7 Days Silence Meditation

This 7 days silence meditation course in Rishikesh is level one. It is yogic action which goes from outward to inward. You cross the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological including awareness to reach conscious level. It involves no body movement, no meditative support, and no talks allowed including gesture. It is a transformation through own self. In silence meditation, you transcend many levels of awareness to reach the core of consciousness.

You enter the inner world, when you exit the outer world. Five senses are the major barrier to the path of silence meditation. You will be trained to sit silently in a steady pose with turning your focus on your breathing. You have to sit in complete silence for six hours in a day. No communication is allowed, not even through gesture or writing in diary.

  • Silence meditation is autonomous
  • It is motionless meditation
  • No support is taken to make easy
  • Observe your inner senses
  • Mind comes under your control

What is Silence Meditation

Silence meditation is self-voyage to the space of your inner spiritual world. It is a journey where you use your awareness and conscience as wheels of your vehicle. It is a revelation through subtle visualization how we are connected to the cosmic consciousness. By peeling-off many layers of ignorance, the utmost sincere practitioner reaches to the source of self-illuminating light, the source head of all spiritual ecstasy.

7 Days Silence Meditation Module

This is seven days silence meditation course in Rishikesh. The daily schedule includes 6-8 hours practical training—three hours self-practice and equally three hours practice under the guidance of guru. Two hours will be devoted to theoretical learning where you can put query and quench your spiritual thirst with guru.

Silence Meditation Techniques

The techniques to silence meditation is intended to withdrawal your senses. The shaking of any part of body is not allowed, once you attain stability in asana. You rotate your awareness from outwards to inwards & finally close your eyes. The techniques involves are 

Balance your physical level

  • Adjustment & alignment for stability
  • Long sitting without movement
  • 21 hatha yoga asana series
  • Purification of energy channels
  • Activation of chakras & nadis

Breath & self-awareness

  • Focusing on your breath
  • Holding breath for awareness
  • Controlling your life-force
  • Awareness to self-exploration
  • Recognize the subtle changes

Focus, Attention & Concentration

  • Still thought-waves in your mind
  • Focus on your breath
  • Start meditation practice with focus of mind
  • Convert your focus into attention
  • Extensive attention galvanize to concentration

Thoughtless Mind in Motionless Body

  • Transcend your mind & body
  • Awareness expands & purify
  • Cross layers of sense awareness
  • Subtler to subtlest consciousness
  • Reaches meditative state

Meditating on Void

  • Rises above your senses
  • Observe divine vacuum in deep meditation
  • Transpose to new spiritual dimension
  • Be silent spectator of inner world
  • No sense of time

Lecture & Questionnaire Session

Daily two hours will be solely devoted to lecture on silence meditation. It will also include question-hour where meditation seekers are free to ask any question related to the course. The student can also share their experiences with guru and also among similar batch students.

  • Concept of silence meditation
  • Philosophy and modern relevancy
  • Art & science of yoga
  • How to curtail senses?
  • Breath & mind connection
  • Meditation techniques
  • Question hour session

What is Silence Meditation?

Meditation is withdrawing your mind from outwards towards inwards. But the task is not as simple as it looks from exterior. Mind is stubborn and oversensitive to worldly objects. It is the five senses which draw your mind outwards. You remain lost in outer world and never get time for self-exploration. Vacuuming of mind by holding back these five senses is silence meditation.

The meditation turn your five senses (skin, nose, ear, tongue & eyes) towards silence mode. Physical body & psychic body unite in one plane. When it happens, it initially activates the psychic intuition, which remains in sleeping state in worldly people. Sixth sense is minute representation of psychic intuition. It is the wonder of all wonders. You gain all the strength and spirituality needed for fathomless peace.

When you speak, the words connect you with others. When you think, the thoughts connect you with your mind. When you move, the steps connect you with roads. You remained in the trap of illusions and attraction. The worldly temporary temptations never allow you to sit in silence, and connect with your conscience. Silence meditation breaks the bondages from the irresistible charm of worldly life which binds you to the physical plane.

