7 Days Shodhan Kriya

The garden looks beautiful and clean after a fresh downpour. The moon shines in its true glory in a clear sky. A child looks beautiful as no thoughts exist in his/her mind. Human beings inherently possess all these virtues of calm and joy. You too can experience a joyful life when mind becomes pure—devoid of all impurities. These impurities may be of diseases, tensions, anxieties, phobias, fear, and uncertainty with impression in conscious, sub-conscious & unconscious layers of mind.

What is shodhan kriya:

“Shodhan” is a Sanskrit word which means purification or purging, while “kriya” stands for action (yogic). It is a self-purification yogic action intended to regain vigor, vitality & vividness in life.  It is gentle ‘kriya’ which starts with balancing and coordinating between mind & body to restore harmony at mental, psychological and emotional level. These sublime actions filter or purge your thoughts, emotions & feeling.

There are five dimensions of your existence—physical, mental, psychic & spiritual planes. You carry some impressions from some unforgotten good/bad experiences. It doesn’t exist in surface of memory lane, but remained hidden in sub-conscious mind. It largely shapes your thoughts, behavior and attitude. Some people even in middle-age still see recurring dreams of exam phobia of school days. Some often complain of heart-jumping while meeting stranger in isolated place.

Why I should practice?

Modern life is very fast and full of uncertainty. There are so many problems in your life—stress, estranged, relationship, uncertain job-situation, anxiety, depression & hectic lifestyle. But these things are not a problem in themselves. The root of all your problems lies in your sub-conscious mind. Shodhan kriya touches all levels of your existence—physical, mental, psychological and emotional. It restores happiness, joy and ecstasy in your monotonous life. It is a kriya of transformation of energy with mind shifting towards spiritual & mental growth.

7 Days Shodhan Kriya’s Regimen

The day starts with wake-up call at 6 am and continues till 6 pm. You will practice for three hours daily under the guidance of guru, and two hours will undergo self-practice. One hour will be devoted to query session, where students are free to clear their doubts by interacting with guru.

Shodhan Kriya Techniques

The techniques works at three levels—physical, mental & psychological.

Physical Purification

The technique aims at bringing harmony in joints, muscles and ligaments of your body. It recharges weak cells and tissues to bring vitality in various functions of body’s organs. It also removes sluggishness from your immunity system. Purity in physical level makes your body strong enough to endure the vagaries of nature, and ward-off many diseases and ailments. Removal of blockages in body leads to the development of body’s healing abilities.

  • Enhances physical alertness & agility
  • Flexibility in body
  • Extra physical vigor
  • Quick healing of injury

Mental Purification

Breath and mind are intrinsically connected. Yogic breathing induces more supply of pure oxygen to neurons which develops mental clarity. You retain balance of left and right hemisphere of brain. The vital energy (prana) starts flowing uniformly in all parts of brain as you hold your breath (inner or outer).  You seldom feel mental exhaustion. It also strengthens your decision-making capability. You remain active mentally even at the end of the day.

  • Enhanced intuitive intelligence
  • Improve in nervous system
  • Control of fluctuation in mind
  • Better attuning with others
  • Higher IQ level
  • Improved memory & retention

Psychological Purification

As your power of focus and attention on an object increases, it gives strength & equanimity purification to psychological make-up. Your attitude and behavior refines in yogic way. Your relationship with peers, colleagues and life-partner becomes healthier and happier.  You grow in love & compassion for others. You remain calm and composed in every situation. The five senses aligned with mind also get purified when mind disconnect itself with its sub-conscious layer.

  • Purification of five senses
  • Love & empathetic emotions
  • Pure & divine feelings
  • Sympathetic & sensitive attitude

Lecture & Question-hour Session

In the daily regimen of seven days shodhan kriya, one and half hour will be devoted to lecture including question-answer session. You can ask questions related to your relationship, stress in workplace, anxiety & tension in day-to-day life.

What is "Shodhan-Kriya"?

The first Sanskrit word “shodhan” means purification, cleansing or refining. “Kriya” word is derived from Sanskrit root “kri” which means “karma” or action. Shodhan kriya is purging action of various channels of “prana” (vital energy) which touches your multi-dimensional existence viz. physical, mental, psychological and emotional planes.

Any fluctuation in mind, body & psyche alters your breathing pattern. Breathing is outer manifestation of “prana”.  The different patterns of yogic breathing (science of pranayama) remove obstacles to the path of energy flow and make you physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. When you focus your awareness towards inside, it helps in vacuuming of mind.

Shodhan is time-tested kriya discovered by ancient yogis to cope with stress, anxiety and worries of daily life. Most negative thoughts are not real but figment of imagination. The recurring negativity makes permanent impression in your sub-conscious mind are responsible for many problems of your life e.g. troubled relationship, poor performance in work.

