidst strong spiritual vibrations.

He is certified yoga teacher. He also participated in various social initiatives undertaken by Spirit Yoga Foundation. The projects undertaken were women empowerment, skill development, self-sustainability programs in different regions of Uttarakhand. He participates in all the projects of Spirit Yoga Foundation.   

Mr Sam Richards (Musician)

Sam is singer, lyricist, composer—all rolled into one. He was born and brought-up in spiritual environment. As a growing child, singing prayer in chorus on Sundays nourished hidden artist in him. He started spending alone time in nature and hearing music in rustling of leaves, murmuring of stream and whispering of birds.    

He is introvert, yet contemplative at the same time. He is self-taught singer who worked hard to add high notes and modulation in voice. He can play guitar, table, harmonium and Casio with equal ease. His spiritual bent of mind motivates him to compose meditative music which flows perfectly in tune with nature. Mind naturally goes inwards with ear-soothing music. 

He loves to participate in devotional singing for meditation purpose. He firmly believes that “Music and meditation are complementary to each other. When you start flowing with music, the world drops from the mind. And, exactly it also happens in meditation.” 

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