Dr Dilip ( Co-Founder)

Dilip Kumar Jaiswal is erudite scholar of Sanskrit literature. This helped him immensely to understand the essence of tantra yoga and yoga philosophy in traditional context. Besides Sanskrit, he has good command over Hindi and English languages. His area of interest covers study of Indian classics, spiritual and philosophical tradition & literary theory and criticism .

He specializes in ancient Indian narrative studies. In 11-14 July 2013, he presented his research paper titled “Psychological Dimension Anand-mimansa in Taittirya Upanishad” in Vedanta Congress held at University of Massachusetts in USA. His main focus is the study of literature as a means to reconstruct the emotional past.

He is product of reputed Allahabad University and JNU. He did MA in ancient history from Allahabad University and MA in Sanskrit from JNU. Further, he earned his doctorate in Sanskrit from Delhi University on the topic of the Ethics in Brhathashloksangraha. He specializes in Ancient Indian Narrative Studies.