You are not aware of your true potential. You are seeking answers to your life-related problems from outside—visiting psychologists, guru and counselor, while all answers lie inside. Once you connect to your inner-being by shodhan kriya, you naturally get all the answers.

  • Who am I
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • How can I get bliss & peace of mind?
  • Why stress in my life?
  • How to maintain healthy relationship?

Peeling-off layers of Impurity

It begins with stopping all worrying thoughts & anxiety by following guru’s instruction and by being aware of your incoming and outgoing breath. Incorrect and irregular breathing contaminate your physical, mental and psychological level. The seven days of shodhan kriya peel off layers of impurity to refresh & rejuvenate you.

The kriya infuses divine sheen and fragrance to make your being. You will go through experience of full-blooming of your personality. You will grow by passing every day during this course. No imaginative thoughts will disturb your emotions and snatch your mental peace. You will be the architect of your own destiny.

Most of the problems of your life are self-created with its roots in your subconscious mind. It creates fear, delusion, complexity and doubts, whenever you ponder over breaking the barrier.  It strengthens the escapist tendency, and you fall into the trap of recurring tendencies.

Inner Transformation

Life is beautiful. It is negativity within you that makes invisible curtain between you and beautiful things in life. Everything looks filthy to dust-filled eyes. Shodhan kriya paves the way for inner transformation by purifying your thought and also by channelizing the inner flow of energy. You get all the answers of your query automatically from your deepest core of being.

Shodhan kriya makes you optimistic. Positive thoughts make permanent abode in your mind. It makes your feelings and expressions divine. You develop your physical & mental capacity to face all oddities of life. You remain happy, energetic and lively all the time.

The positive thoughts are more powerful than negative ones. And, shodhan kriya promises to bring big transformation in your life by permanently fixing negative thoughts, emotions and fears. It reverses the state of being slave to become master of your mind.

Peace & Ecstasy 

You are quintessence of infinite peace and divine ecstasy. The flower of your inner-garden blooms at its fullest, when you churn your inner-being. When all negativity melts with shodhan kriya, you attain ultimate peace and child-like simplicity.

The same world looks beautiful when everything refines at physical, mental & psychological level. Every moment comes as a golden opportunity to enjoy life. You start loving to mingle with others for strong bonding of companionship. The simplicity becomes hallmark of your personality and you steal the limelight wherever you are .

  • Positive transformation in life
  • Mental, physical & psychological balance
  • Rise of love & compassion spread in heart
  • Expansion of your consciousness

Techniques of ‘Shodhan Kriya’.

The techniques to shodhan kriya are traditional and always practiced under vigilance of guru. It helps you to uplift your life force (prana) to boldly face all challenges of life.  It is this subtle force which controls your physical, mental & psychological existence. The purification kriya diffuse divine energy uniformly by removing physical & mental constraints.

The sloth pace in your life is replaced by big cat’s quick reflexes. The yogic kriya brings coordination in each part of your body by removing all hindrances. You gently start not getting influenced by the views of others, and take command of your own journey. The balanced breathing makes your blood more oxygenated, and you feel energetic & agile all the hours of the day.

The purpose is to peel-off layers of impurities accumulated at mental, physical & psychological floor of your being. The mask falls off and the real one in you comes at the forefront, after remaining lost in long years of hibernation. The technique involves churning of thoughts & emotions in such a way that it touches the core roots of all your problems.

How it works?

The techniques are simple & easy-going and applicable to all practitioners who seek solutions within “inside”, and not outside. All the problems of world are mental, physical & psychological, in combination or in separation. Shodhan kriya involves few steps:

Physical steadiness

The contraction & extension of body with adjustability & alignment gives stability, balance and strength to all parts of the body. You learn to align your body weight against gravity with upright neck, spine and shoulders.

  • Gives strength & stability to the body
  • Removes stiffness in joints/muscles
  • Physical stamina increases with practice
  • Enhances your youthfulness & charm
  • Management of common ailments

Breathing kriya

The balancing breath with awareness charges your vital energy and you learn the art of yogic breathing. Rhythmic breathing in a combination of forceful, deep and relaxed ones removes all breathing blockages. The guru imparts the training of outer and inner retention of breath for purification of channels of energy.

  • Awareness of incoming/outgoing air
  • Expel harmful air from lungs
  • Purify your mood & attitude
  • Control of negative thoughts
  • Induces creativity in mind/thoughts

Emotional & psychological balance

Shodhan kriya brings equilibrium in your emotional & psychological framework of mind. You learn to control distracting habit of mind and pull it strings back whenever it moves to outside world. The key of your problem is placed within you in the inner world.

