Yogic Transformation Program

Indulge in mind-soothing & soul-stirring program for corporate professionals looking for “out of box” thinking. Yogic transformation connects your mind to inner consciousness level to bring overall changes—-behavior, thought-process, psychological, mental and physical.

It includes traditional yogic methods in combination with contemporary psychology. Its four components are physical stability, mind purging kriya, Vedic Counseling & cognitive behavior therapy. It refines your tuning with others by cultivating sympathetic attitude.

  • Long-sitting stamina with stability
  • Yogic breath kriya to balance energy
  • Meditation kriya to release pent-up emotions
  • Correct stubborn psychic complexities

Corporate Well-being through Yoga

Sometimes, you have to meet challenging deadlines with no compromise in quality. Mind and body are worst sufferers when you and your team work in a stressful environment. Spirit Yoga Foundation has created refreshing way for transformation of energy at consciousness level. It recharges exhausted neurons of mind cells and also revitalizes every tissue/organ of your body.

  • Mould mind & your psychology
  • Release stress in a harmless way
  • Transform your energy in sublime way
  • Remain balanced & cheerful in every situations
  • Restart your work with zeal & enthusiasm

Course Fees

1200 USD per person(single occupancy)

800 USD per person(double occupancy)


3 days - 5 days(2-5 hours daily classes)

Additional Allurement

Yogic Transformation

  • Physical well-being
  • Purification by shodhan
  • Silence of senses
  • Counseling for behavior
  • Sound-healing techniques
  • Cognitive Behavior

Philosophy of Management

  • Group counseling
  • Stress & spirituality
  • Self-purification technique
  • Time management
  • Diet & lifestyle
  • Behavior & psychology

Fee Inclusions

  • Food & lodging
  • Welcome gift & souvenir
  • White-water river rafting
  • Wi-Fi Zone/CCTV Surveillance
  • Day first medical check-up
  • Live music concert
  • Nature trekking


The location of our yoga school ensures to give you an environment of complete relaxation, rejuvenation and tranquility ---away from the hustle and bustle of town.

Yogic Transformation Program (3-days/5-days)

The duration of the program can be 3-days to 5-days—including either in-house or outdoor location. It involves yogic transformation kriya with yogic techniques comprising both practical and theoretical training. The duration of program ranges from 2-5 hours in a day.

Focus of the program:

  • Mental, physical & psychology transformation
  • Building team-spirit in natural way
  • Personal counseling to correct behavior
  • Meditation and purification kriya
  • Stress-buster technique

Fit India

Under the holistic health campaign nationwide of “Fit India”, a vision by PM Narendra Modi, Spirit Yoga Foundation has formulated mental, physical & spiritual well-being program for global community. Spirit Yoga Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO) in operation since 2009. We are running this program at school/university level and also corporate world under CSR activities (Corporate Social Responsibility).

  • Reinforce national campaign of “Fit India”
  • Spiritual awareness via yogic transformation kriya
  • Mental, physical & psychological well-being
  • Promoting national human resources potential
  • Connecting self-sustainability program to rural regions

Registered with the Government

Spirit Yoga Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. Its founder is Yogi Simant. The organization is registered under:

  • Societies Registration Act 1860.(Ref no :D24747d)
  • Registered under NITI Aayog (UA/2017/0114561).
  • Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961.
  • Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Payment & Refund Policy

Once we receive your confirmation to join our 200 hour YTTC course, you need to deposit 30 percent of total fee to reserve your individual seat. The advance fee is non-refundable. The balance of payment must be deposited on first-day of your arrival.

7 Steps for Corporate Yoga

Yogic Transformation

Your body is composed of five elements and five senses (indriya). Your senses are performer and mind is director.  When senses turn director, it turns everything topsy-turvy. It attracts stress, anxiety and depressions of different shapes and sizes, thus making your life burdensome.

Yogic transformation is reliable remedy. It molds your mind, body & senses in one dimension. It opens all windows for spiritual evolution. It brings tremendous change in your mental & psychic outlook. You emerge winner from inner revolution of mind, body & senses.

Elements of yogic transformation:

  • Physical, mental & psychic transformation
  • Mechanization of mental & physical body
  • Purifying or purging thought-process
  • Eliminate psychological stress
  • Connect with pure consciousness

Recurring Stress

Stress is not a disease or symptom of any serious complication. It is absence of management in your life. It is emotional imbalance which remains hidden in your sub-conscious mind. Your dependency on material objects increases and makes your life stressful.

Stress loves to exist in limitations or boundaries; joy is in freedom, which comes only through yogic transformation. Other means only suppress stress temporarily. The ultimate purpose of yogic transformation is to transcend the limitations of mind, body and senses.

