Social Initiative

Spirit Yoga Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO) working since 2009. We are consistently working for the development of hill community in Uttarakhand at various levels. Our striking initiative is to invite our guests (both indigenous & exotic) and introduced them to the village community. It generates invigorating experience for both the community.

It helps them to visualize the actual picture of hill community and know their cultural values & tradition. When two communities from different nations come together, it facilitate in cultural exchange and better understanding the innovative concept of “one world”. They share their experiences of life. It fortifies the bond of universal love & brotherhood.

Our other focal area is socio-economic development of village community by conducting various state government projects viz. health, education, women & other innovative concept. We assist in building their better tomorrow by creating opportunities for less privileged community. It will instill self-confidence in them and helps in better shaping their future.

Objectives & Missions

The focal point of our objectives is give below in a nutshell:

Exchange of culture

When village community interacts & mingles with people from other parts of the world, it aids in the exchange of culture. The bond of love & universal brotherhood strengthened.  The local food habits, traditional values, environmental values and method of cultivation attain global recognition.

Innovative sources of livelihood

The local community comes in direct contact with new trends and lifestyle in vogue. Crossing the limit of conventional way of money-generation, the village community be trained the innovative sources of livelihood to make their comfortable.

Spiritual & environment

Some spiritual-seekers adore the idea of spending a week of meditative retreat in some villages nestled in the lap of Himalayan range of mountains. The spiritual environment, sylvan surroundings and snow-capped mountains makes the environment perfect for yoga and meditation.


The imparting of traditional knowledge and management of natural resources in a sustainable way ensures self-sustainability to the village community. It ensures integrated approach to the available natural sources. It empowers the local community socially & economically.

Yoga tourism

Yoga will play a crucial role in the promotion of village tourism at global level. Basically, it is gurukul yoga with traditional guru-disciple relationship. Basic facilities are provided to each yoga practitioners with meditation retreat in the pure environment of hilly regions.

Your support our strength

Even extending your small hand of help can change the destiny of hill village community in Uttarakhand. You can spread the smile of happiness in the faces of children, women and old age persons waiting for a ray of hope. No change is possible in larger context if we ignore the community living a neglected life. You can be our extended family members. Spare some time for the community development through our social initiatives.

  • Welcome your ideas on community development
  • One can participate as voluntary
  • Teaching village community’s children
  • Participate in local cultural celebration
  • Can join our program
  • Can facilitate in offering new projects