Shodhan Kriya

Shodhan-Kriya Meditation
Re-program your sub-conscious mind for many level of purification
What cleansing is to body, shodhan-kriya is to sub-conscious mind? Indelible impressions of past remain stored in sub-conscious mind. When conscious mind connects with this hidden layer of mind unknowingly, it opens all floodgates. It removes piles of masks which you wear to appease others. Shodhan-kriya meditation formats lower layers of mind by deleting unwanted files. It uploads new divine programming to persuade peace, joy and freedom in life.
The shodhan-kriya is unique blend of physical awareness, breath awareness and void state of mind. Physical and breath awareness are wheels which carry your consciousness to the door of meditation. Shodhan kriya goes to the root of sub-conscious mind and format it by expelling negative vibrations. It deletes unwanted files of hate, fear, jealous and complexity.

Excretory system cleanses body by expelling nitrogenous waste-products. But impurity also exists in form of harmful gases trapped in respiratory tracts and disturbing thoughts. Pent-up emotions in inner layer of mind create troubles. Indulge your mind, body and senses in meditation course in highly spiritual surroundings of Rishikesh to feel refreshed & rejuvenated.

✔ Merges physical, breath & void meditation

✔ Balance three levels of mind

✔ Elevates inherent “prana” (vital-energy)

✔ Makes your breathing flawless

✔ Re-programming in inner space mind

What is Shodhan-Kriya Meditation?

“Shodhan” is a Sanskrit word means purification, while “kriya” stands for inner action. Purification starts from gross level, and finally concludes in subtle level. When body, breath and mind comes in harmony, it acts on your “prana” (vital energy), and gently touches your sub-conscious mind.  It soothes mind, body & senses and prepares it for void meditation. When awareness goes inwards, it helps in reaching void state of mind.

✔ Purify psychological layer

✔ Makes your mind cluster-free

✔ Expands inner awareness

✔ Peel-off impure layers of mind

✔ Bring divinity to your conscience

Levels of Awareness

Shodhan begins from physical awareness with graceful movements of body. It induces inherent energy level with breathing awareness. It flourishes into subtle awareness in void meditation when everything comes to standstill.
Here are three steps to traditional shodhan kriya:

Physical Awareness

Expand and alignment body in sync with nature. Even bodily relaxation at comfortable twists & turns induces strength to your muscles and bone. It ensures free-flow of energy and you become aware of every movement in the body. Energy flows in subtle tubes which are interconnected to each other and chakras too. It prepares you for higher possibilities in life.

Breathe Awareness

Breath is mainstay of life, and carry your awareness inwards with incoming “prana”. Breath is outer manifestation of “prana”, it can be elevated by pranayama. You control and expand your inherent energy. Breath is seed to your thoughts and actions, and connects to your consciousness. You become witness to your breath and become aware to void meditation.

Void Meditation

Train of thought remains coming and going at all moments of the day. Conflicting thoughts make you restless. Silence your mind, body and senses and stir the re-programming by plugging void meditation. Sense of time also elapses from the mind. At this subtle junction, your awareness goes deeper and deeper to experience void meditation.

Steps to Shodhan Kriya

It helps them to visualize the actual picture of hill community and know their cultural values & tradition. When two communities from different nations come together, it facilitate in cultural exchange and better understanding the innovative concept of “one world”. They share their experiences. It fortifies the bond of universal love & brotherhood.

Kriya Technique

Traditional kriya with chanting of mantras, breath kriya in sync with physical stability is the essence of Shodhan Technique.

✔ Physical kriya
✔ Breath kriya
✔ Purification kriya
✔ Concentration Kriya
✔ Meditation kriya
✔ Musical Concert


Spiritual overcoat covers your physical and psychological well-being. Stirring spiritual immunity covers works at three levels

✔ What is Shodhan
✔ Breath awareness & prana
✔ Meditation philosophy
✔ How it affects human
✔ Questionnaire session
✔ Focus and Concentration

