Mr Rishikesh

Rishikesh Kumar Singh is poetic by heart, environmentalist by nature and spiritual by conscience. He writes exclusively on Nature, Yoga, Spiritualism, Gender and Environment. His passion for spiritual science of yoga & meditation motivates him to travel less travelled spots in the Himalaya to taste purity for mind & divinity for spirit.

He is also an environmentalists and ecological facilitator of par excellence. He is the founder-cum-president of EFSLE (Ecosophical Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment) and the Joint Secretary of ASLE-India (North Zone). He pursued his research in Ecocriticism.

His research articles and poems have been published in various international and national journals. He presented his poems in the SAARC Literary Festival 2010 and in various literary festivals in different countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

He is the recipient of the ‘Best Writer Award’ (2003) for his story ‘Hasrat’ in Allahabad. In 2012, he did a research project in Malaysia on Gender and Human Rights issues of the Tibetan & Bhutanese women. He visited many counties for better grasping of the sensitive issue of research subject.

He is also a trained Counselor who practices in the field of Bibliotherapy especially connecting it to Ecology and its impact on Human Psyche. He facilitates the academia with his innovative teaching skill especially in the field of Applied Literature amalgamating Literature, Human Rights, Gender issues and Psychology together.