Yogi Simant (Founder)

“Explore all worldly happiness in your own inner world”

“Know your inner strength by understanding yoga”

“The roots of all past, present and future events are linked to yoga.”

Yogi Simant is highly disciplined yoga guru. He was born and brought-up at the foothills of Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Since his childhood, he was attracted to discipline of senses & purity of life. In search of truth, he explored many unexplored places. He met many sages, yoga gurus and spiritual masters to quest his spiritual thirst. He learned many secrets of spiritual life from them.

By the grace of master of all masters, he met a highly spiritual guru who accepted him as his most trusted disciple. He revealed many secrets of yoga, which are not mentioned in any philosophical textbook. He went through the fine experiences of yogic life which completely changed his life forever.

Vision & Philosophy

He believes that every form of life is related to yoga knowingly or unknowingly. Life is not possible without yoga. Whether you are doing your work (Karma Yoga), loving someone unconditionally (Bhakti yoga), becoming stubborn to fulfill your dream (Hatha Yoga) —all are the various aspects of same yoga. All the creations of life owe to yoga. Love and peace will become inseparable part of your life when you accept yoga in your routine life.

Mastery & Experiences

He forayed into yoga voyage in 2005. He also underwent yoga practice in reputed Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidlaya (Haridwar). He searched guru in pursuit of deeper knowledge of hatha yoga. He personally experienced the mystic experiences of meditation in traditional way. He understood the alignments of hatha yoga and its relevance to reality of life. He also worked on the advance wisdom of meditation and its need in the modernity of life. Now, he wants to share his knowledge with the world.

Experiences with Global Unity

  • Conducted workshop to European Community
  • Organized yoga & meditation to PSU
  • Visited many European countries
  • Prepared worldwide yoga teachers

“Out of body” experiences to his aspirants