  • All actions become void
  • No fluctuations in thought process
  • Breaking all bonds of bondage
  • Blooming of love and empathy
  • Awakening of inner senses

What is Yogic Silence?

Yogic silence is more evocative than ordinary silence, where you remain wordless for a day. But senses are active, and so the mind. The overflowing thoughts are snatching the calm & peace of your mind. You need to calm your senses to make the mind standstill. It develops your focus & concentration inwards. Only then, the profound silence meditation starts.

You remain familiar with your noiseless breath, but many activities in the body works more silently. Silence is the only sound facilitating in the orchestra of meditation. Silence is universal truth. You remained in silence while nurturing in the womb of your mother. After departure from this earth, silence will remain your only companion.

Yoga’s practitioners will understand the practice and discipline of silence in order to attain meditative state. The connection of silence with meditation is as old as the yoga. In the higher meditative state, you and silence unites to emerge as single entity. Discover new fragrance, sheen and taste in your inner world by stepping-in on the pebbles of silence.

  • Silence is expression of evolution
  • Fertility of creativity enhances
  • Creation & dissolution occur in silence zone
  • Awareness & consciousness unites
  • You taste elixir of immense peace

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the absolute silence of mind. When mind remained unoccupied, you hear the voice of your consciousness. That’s the reason why ancient sages used to meditate in caves, in an isolated spot. The place for meditation must be in silence zone. Mind and body are connected, and when you remain motionless & silent, you get first glance of meditation from a distance. By disconnecting with outer world, you develop connection with your consciousness.

Silencing or emptying your mind from all fluctuations of thoughts opens the door to reach for meditation. Initially, you have to focus your mind by bringing attentiveness to develop concentration. Single-pointed concentration for elongated period of time results in meditation. You discover the fountain-head of immense joy, peace and serenity in your own inner world.

Silence Meditation for Inner Journey

The outer world is only a reflection of the inner world. External world is transitory, while inner one is everlasting. Moving from limited awareness to infinite conscience is the essence of silence meditation. You have to transcend the boundaries of mind to reach the deeper and deeper experience of silent meditation.

Silence meditation is self-exploration for landing in spiritual dimension. Relaxing techniques of meditation is the training of mind by sitting in a comfortable asana to turn your attention & focus within. By curtailing all connections from outer world, you pave the way for inner journey for peace, bliss and joy.

  • Expression of higher intelligence
  • Higher states of consciousness
  • Purify your power of attraction
  • Effortless inward journey

Techniques of Silence Meditation

In classical yogic scriptures, techniques of silence meditation open the layer of awareness.  It starts with preparing your body for stability. It is intended for purification of mind for the purpose of connecting with your conscience. It involves five yogic techniques which always start with order of sequence. Remain in calm & cool in a relaxed manner during practice.

The techniques of silence meditation are simple and easy to follow. Maintain the stillness of body during the practice and making no eye-contact with others is strictly prohibited. Makes any gestures for communication is not allowed. It is a self-practice under the guidance of guru. He shares some secrets to control the mind and prepare it for meditation.

  • Approach to silence meditation is natural
  • Expand stability of body for long sitting
  • Yogic breathing to control mind & body
  • Developing your attention for concentration
  • Merge consciousness with inner void

Physical Stability

Physical stability is primary step while learning techniques of silence meditation. You have to sit motionless for long hours without any discomfort. The practitioner’s back, neck and head should be upright and straight. Yogic postures (asanas) induce the strength and stability to the body by adjustment and alignment. Develop your mastery over any comfy pose (asana).

Hatha yoga asana are slow, tender and mind-soothing. These asanas are mostly preferred for the practicing the techniques of silence meditation as no stress or strain is involved. These asanas are suitable for absolute beginners having no prior experience in yoga & meditation. It is the third organ in ashtanga yoga, while first in silence meditation.

  • Comfortable poses for inducing stability
  • Assist in graceful long-sitting
  • Removes stiffness in body
  • Opening the physical blockages
  • Effortless sitting (hyperlink what is asana) for meditation

Breathing Awareness

Sit comfortably and pay your attention towards your breath. Induce awareness in incoming and outgoing breathes. It calms the mind by soothing (sootheing) the nerves. It helps in bringing your senses to the awareness of your each breath. Fluctuations in mind waves disturb the flow of breath. Excitement, love, hatred and jealousy are emotions which affects your breathing pattern.

