All schools of religion advocate purity in thoughts, actions and feelings. The dawn of religion brought disciplined life and blooming of purity.

The discovery of fire and the invention of wheel & agricultural tools revolutionize the life of early man. Earlier, the Homo sapiens were almost similar to beast just contended with filling belly. Human was seeking for someone powerful than nature who can save his life from flood, famine & thunderstorms. The dawn of religion brought disciplined life and blooming of purity.

In a nutshell, you can say that the human evolution started with the birth of religion which came much before than science. A customary life gives a new meaning to human life. All religions believe in some super power living somewhere in above unearthly space. Worshipping celestial bodies like sun and moon is a testimony to prove this statement.

The religious man started to begun learning customs, rituals and fresh way of obeisance to deity.  Religion is philosophy of purity—both inside and outside. All schools of religion advocate purity in thoughts, actions and feelings. The idea of purity penetrated in common man’s mind when they find their dependency on nature for survival.

Meaning of Religion

Religion is faith. There are 10,000 religions all over the world. It is an unseen thread which binds people. The word religion comes from “religere,” which means to rejoin or reunite. Religion combined all people of society for the common goal of emancipation. “Unity is strength” remained the catchphrase of all religious philosophy.

Religion developed the sense of right and wrong, ethical and non-ethical, and righteous and non-righteous path. It created the platform for celebration in group, and following the teachings without any revolt. Various religions originated in the same manner as streams started its journey from the mountains and later merges and be a part of ocean.

The foundations of all religions stand on the virtues of truth, honesty, love, kindness, empathy and purity. It stresses on the inner consciousness by bringing purity in all walks of life. To avoid sin at any cost was fundamental teaching. The aim of all religions is to unite individual love with the supreme soul. God-realization became the common thread among all religions.

God and Religion

God created religion, or religion created god is still a mystery. But one thing is certain; there is no religion without god. Both are interchangeable. But who is more religious, an orthodox or believer with flexible mind. An atheist has no religion, and obviously has no deity to believe. But I know many non-believers who are happy, successful and contended with their life.

The historic human created religion out of fear or some messenger of Almighty descended on earth from celestial and preached new doctrine of philosophy is still a debatable question. Various religious preachers never agree unanimously on one form of god. May be, the same god looks different when examine from different mental telescope.

The concept of one religion and one god can’t ensure to bring an end to all religious confrontation. Then, why members of same faith have revengeful feelings towards each other in many instances. Blind faith in any religious text is the root cause of all the miseries in the world. It’s time to reciprocate to suit one and all without any pride & prejudice.

Humanity & Religion

Religion helps people of all walks of life to live together in peace, harmony and humanity. Whether you read Bible, Gita or Koran, all talks of humanity in one form or the other. Every religion has produced sages, philosophers and hermits who mustered-up courage to go beyond the boundaries of religious principles. Saint Kabir placed humanity above all religions.

Human evolution started with the birth of religion & belief in divinity


The fundamental fabric of all streams of faith is honesty, humanity, kindness and universal brotherhood. These are the driving force which can bring positive transformation in your life. Serving poor, feeding orphans, treating injured are traits of generous and caring heart. A ruthless heart can’t be religious; however he has mastered-up all religious textbooks.

The feeling of unity among all religious segments strengthens when flood ravaged the coastal city during monsoon season. Armies carry rescue operations evacuating all people irrespective of their religion, faith and custom to a safe location. In a blood bank, people from different faiths donate blood just to save the life of another human being. Humanity rises above religions.

Religion vs. Spirituality

They may look similar outwardly, but there is a thin line which separates the two. Both advocate purity in life, truthful towards words and honesty in policy. Religion has its own limits with precise rituals and customs, while spirituality is vast. There is no boundary and you follow your heart in spiritual world, which goes inwards, towards own conscience.

Religion is personalized faith with dogma. Fanaticism may creep into religious path, but it has no place in divine path. It is less travelled path, where bold and determined can enter after detachment from worldly pleasures. Lord Buddha renounced his kingdom, his family and also cut-off his relations with religious chain, so that he can meditate with mind, body & awareness.

No worship and no obeisance of any type are involved in spiritualism. An atheist or non-believer can be spiritual if his life is full of purity with no malice towards one and all. He neither advocates nor abhors any faith believing in the existence of god. His life blooms consistently and he spread fragrance in all directions. His life turned to be open book with no secrets.

Religion in Modern Context

Misuse of religion has stooped too low. The crook gurus and religious robbers are exploiting the feelings of gullible people. Blind faith and superstitions has taken its ugly form. All religions teach peace and unity. But, on the contrary, we are fighting with each other, in the name of faith and different gods. All the beautiful messages of holy books have lost its meaning.

In some parts of world, the religion has turned to be trade—a lucrative business of no investment and high returns. The self-declared gods are playing with emotions of gullible. In the name of religion, fanatics are ready to go to extremes. People of different faith are engaging in mindless actions. Under the garb of holy cloak, many wolves are playing hide & seek game.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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