For holistic healthcare, the centuries old yoga is still relevant. In combination with ayurveda, yoga is marvelous in healing physical, mental & emotional imbalances. The Spirit Yoga Foundation is regularly conducting yoga awareness with slice of ayurveda on top at various locations of the Uttarakhand. We conduct ground survey to gather information of common diseases in specific localities, and then formulate awareness plan to educate the rural masses. It includes youths, children, women and elders to cover maximum beneficiaries in one go.

The abundance of natural surroundings, silence in the nature and simple lifestyle of rural inhabitants are exemplary. These salient features make hilly rural villages of Uttarakhand, an ideal place for yoga awareness. The places are witnesses to the severe austerities practiced by ancient yogis and hermits for the evolution of various branches of yoga & ayurveda. It is the place where spiritual science originated and spread to other parts of world.

Impact of Yoga & Health Camp

The rural lifestyle in hills is conducive to yoga learning. The imparting of knowledge of yoga awareness is focusing on how to relax mind and body in a most natural way. What to eat and what to avoid is integral part of yoga awareness. SYF regularly conduct yoga awareness program at various villages in Uttarakhand. The response of the villagers is always positive. They enthusiastically participate in yoga camp and learn yogic poses, balanced breathing and simple meditation techniques. It helps in achieving holistic healthcare in a most natural way.

Objective: Our objects are clear-cut to inculcate healthy lifestyle among village community.  There is acute shortage of efficient doctors in higher altitude region. Primary health centers are in neglected state. Yoga is promising way to sustain physical fitness & mental peace.

  • Chose village carefully by field survey
  • Gather information of common ailments
  • Treatment of common ailments by yogic poses
  • Recharging frail body by yogic breathing techniques
  • Induce peace in stressful mind by simple meditation


Generally, we ensure maximum benefit of yoga awareness program by conducting at most suitable place and at time convenient to all. We encourage women, college students and elders to participate in maximum numbers. The best yoga students carry forward the yoga awareness program by teaching in nearby villages.

  • Help anaemic women by generating awareness of local nutritious food
  • Knowledge of first-aid training to school and college students
  • Middle-age get knowledge of treatment of common ailments by asanas
  • Treatment of common respiratory problem by yogic breathing
  • Meditation for students helps in sharpening of memory