Rhythm in breathing comes automatically when you sit silently for long duration of time. Yogic breathing is always followed by silence meditation. The awareness expands when you start meditating on the inflow and outflow of breath. It pacifies the mind and elevates you to the new level of wakefulness. You expand your awareness to the inner self.

  • Rhythmic breathing to generate awareness
  • Silence your outgoing-sensitive senses
  • Mind start turning towards inwards
  • Awareness develop to subtle level
  • Attain perfect peace of mind

Focus, Attention & Concentration

Focus, attention and attention are primary steps to silence meditation. Be attentive on your heart chakra to feel the pulsation of heart. Focusing your attention for longer period of time curtail all the thought process in brain. It is the best techniques of silence meditation for emptying your mind, and swiftly moving on meditation on inner void.

Moving to higher techniques is possible only when you learn the basic method of controlling the mind. If you are beginner, you can choose any deity, object or subject for concentration. When you focus for elongated period of time, it results in concentration. These are simple techniques which you can practice under the supervision of experienced guru.

  • Focus on black dot on wall
  • Develop your attention gradually
  • Learn technique of one-pointed concentration
  • Extend duration of your concentration
  • Silently observe inward changes

Thoughtless Mind in Motionless Body

As you reach higher techniques of silence meditation, you attain empty mind while sitting stationary. There will be no oscillation in body, mind, emotions and psychology. All merge for spiritual transformation. All the past and future merge in present. Even the time looks to be standstill for the practitioner. A different world is waiting to welcome you.

There will be no space for outer dimensions to distract and disturb you. Mind will stick to present moment. All the past memories and experiences will erase from your mind as you reach to the higher level of silence meditation.

  • Mind remained unoccupied
  • Acquire a motionless asana
  • Rise above emotional attachment
  • No psychological imbalances
  • Live in present moment

Meditating on Void

By undertaking all steps to silence meditation, you reach finally to your own vacuum. This is inner and is much bigger than physical, mental and awareness realm. Every individual has its own void, irrespective of his/her nationality, religion and status. As you reach deeper and deeper into the black hole of your inner universe, you go through mystical experiences.

At this point, the “time” factor ceases and merges with your consciousness. An eclectic peace and bliss subdue mind, body and senses and you remain inundated with divine blessings. You feel the entire starry and planetary world is a part of your inner universe. All the creatures including human-beings appear to be part of the same ever-expanding consciousness.

  • Past & future merge with future
  • Time factor cease during meditation
  • Accomplish endless peace & joy
  • Blessed with spiritual blessings
  • You rises above limited world

Benefits of Silence Meditation

The seven days of silence meditation is bound to bring tremendous positive changes in your life. You will find the master key which opens many lock. These are concealed locks which keep your own wealth hidden, and make your life miserable. You search for peace and bliss in outer world, although all these assets stay unattended within you.

The aim of course is to bridge the gap between your outer awareness and inner conscience. As you set free your boat from harbor, it starts sailing in the inner ocean. It rises up and down with waves. You just observe it silently with closed eyes. A time comes when waves become still, and you discover marvelous inner world decorated with precious gems, precious stone and pearls. These are the gems which silence meditation-seekers discover:

Balance of mind, body & emotions

Weak neurons make your brain inactive. Focusing on silence zone of your mind activates the neurons or nerve cells which make your decision-making purify. It develops your rational thinking and your mind become receptive to new fresh ideas. Body learns stability by regaining strength and stamina needed for long sitting.

The world’s pain, loss and fear no longer disturb your balance of mind. You learn how to remain calm and composed in all situations. You become emotionally strong to withstand any exciting onslaught. It brings balance & harmony in your mind, body & emotions.

Slow & deep breathing

Develop your focus on your balanced inhalation, exhalation & retention. Steadily, it brings synchronization in breathing. All the blockages in nasal passage get eliminated and you start feeling effortless exchange of gases during respiration.