  • Make your emotions pure & sublime
  • Negativity ceases from psyche
  • Makes you emotionally strong
  • Stay calm in adverse situations

Transformation of energy

The powerful Vedic mantras bring divinity within you. The ancient yogis & monk realized the celestial sound reverberating in vast space. With the blessings of guru, a transformation of energy occur which opens your spiritual eye. The mystic experiences of shodhan kriya depend upon your commitment, devotion & sincerity.

  • Induces calmness in mind
  • Brings inner purification
  • Transcendental experience

Benefits of Shodhan kriya

The shodhan kriya touches physical, mental & psychological elements of your existence. A single kriya is enough to bring positive renovation in all these planes. This yogic action detoxifies the impurities from many layers of mind which includes emotions & feelings. You instantly get relief from piled-up stress, tension and emotional instability which make your life hellish. You learn to tame your mind and emotions as per your wish. You take charge over the pilot seat and start flying the chopper in the space of infinite possibilities.

These myriad benefits of shodhan kriya are discussed below:

Mental benefits

Increases your focus

When all the accumulated garbage is removed from the brain, it becomes easier to focus upon a single object. It improves your focus & concentration when there remains no strain or tension in the mind. You feel calm and composed at the end of kriya.

Creativeness & awareness

When you remain creative, you become asset to the society & your family. Fresh ideas & innovative concepts sharpen your creativity and you taste the success in your chosen field. This kriya is boon to creative & imaginative people.

Better decision power

Yogic kriya enhances your decision making capability.  You attain a better judgment mind to differentiate between innocent & guilty, right and wrong, truth & false. Your mental clarity refines and you take decision in critical time too.

Will power

Faith develops into hope, hope develops into determination and finally determination develops into will power by unbroken practice of shodhan kriya. You become the architect of your own destiny by sailing your fully-controlled boat.

Detoxification of mind

The yogic kriya filters your mind by eliminating all negativity, horrible past memories and recurring flashback of failure moments. You feel relax and balance at mental level. It makes you feel better and happy.

Physical Benefits

Better immune system

When you harmonize your mind, body and awareness, the immune system improves. Your respiratory and biological system improves by performing shodhan kriya. It enhances your resistance power to fight against foreign invading germs and microorganism which can harm your body and affects your immunity.

Better sleep

Many of you may be deprive of quality sleep. It’s the bane of modern lifestyle where there is no time to pause and take rest. In today’s competitive world, most of the people are suffering from insomnia. Some take the help of sleeping pills before retiring to bed. But when you practice yogic breathing and meditation, it ensures better restful sleep.

Improve lung capacity

The yogic breathing balances the flow of energy from both nostrils and improves intake of oxygen. When you breathe deep well, the supply of oxygen reaches to all parts of body including subtle channels of energy. During exhalation, you expel toxins from your body. As a result, the lung capacity of your respiratory system turns to fine tune.

Removes Sluggishness in body

Due to sedentary lifestyle, people remained inactive and avoid any movement. The gentle movement of shodhan kriya opens the blockage in body and makes it more active and energetic to make you feel healthy. You feel the agility of the athletics by practicing this kriya for a couple of weeks.

Psychological & Spiritual Benefits

Relief from stress/anxiety

Shodhan kriya is miraculous action which goes to the root of stress and anxiety and rejuvenates the body and balances it with mental level. It removes all the real & imaginative causes responsible for depression in life.

Effortless peaceful life

The outer peace is superficial and temporary. You can indulge in any sense pleasing activity for instant peace and happiness, but it will bring more misery in the end. The inner peace is permanent & curtails your dependency on others.

Connecting with your roots

Your name, status in society, bank balance and family circle is transitory phase of life. It comes and goes. After connecting with your roots, you better coordinate with professional and family life.

Finding new possibilities of life

Life offers enormous opportunities to every human being. The evolution starts when you grab the opportunity in the nick of time. This kriya provide golden opportunities to happen where you transcend the boundaries to touch new horizon of success.

Daily Regimen

Each day will start early in the morning with wake-up call at 5:30. The daily five hour practice is intended to elevate your level of energy and to sharpen your concentration needed for meditation.

  • Wake-up
  • Herbal tea
  • Shodhan kriya
  • Breakfast
  • Theoretical Aspect
  • Shodhan kriya
  • Lunch
  • Rest
  • Shodhan kriya (self-practice)
  • Silence meditation (evening)
  • Questionnaire session

Note: The daily schedule is subject to change. The exact daily schedule will be handed to you on the first day of your arrival.

Student Requirements

The Spirit Yoga Foundation has set standard rules & regulations to maintain decorum and dignity which all students are expected to follow strictly.

