Villagers in Uttarakhand are highly skilful and willing to learn. They need guidance and training from experts to hone their skill. The basics motive is to revive the fading heritage skill like knitting & threading, cap-making, casket-making from eco-friendly products. Additionally, some new skills are also introduced to brighter the prospects of their earning in their own locality. Introducing new skill to villages in specific field is the need of the hour.

Under the supervision of skilful trainer, we regular conduct skill development training to locals. Its hone their skills in their chosen field. The program helps in making electricians, plumbers, weavers and artisans from the same community residing in hilly region. The expert youths get work in their own regional area and don’t need to relocate for job or livelihood.

These are the areas for skill development

  • Electrician: Repair or fix the fault in electrical supply poles (home/shop or govt.)
  • Plumber: Repair and fix the new or existing pipelines of water supply
  • Carpenter: Repair of broken wooden window, door, entrance gates at home/shop/government or private commercial building
  • Welder: Welding to fix the broken pipelines of water, electrical lines
  • Vocational training: Training of preserving pickles, mushrooms, bee-keeping & gardening
  • Box-maker: Repairing tin boxes used for preserving food and other essential items
  • Local handicrafts: Making of gods and goddess idols, caps, basket etc.


The purpose of skill development programs is to generate income opportunities for youths, women and unemployed graduates and post-graduates. Our main purposes are:

  • Strengthen the sources of livelihood
  • Contribute to the local economy
  • Self-sustainability in rural regions
  • Availing the opportunity if any
  • Strengthen the village tourism

Target for Beneficiaries

The target of beneficiaries can be unemployed youth, school-going girls to old age women who are physically and mentally active. The hilly women are energetic and flexible enough to learn new skills to make them self-reliant.

  • Unemployed youth willing to learn new skill
  • Educated girls ready to contribute to local economy
  • Skilful youth who needs professional training
  • Housewives keen to promote local handicrafts
  • Technician who wants a platform to perform