Your breathing becomes slow and deeper.  It makes your cells and tissues more oxygenated. You feel energetic and refreshing from inside. Lung-capacity also enhances which helps in improving your respiratory system. It control all problems related to your respiratory system.

Improve your immunity

Silence meditation ensure fresh supply of oxygen to all parts of body including blood, the largest connective tissue. The refreshing oxygen reaching to all cells of the body improves RBC, WBC and also platelets count in blood. Consequently, it improves your immunity and resistance-power to fight against foreign germs and bacteria.

With better immunity, your energy, strength and vigor move to higher level. A calm mind controls your nervous system. You seldom complain of high BP, hypertension and nausea. Consequently, it ensures the longevity of your life with well maintenance of mind & body.

Psychological changes

Better and balanced relations with family, friends and colleagues. You become less aggressive by controlling your anger, lust and suspicion. Emotional stability also balances as all the phobias, fear and complexity resolved. The pathos of mundane life melts.

You become self-reliant and self-dependent in self-psychological counseling, when critical situation occur. Your dependency on drugs and sleeping pills for rejuvenation diminishes. You remain positive in all favorable and unfavorable situations. Your will power increases.


Your sensitivity towards people around you, colleagues in workplace and friends in get-together changes to fine level. All the senses become more receptive and facilitate in exploring of self-awareness. You are in better position to observe things judiciously.

What is wrong, and what is right—you better evaluate the two contrasting situations. You start taking the right decision in right time. There remains no fluctuation in mind while taking the crucial decision. Dilemma and dejection don’t create any hurdle to you.

Spiritual gain

You access spiritual relaxation while moving to the higher stage of silence meditation. With spiritual benefit, peace of mind and happiness comes as complementary. You remain blessed with spiritual growth and gain as you enter deeper domain of meditation.

Your attitude towards life changes noticeably, and you start living in present moment alone. It brings the mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony and coordination. You overcome the obstacles of ego, self-centeredness and fickleness to reach the core of consciousness.

Transformation in life

An inspirational transformation is bound to happen in your life after seven days of sitting in silence meditation. Meditation becomes inseparable part of your life. You start drawing all the flavors of divine life from the nectar of silence meditation.

The untapped potential of your capability comes to the fore. Your sensitivity, awareness and consciousness go to the higher level. Worldly pleasures never bind you. The charm of name and fame no longer enslave you. You become the master of your mind, body and senses.

Divine merging

When you merge with bigger conscience, you discover your potential and possibilities in meditative world. You break the shackles of bondage which binds you to recurring pain, sorrow and dejection. Merging with higher spirit helps in knowing yourself. You discover the source of peace, love and prosperity within you.

You expand your wings & fly high leaving behind your physical existence. Crossing many ponds, lakes & rivers (mind, body and senses), you reach an extremely quiet ocean where everything ceases its existence and merges with big one.

Daily Regimen

Each day will start early in the morning with wake-up call at 5:30. The daily five hour practice is intended to elevate your level of energy and to sharpen your concentration needed for meditation.

  • Wake-up
  • Herbal tea
  • Silence meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Theoretical Aspect
  • Silence meditation
  • Lunch
  • Rest
  • Silence meditation (self-practice)
  • Silence meditation (evening)
  • Questionnaire session

Note: The daily schedule is subject to change. The exact daily schedule will be handed to you on the first day of your arrival.

Student Requirements

The Spirit Yoga Foundation has set standard rules & regulations to maintain decorum and dignity which all students are expected to follow strictly.

These requirements are as follows:

Program Requirements

  • Mental & physical fitness is mandatory for all students
  • Basic knowledge of English is desirable
  • Drugs/alcohols/cigarettes are prohibited
  • Regular attendance is enviable
  • Wear yoga dress in all yoga classes

Study Requirements

  • Strictly follow the designed syllabus
  • Follow the scheduled time
  • Must stay in center during course
  • Maintain a distance from teachers
  • Each students must have his/her own health insurance
  • Outing is not allowed during duration of the course
  • Contact manager if any query or demand


  • Only vegetarian food
  • No demand of extra food


Our center is in sylvan surroundings of nature on the outskirts of Rishikesh. It is far away from the hustle-bustle from the crowded town. The murmuring rivulet with glory of mountain and vast greenery make it an ideal place for practicing yoga & meditation. The fresh mountain breeze is soul-stirring and refreshes your mind and body.

