Social Initiative

Spirit Yoga Foundation is consistently working for the realistic well-being of village community who are living on the fringes of society deprived of basic needs. We act as facilitators to hone the existing skills of village youths by providing experts.
Our other focal area is socio-economic development of rural community. For this, we conduct various state-run projects on health, education and women empowerment etc. We assists in building their better tomorrow by creating opportunities for less privileged community.


The focal point of our objectives is give below in a nutshell:

Exchange of culture : Bond of unity, love & brotherhood gets strengthened. It also helps smaller villagers to get global exposure by meeting yoga-seekers from different nations.

Innovative sources of livelihood : Crossing the limit of conventional way of money-generation, the village community is introduced to contemporary sources of livelihood.

Promoting less-known villages : We propagate the idea of spending a week of meditative retreat in some villages of northern Himalaya. It helps in promoting new places for tourism.

Self-Sustainability : The imparting of traditional knowledge and management of natural resources in a sustainable way ensures self-sustainability to the village community.

Yoga tourism : We identify best idyllic locations in higher-altitude regions for yoga & meditation purpose and connect nearby village community to include them in retreat programs.

Your support-our strength

Even extending your small hand of help can change the destiny of village community in hilly state of India. You can give wings of hope to children and youth of downtrodden community.

  • Suggest ideas on hill community development
  • You can participate as a voluntary
  • Teaching village community’s children
  • Participate in local cultural celebration
  • Contribute to our noble mission