Women occupy a respectable position in local social hierarchy, and also key mainstay to rural economy in Uttarakhand. The empowerment of women is obligatory to bring positive transformation in hilly rural life. It ensures self-sustainability of local inhabitants to a larger extent. Hilly womenfolk are hard working, competent and ever ready to learn new skill of sustainability for the welfare of village community including their individual families. In the conservation of ecological balance, their role is always laudable every time.

Education, health and skill development are crucial factors to the empowerment of women.  Women have the ability and capability to change the course of life. SYF regularly conducts programs to catapult them in frontline in decision-makers. We also focus to active participation of hilly rural women in the ecological sustainability. The women are always in front row to collect fodder for cattle, work strenuously in agricultural field and also gather firewood for kitchen.  In our self-sustainability initiatives, we primarily target women for positive outcome.

What they need?

  • Healthcare centres for physical & mental well-being
  • Regular training by experts for self-sustainability
  • Financial support to open-up a new venture
  • Commercial production of mushroom & honey
  • Promotion of local handicrafts by training
  • Knowledge of identifying herbs & their use
  • Yoga-ayurveda knowledge & first-aid training

Sources of local Economy

  • Commercial use of local food
  • Supply of local fruits to markets
  • Mushroom cultivation for commercial use
  • Home-stay concept in popular pilgrim centres
  • Creation of self-help groups for better coordination

Objective: Women are the backbone of wholesome rural life in hilly state of Uttarakhand which includes multi-dimensional role like household chores, local farming and economy. The objectives of women empowerment are:

  • Training to rural women in honing new skill
  • Creating self-help groups for better coordination
  • Generating new models of income
  • Sustaining self-sustainability from local resources
  • Innovative ways of cultivation with low labour


The target of beneficiaries range from teenage girls to old age women who are physically and mentally active. The hilly women are energetic and flexible enough to learn new skills to make them self-reliant.

  • Homely women learn sewing & knitting
  • Young girls choose yoga as a full-fledged career
  • Science graduates can opt for ayurveda as career
  • Housewives can work in yoga centre as part-time
  • Promoting local handicrafts for income generation