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Program Fee

  • Triple sharing room : 600 $ USD (per person for 7 days course)

  • Double sharing : 800 $ USD (per person for 7 days course)

Fees Includes

  • Food, lodging & yoga learning
  • Spacious room with AC facility
  • Two yoga dresses, yoga mat, neti-lota & beads
  • Pick & drop facility from airport
  • Yoga & meditation in bank of Ganga
  • Spiritual musical concert (weekend)
  • Live music meditation


Rakesh Tiwari

Delhi, India

I went through inexplicable experience during basic course of silence meditation by Spirit Yoga Foundation. It was a unique experience of living in your own conscience by disconnecting with outer world. All the participants weren’t allowed to talk during the whole practice of seven days. We were instructed to calm our five senses which otherwise if active can distract the mind. Now, I am eagerly looking forward to go through advance course of silence meditation.

Puran Adhikari

Interlakhan, Switzerland

During school days, I used to hear, “if speech is silver, than silence is god”. I realized its meaning when I remained in total silence for 7 days while undergoing basic course of silence meditation. The silence of place in the close vicinity of nature was enough to put our mood towards meditation. No cell-phone, no talk, no gesture for communication was allowed. It drifted me to inner peace of existence.

Balwinder Singh Madhok

Chnadigarh, India

The advanced course of silence meditation is amazing. It purifies my inner conscience by eliminating all the negativity. The ambiance of yoga center is enough to go through silence experience of meditation smoothly. The meditation room is spacious where I felt no disturbance---outer or inner. At the end of day, I always felt new wave of vigor is flowing in the whole body. I revived a harmony in my mental, physical & conscience levels by completing this course successfully.



I achieved tremendous change in my personality. And, I personally want to convey my warm greetings to teaching staff of SYF who leave no stone unturned to make my days special in meditation learning. The advance course of silence meditation creates mental clarity, hones your rational thinking and makes you mature in decision-making power.


Under blessing of guru, silence is self-meditation for purpose of connecting with your pure conscience in mystic moments of stillness.  The technique is simple for the seekers who are ready to forget world including electronic gadgets & gizmos for seven days of self-exploration.

It starts with withdrawing of your five senses. The other meditation mainly stays on controlling of mind by yogic breathing, chanting of seed mantras or focusing mind on breath or mind or chakras. But silence meditation speaks of silencing of senses in traditional way.

The duration of the course is seven days. The asanas are light which starts with joint exercise initially. It will open up your joints, muscles and spine. You learn to bring stability and stamina for long sitting without strain or pain in any part of the body.

Any beginner who has no experience of asana, pranayama & meditation can join this course. Age is no barrier to learn. Yoga is inherent in your breathing and physical movement. You just have to stir it, cajole it and practice it to bring attuning in mind, body & awareness.

It brings radical change in your thoughts, emotions & psychology. You discover pure inner world of consciousness, and its divine nature. Your relations with family members/colleagues/ neighbors improve. Your power of attraction improves. You remain cheerful all the time.

Physically you will remain the same, but it changes your attitude, behavior pattern & psychology. You will remain filled with positive vibrations, whatever be the course of time (good/bad). The joy & peace of mind will never be elusive from your life.

Absent-mindedness & lack of focus/attention is the common complain among new generation. Perseverance & iron determination are secret of success, which comes only when you become master of your mind/senses. Silent meditation makes you stronger by growing seeds of iron determination within you. Once you take decision & step forward, you never budge from it.

The silence meditation course erases all inkling from mind which prevents a student to bring desired focus and attention in the study. When even a mediocre or below average student study with one-pointed concentration regularly, he/she pass the exam with flying colors.

Well, a good idea! You can start your day with silence meditation. It is the art of making your mind standstill to attain peace & calm. You need a perfect silence zone to practice it. Never bring phone, music player, and electronic gizmos in your meditating room.