Course fees

 Per person (single occupancy) : 850 USD

 Per person (double sharing) : 550 USD

 Duration : 7 Days

 Daily hours : 6-7 hours

Fee Inclusions

The course fee will include the following. No need to pay extra

● Accommodation & Food       ● Welcome gift & souvenir

● SYF certificate       ● Wi-Fi Zone

● CCTV Surveillance      ● Certificate 

Pick & drop facility from Jolly-Grant airport near Rishikesh

Benifit of Shodhan-Kriya

Shodhan-kriya is unfailing armor to your life-sustaining citadel. It constructs invisible layers of protecting wall to check intruding enemy at physical, psychological and spiritual front. Stability and strength comes when kriya stabilizes your mind, body and breath. At the end, you start life refresh with new zeal and enthusiasm when it formats hidden layers of mind

  • Seven-day course
  • Six hours daily classes
  • Physical & practical teaching
  • One-hour self-practice
  • Question-hour session
  • This day-to-day routine is tentative, and subject to change. When you join after confirmation, final daily regimen will be sent to you.
  • What is Shodhan-Kriya Meditation?

Shodhan kriya meditation merges flowing breath with void meditation. You remain aware of breath when you adjust body for relaxation. It is yogic detoxification to elevate your inherent vital energy level and rises above the common miseries of life.    The stress may be due to tensed family life, hectic office atmosphere, broken relationship or recurring failures in life. It refines and balances your mental, physical & spiritual level.


  • How shodhan kriya is different from kriya yoga?

Kriya yoga is remaining alert on your thoughts and emotions. In a well-guarded citadel, enemy can’t enter. Kriya yoga is constantly watching thoughts, emotions and fluctuation in mind. And, whenever it go ashtray, you stop it from flourishing.

Shodhan kriya meditation purifies many levels of awareness and makes it infertile to the seeds of negativity. It sanitizes and purifies you completely. In adversity, you remain ready to face the challenges without losing your balance of mind.


  • Is shodhan kriya meditation a powerful breathing?

Breathing is neither forceful nor sloth. It is awareness in breathing which matters the most in shodhan kriya. It carries your outer awareness in void world of meditation. Outer world drops from the mind when you sit comfortably, balance your breath and feel the inner void.


  • How shodhan ensures transformation of energy?

Physical awareness and breath awareness terminate apparent and in-apparent blockages from the body. It makes the way for the free-flow of vital energy (prana) and unveils your strength and capability. Your aspiration turns into reality with empowerment of inherent energy.        


  • Can shodhan cures breathing-related complications?

Life breaks in pieces when you breathe incompletely. It also alters your thoughts frequently. When you bring awareness in breath, inhalation and exhalation comes in rhythm. Shodhan purify the breathing tract. If complemented by strict lifestyle, shodhan can cure common ailments like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis etc. If your blood pressure is high, consult your physician, before plunging in yoga & meditation practice.        


  • How I can cure my snoring?

Breathing with awareness improves your lung capacity and opens the choked nasal passage. Shodhan makes your breathing smooth, joyful and mind-relaxing. It plug-in all holes in your respiratory tract which blocks breathing and result in snoring.

Breathing becomes smooth and effortless as you advance in shodhan kriya. It minimizes your snoring problem. If you practice yogic breathing consistently for 30 minutes to 45 minutes in morning hours, snoring problem can be solved permanently.


  • Can I practice breathing anywhere and at any time?

Yes, you can practice anywhere—-in your home, in office or in park. Pranayama is a complete yogic breathing. You can sit in any asana, chair or in any comfortable position with straight back and neck. Adhere to steps what you learn in shodhan kriya.

Advance fee (30 percent) is non-refundable. In case of pandemic, this fee is refundable. But if you won’t attend program on scheduled time due to any reason, dates can be adjusted within six months of scheduled date.

Life has many hues, with stress denoting grey shade. Corporate working culture emphasizes on perfection and timely delivery. As human is not mechanical, unending chain of projects, high expectation and recurring deadlines stir-up stress levels. Shodhan-kriya and meditation are an excellent way to recharge tiring nerve cells and boost-up sagging energy levels.

Documentation Requisite

To ease the registration process, we need certain documentation. These are:  

  • Carry your own health insurance
  • Ensure validity of tourist visa
  • Physical/mental fitness is must
  • Two passport size photo
  • Wear our yoga dress
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