De-stress by Yoga

Most of the stresses are psychological and imaginary. Mind can’t identity the exact cause of the personal/professional pressure. It goes on multiplying if not checked in the nip of time. Stress can be reduced and also removed through yogic management. Spirit Yoga Foundation has formulated mind-soothing program for corporate professionals looking for “out of box” thinking.

Stress is unexpressed emotions & suppressed feelings. It affects your behavior and thought-process, and emerges on the surface whenever get an opportunity.  Yoga connects your mind to inner consciousness level to bring overall changes—-behavior, thought-process, psychological, mental and physical. Yogic kriya improve your lifestyle at professional and personal level both.

Steps to Yogic Management

Yoga is science and art both to sooth your tensed nerves and puzzled mind. Here is some easy yogic management to bring positive purification at various levels:

Physical balance

Stretch and expand with alignment and adjustment to remove physical knots at various locations of body. Body awareness is pre-requisite to attain desired results. You feel light, energetic and full of vigor for the whole day. It will removes physical stress naturally.

Breathe purification

Breath is directly connected to your mind. Purging of breath makes neuron cells active and accordingly gives impetus to your entire nervous system. It also enhances your defensive mechanism including reflex system. Exhaling of negativity relax your mind.

Active & dynamic meditation

Meditation gives you divine euphoria by connecting to your inner being. Active meditation is traditional, while dynamic one is contemporary with considerable modification in preparing mind to reach one-pointed concentration.

Cognitive behavior therapy

Thoughts and actions dwell in the same basket. The former is subtle, while later is gross, just as the matter and energy of this planet. The cognitive behavior therapy works at core of human-behavior which scripts human attitude and perception.

Vedic counseling

Vedic philosophy is basic foundation to perfect life in sync with five elements of nature. It coordinates your geometrical pattern with divine cosmic constellation where everything is in momentum to sustain life and creativity in cosmic world.

Benefits of Yoga for Stress Management

Stress is harsh reality of life, which you can’t avoid or overlook to fix it. It needs to be handed intelligently. There are numerous ways, but with some side-effects. Yoga is impeccable approach to achieve stress-free time in corporate working culture.

Transformation in life begins as soon you purify yourself at various levels. Yoga and meditation gives you aroma, fragrance and taste of divine life where clouds of negativity evaporate very soon. It doesn’t allow the seeds of stress to germinate and sprouts in fertile land of spirituality.

  • Self-relieve process to calm yourself
  • Drugless & natural way to attain calmness
  • Transformation at physical, mental & psychic level
  • Empower you to reverse clouds of negativity
  • Balance your personal & professional life

These are some of the benefits of yoga to control stress:

Psychological Changes

Stress is not a symptom of any physical ailment or mental abnormality, but reflects immaturity at psychic level. Yogic transformation peel-off many layers from sub-conscious mind to make you stronger and vibrant internally. You never flee but face the stress of life boldly with your inner strength. It purifies your resolution power to remain stick to your goal.       

Physical Awareness

Long-sitting hours are common in corporate work culture. Physical knot and rigidity gives you uncomfortable and uneasiness and may give birth to serious ailments. Physical stability & endurance improve with regular practice of relaxing yoga. With every expansion and contraction of joints or muscles, your physical awareness goes to higher horizon.        

Mental Changes

It is the mind which gives you pressure and derail you from right track. Meditation is antidote to unflinching thoughts in mind. When mind and body merge via practice of yogic techniques and meditation, you get rhythm at physical and mental level. Mind remains cherubic and balances devoid of any pressure or stress; you can achieve anything in life.        

Positive Behavior

Opportunity knocks at the door of every divine-seeker. But it’s the hopeful who grab the opportunity and manipulate fate in his/her favor. Meditative state of mind makes you an optimistic who never loses hope even in deadliest storm. It makes you a quintessence of peace and positivity who remains balances whether sun shines brightly or cloudy sky blocks its rays.     

Immune System

Free-flow of energy supply fresh oxygen to all organs of your body. It activates your defense mechanism. More than well-balanced diet and regular workout, the inner purification matters more in developing your immune system and make it stronger. It helps in controlling blood pressure (BP), heart blockage, weak digestive, degenerative cells/tissues and nausea.     

Manage Your Life Well

When you instill yoga & meditation in daily life, everything becomes well organized from professional to personal life. Your boat sails smoothly whether there is silence or storm in the mighty ocean. You learn to bring balance in life crossing all barriers of fear, doubt and uncertainties. Your life management skills motivate others to follow your footsteps.

