Men & women are like two wheels of the same cart.Man is more logical and rational in his approach while woman is sentimental & imaginative.

What’s your opinion on men and women? Are they opposite poles? Does man comes from Mars and woman from Venus? How they behave, react and take decisions in similar situations? Why longevity is seen mostly among widows, while a widower dies soon after living a short solitary life? If perceive from hatha yoga’s prism, man signifies sun while woman represents moon? Both planetary bodies are desirable to sustain life on this earth.

Apart from slight gender differences, men & women are same. Same five elements of nature are present in both sexes, including five senses. From traditional kundalini yoga’s philosophy, “Shiva & Shakti” exists in every human-being, although in subtle form. Lord Shiva dwells in the crown chakra, in form of supreme consciousness. His consort “Ma” Shakti too exists in every human-being at the base chakra in coiled serpentine form.

To call “man” superior to “woman” would be prejudice and unfair. Men and women are two sides of the same coin. No one can budge a cart with single-wheel.  Participation of male & female is must for creation. The nature moves when opposite meets. The charm of life lies in variations. That’s why day & night, summer & winter, life & death exists in nature. If winter is near, then spring can’t be too far. Everything comes by time, neither “before” nor “late.”

Feelings & Emotions

You can find out both flower & stone in same garden. Flower represents gracefulness, while a stone symbolize masculine power. No creation is possible without the union of these two streams. Both meet & merge and then flow together. One resembles flower, and other thorn, yet they exist in the same plant. Man acts only after getting “go-ahead” signal from his analytical mind. While woman follow her heart and hear her emotions before she acts.

A man always aspires for instant response. But tangible life is not as easy as just clicking the mouse and waiting for processing. Two to three tasks always occupy his mind at a time. This makes him absent-minded sometimes. Tongue slip is also common complain among male genders. However, woman better understands to handle conflicting situation in an intelligible way. She remains in a calm and balanced state of mind in most of the situation.

The ego clash among two sexes is due to lack of caring communication. Male chauvinism creates unseen wall and separate the two. If no initiative is taken from either side, the friction goes on increasing. It retards the blooming of full-grown relationship. It is easy to demolish the wall of delicate bricks. The experience of fulfillment comes only through trust & love.

Bond of Attraction

The attraction between opposite sexes is universal in nature. It existed even when early man used to hunter for food-gathering and lived in caves. It’s nearly impossible for any normal human to neglect the basic instinct of life. The power and materialistic achievement of male make him appealing in eyes of females.

The irresistible charm of beauty makes the whole world moving. It’s the most powerful weapon of tempting world. The focal point of attraction for male is fair complexion, chiseled features, curvaceous figure and silky gait. Her large speaking eyes convey more expression to the male suitors. The voice is soft and high-pitched in female which can be heard from a long distance.

In divine world, a man transcends the worldly temptation. As he delves deeper and deeper in his inner journey, he ascends lowly awareness (chakras). He can’t differentiate between male and female, as his undivided eyes finds the same super-consciousness soul residing in every physical body—be it male, female or neutral gender.          

Unflinching Love: Where to find?

Female is the core of all worldly relationship. She touches man’s life in myriad roles like mother, wife, sister, beloved, teacher and office’s colleague. A man comes on this earth through his mother’s womb. She feeds and nurtures her in her own body. She forgets her husband and other connection in upbringing her child. He shares his secret with his dear sister.

In young age, man is always drawn towards woman for a company. He finds solace, peace and joy when his sweetheart declares her unflinching love for him. Both adore remaining lost in each other thoughts. They dream of happy married life. Those moments remain cherished in memory lane even when they grow old and mind filled with family responsibility.

If the relationship between male and female remains cordial, the life looks like never-ending sweet dream. Everything is managed, even with limited resources. It is the relationship which has value. You love to enjoy every bit of existence. But if it turns sour, the sword of Damocles always hangs on your shoulders. A little disturbance is enough to create ripples in silent pond.

Desire in Man & Woman

Woman is emotional, creative and intuitive. She dreams of caring husband, loving children and a sweet home with all comforts of life. A man remained engrossed in thoughts of accumulating wealth and gaining more power to occupy prestigious position in society. In chasing dreams, he sometimes forgets important dates attached to marriage anniversary and wife’s birthday.

Looking beautiful and graceful at the same time is utmost desire of woman. She leaves no stone unturned to pamper her charm. She purchases trendy make-up products. Buying trendy clothes for birthday bash or marriage ceremony is remained her favorite pastime. As man enters his middle age, he seldom cares for look, clothes and fashionable accessories.

Woman is passionate by nature. She can overcome all challenges and odds to give color to his passion. She never leaves any task in the halfway.  Bhakti yoga (devotional yoga) is highest expression of woman to reach higher consciousness.  Man being a dynamic believes in karma yoga (yoga of action). Emotionally and sensitively, woman is stronger than male.

Decision-Making in Challenging Situation

In similar situations, man and woman thinks differently and also act differently. Man is pragmatic in his approach, and never partakes in venture where loss is palpable. A woman is ready to take calculative risk believing in her intuitive mind. Behind the triumph of any corporate houses, it’s the decision-taking minds which write success-stories.

Man is more logical and rational in his approach. Woman is artistic & imaginative and seldom uses her logical brain. In times of instant action, she owes more faith in her own heart than mind. Man is calculative by nature, and exercises his brain for all his actions. He better understand the permutations and combinations of life than female counterparts.

In realm of mental power, modern women are showing their worth in all fields. She is scientist, doctor, entrepreneur, journalist, professor—you name it and we prove it. She is breaking the old myth by driving heavy vehicles. Many nations across the world have separate wing of women commandoes. Time is changing fast, so the old myths and notions are breaking. She is emerging winner in all those jobs which once considered being male-dominated.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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