These requirements are as follows:

Program Requirements

  • Mental & physical fitness is mandatory for all students
  • Basic knowledge of English is desirable
  • Drugs/alcohols/cigarettes are prohibited
  • Regular attendance is enviable
  • Wear yoga dress in all yoga classes

Study Requirements

  • Strictly follow the designed syllabus
  • Follow the scheduled time
  • Must stay in center during course
  • Maintain a distance from teachers
  • Each students must have his/her own health insurance
  • Outing is not allowed during duration of the course
  • Contact manager if any query or demand


  • Only vegetarian food
  • No demand of extra food


Our center is in sylvan surroundings of nature on the outskirts of Rishikesh. It is far away from the hustle-bustle from the crowded town. The murmuring rivulet with glory of mountain and vast greenery make it an ideal place for practicing yoga & meditation. The fresh mountain breeze is soul-stirring and refreshes your mind and body.

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Program Fee

  • 600 $ USD (triple sharing room)
  • 800 $ USD (Twin sharing)
  • 1000 $ USD (single)

Payment plan 1

Course feesUS$
  • Food, lodging & yoga learning
  • Spacious room with AC facility
  • Two yoga dresses, yoga mat, neti-lota & beads
  • RO potable water & free Wi-Fi zone
  • SYF certificate
  • Pick & drop facility from airport
  • Special guest lecture
  • Basketball, badminton & cricket
  • Swimming in natural pool in stream
  • Meditation on beach of Ganga
  • Natural trek & birds watching

Payment plan 1

Course fees1200US$
  • Luxurious rooms with panoramic view
  • Perfect silence with privacy
  • Food, lodging & Kundalini yoga teaching
  • Pick & drop facility from airport
  • Three yoga dresses, yoga mat & beads
  • Day first & weekly medical & pulse check-up
  • Weekly ayurvedic massage
  • A kundalini yoga certificate by SYF
  • Outing for knowing local culture & tradition
  • Recreational activities for rejuvenation of mind & body


Dr Vineet Dhyani


I learned and practiced the yogic kriya for one week in a yoga center nestled between two mountains. It activated my inner conscience, and I felt like entering into different dimension of conscience where peace and happiness exist together in abundance. This kriya was prized possession of ancient yogis of Himalayas which remained in oblivion for many centuries. Shodhan kriya makes the Spirit Yoga Foundation, a unique yoga school of its own.

Dr Shaureen

Nainital, India

I used to wonder how a yogi can live in complete seclusion. By experiencing something mystical while doing shodhan kriya, I got a slight glimpse of yogic life. He dwells in new dimension, which you call spiritual. There is no need of outer gizmos to occupy mind and entertain your senses. I am grateful to yoga guru heading the SYF which is carrying the spiritual heritage of India to next generation for the welfare of world community.

Anil Kumar


“Shodhan kriya” offer an array of swift & relaxed breathing. I balanced my mind and body by controlling incoming and outgoing breath. Practicing yogic breathing in oxygenated environment activates all channels of energy. The location of SYF center at the heart of bountiful nature lands me to a different world. Initially, I was unable to sit for long period of time. By the grace of guru, I conquered my limitations and fear in mind. From the last one and half years, I am practicing shodhan kriya at my home. It sharpens my inner conscience.


Shodhan kriya is yogic meditation technique to relax your stressful mind by soothing your tired muscles & body. The stress may be due to tensed family life, hectic office atmosphere, broken relationship or recurring failures in life. It refines and balances your mental, physical & psychological level.

Kriya yoga works on the principle of internal yogic action which stirs the kundalini for spiritual benefits. But shodhan kriya purifies your physical, mental & psychological imbalances by refining or churning of inner conscience. It infuses new spirit and vitality in you.

Physical benefits

  • Removes tiredness and sluggishness
  • Beneficial to breath-related disease
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Enhances the brightness in your face
  • Improves your immune system

Mental Benefits

  • Removes the negativity from mind
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Reduces the mental stress
  • Improves your intelligence level
  • Improves your brain capacity

Spiritual Benefits

  • Purify your conscience
  • Balance your spiritual aura
  • Strengthen bond of joy & bliss
  • Improve your meditation power

The yogic breathing process brings the improvisation in lung capacity and opens the block nasal passage. Your breathing process becomes smooth and effortless. It minimizes your snoring problem. If you practice yogic breathing for 30 minutes to 45 minutes in morning hours, your snoring problem can be solved permanently.

Yes, you can practice anywhere—-in your home, in office or in park. It is a complete yogic breathing. You can sit in any asana, chair or in any comfortable position with straight back and neck. You can follow the steps of shodhan kriya. The duration of practice is 30 to 45 minutes. Take light diet.

You can learn shodhan kriya by enrolling the course. The age limit is 18 to 60 year old. You should visit with commitment and devotion to guru for better results.

We need your time, devotion & commitment to the guru. The age limit is 18 to 60 years. If you don’t have any past experience of yoga, still you can practice shodhan kriya. You should have sound health at the time of joining.