Work Capacity

Yoga and meditation brings harmony in all planes of your existence by eliminating all factors which contribute in adding your woes and stress. It soothes your mind and body. Work with relaxed mind and en energetic body improves your work capacity. When you involve your mind, body and soul in assigned task, the results are always amazing.

Sense of Well-being

Meditation connects your mind to the core of your consciousness. You well appreciate your worth and your value to workplace and home. Purification of thoughts betters your sense of well-being. It improves your interpersonal relationship and intrapersonal relationship with colleagues, peer group, neighbors and community on a broader level.

Control Your Self

A cynical fellow can’t be a leader. One who leads the team should have perfect control over his/her mind & body. Yoga is all about controlling mind & body. Meditation is disconnecting bonds & attachment which binds you to limited dimension. You become the master of your mind. It assists in full-control of you. You learn to channelize energy as per required.

Get better Focus & Concentration

Initially, you need to develop your attention and focus to a particular object or subject. Focusing your mind on a routine basis develop and refine your power of concentration. One-pointed concentration soon blossoms into meditation. It helps in critical situations when options are many, and you have to opt out for the best one.


Every human comes to this earth with inherent divine energy in hidden form. Due to illusion, you ever trapped in worldly bondages and sense-gratification remains your ultimate goal. Kundalini yoga is traditional yoga to connect with your cosmic feminine energy which is known as kundalini shakti. The stirring of this “prana shakti” paves the way for inner transformation.

Kundalini yoga is a traditional way of searching divinity within you. It culminates with union of cosmic energy (shakti) with cosmic consciousness (Shiva), and both exists within your subtle body. It is a complete inner yoga where you recharge expressway of prana (vital energy). Guru plays a vital role from stirring kundalini to activation of chakras.

It starts with selected asana series to bring stability & stamina in body, followed by balanced breathing for inner purification. Then, purification of nadis and prana is done through pranayama with yogic gestures and yogic lock. The ratio of inhalation, exhalation & retention is also balanced through yogic breathing. Yogic gesture (mudra) and yogic lock (bandhas) are other important elements of kundalini yoga. It ends with chanting of seed mantra, silence meditation & kundalini kriya.

  • Maintain divine dignity at yoga centre
  • Vegetarian food ( no smoking & drinking)
  • Follow guru’s instructions acutely
  • Fit body & balanced mind (no phobia/fear)

In kundalini yoga, “prana” is the vehicle or the medium for carrying consciousness. It is the symbol of kundalini power in human body. The existence of all life is owed to prana. When “prana” flows in all subtle channels of the body, you gain actual experience of kundalini recoiling at base chakra.

Chakra is wheel of psychic centers in subtle body which is seven in number. It is bundle of pranic energy which controls the circulation of prana in the entire body. Kundalini lies in dormant state in the base chakra which is also known as mooladhara chakra. As kundalini ascends and reach at the top chakra (sahasrara chakra) passing through other five chakras, the real expression of kundalini yoga start.

Hatha yoga is the stepping-stone to reach higher yoga or kundalini yoga. It elevates to the new level of consciousness after transcending the worldly consciousness. The components of hatha yoga are:

  • Shatkarma: Six yogic purification for entire body
  • Asana: Brings stability in your body by stirring channels of energy
  • Pranayama: Purifies the nadis and promote the flow of prana shakti
  • Bandha: Blocking & conserving energy for practicing kundalini yoga
  • Mudra: Yogic gestures for awakening of chakras & kundalini

The best time is onset of winter months to end of March in Rishikesh. Kundalini yoga is not preferable when the temperature is above 35 degree Celsius. That’s the reason why yogis move to cool Himalayan region for the practice of kundalini yoga, during hot and sultry months of summer.

There are seven chakras in subtle body:

  1. Mooladhara chakra: At the base of spine, deep dark red with four petals
  2. Svadhistana chakra: At the base of reproductive organ with red lotus with 6 petals
  3. Manipura Chakra: At navel along spine, bright yellow lotus with 10 petals
  4. Anahata Chakra: At heart along spine, deep red lotus with 12 petals
  5. Vishuddhi chakra: Behind throat pit along spine, pure blue lotus with 16 petals
  6. Ajna chakra: In the centre of brain behind eyebrows, pure white lotus with 2 petals
  7. Sahasrara: In the crown of head , all color merge with thousand petals

There may be more than a lakh nadis (subtle tubes carrying prana), but the primarily ones related to kundalini yoga are ida, pingala and shushmana:

Ida: It represents moon which control your mental power

Pingala: It represents sun which control physical energy

Shushmana: It is major nadi on which kundalini ascends