7 Days Shodhan Kriya

The 7 days shodhan kriya is kriya for transformation from outer awareness to inner awareness. It works on three level—mental, physical & awareness level. You are connects to your own root. It revels your own identity as it is traditional own transformation kriya. It is self-purification where you transcend mind, body and awareness. All unites in the same plane.
You go through the thought process, rising above the mental and awareness level, reaching your consciousness level. Your all experiences are personal. You get all the answers related to your query of self-identification. In a nutshell, shodhan kriya is self-discovery.

  • It is traditional yogic kriya
  • Kriya works on three levels
  • Easy for sincere yoga-practitioners
  • Demand commitment & regularity
  • Experience of self-transformation

What is shodhan kriya:

It is a gentle yogic action. The Sanskrit word “shodhan” imply churning and “kriya” means action. It is self-purification action by yogic techniques. It involves traditional breathing kriya with chanting of mantras. It starts with slow yogic action to delve deep into inner consciousness.

7 Days Module

This is seven days shodhan kriya course. It includes three hours self-practice and two-hours under the guidance of guru. You can free to ask any query related to subject in the theoretical session, including questionnaire.

Shodhan Kriya Techniques

It is yogic kriya which start from light physical stability to align with yogic breathing to bring harmony at mental, psychological and emotional level. It is a combination of traditional yogic breathing, self-awareness and transformation in a step-by-step kriyas.

Physical Balance

  • Light asanas of hatha yoga
  • Yogic cleansing process (satkarma)
  • Stability for sitting asana with alignment & adjustment
  • Sun salutation with specific mantras
  • Yogic mudras (gestures)

Breathing kriya

  • Three levels of practicing yogic breathing
  • Practice bhastrika pranayama
  • Shodhan breathing
  • Controlling breath through yogic breathing
  • Inhalation/exhalation/retention in specific ratio

Focus & Concentration

  • Don’t move or speak while sitting
  • Disconnect with outer dimension
  • Be attentive to your balanced breath
  • Cultivate your focus on balanced breath
  • Develop your one-pointed concentration

Shodhan Meditation

  • Be attentive towards consciousness
  • Create vacuum in your mind

Mantras Chanting

  • Chanting with devotion
  • Sound comes within
  • Synchronize with breath
  • Transformation into inner
  • Repeat it as per instruction

Silence kriya

  • Empty your mind
  • No shaking in body
  • Light & deep breath
  • Silence your senses
  • Feel the void in inner space

Lecture & Questionnaire Session

In the regimen of 7 days shodhan kriya, you have to practice for nearly seven hours. Five hours of practical training and the remaining two hours philosophy class on shodhan kriya. A daily two hours will be dedicated to lecture & questionnaire session.

  • What is shodhan kriya?
  • Philosophy of yoga
  • Philosophy of meditation
  • Philosophy of yogic breathing
  • Questionnaire (personal/group) with guru ji

What is "Shodhan Kriya"?

The Sanskrit word “shodhan” means refining or sharpening of inner conscience. Your intellect sharpens & awareness goes to higher horizon (consciousness) when flow of energy channelize in balancing way. It is transformation process from unconsciousness to consciousness state. From withdrawing from outer world, you drift towards the core of your existence. It is a journey which starts from external awareness and moves towards inner consciousness.

“Kriya” word is derived from Sanskrit root “kri” which means “karma” or action. The action is internal completely through your conscience level, through your focused mind and where no physical action is involved. It is a self-purification process. You just feel the blooming of your inner core, but can’t express in “words”. The whole process goes under your conscience level.
When you connect with ultimate conscience, you feel supreme bliss and your thoughts and actions churn in purest form. All the worldly bondages melt away in the purification process. You discover ecstasy in your inner world, which previously you were searching in external world. It is a slow process to move from external to internal level of existence.

How to Connect with Yourself

The Sanskrit word “shodhan” stands for purgation. Shodhan kriya is an inward divine journey which originate from outer awareness and goes to your deep root of consciousness (gross to subtle). It is a self-exploratory process to reach the core of your true identity. It helps to remove all the clouding which conceals the sun of true wisdom & bliss.

Most of the problems of your life are self-created with its roots in your subconscious mind. It creates fear, delusion, complexity and doubts, whenever you ponder over breaking the barrier. It strengthens the escapism tendency, and you fall into the trap of gloomy life.

You are totally ignorant of your true potential. You are seeking answers to your life-related problems from outside—visiting psychologists, guru and counselor, while all answers lie inside. Once you connect to your inner conscience by shodhan kriya, you naturally get all the answers.

  • Who I am?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • How I can get bliss & peace of mind?
  • Why stress in my life?
  • How to maintain healthy relationship?

Inner Transformation

Life is always in a state of motion. But you can’t perceive it due to overindulgence of senses which always go outwards. Shodhan kriya paves the way for inner transformation by purifying your thought and also by channelizing the inner flow of energy. You get all the answers of your query automatically from your deepest conscience. You avail perception of spirituality.

Nearly 60,000 thoughts come to human mind in a day. When you remain optimistic or think positive continuously, you remain happy, energetic and lively. You attract others as nails attracts magnet. Your thoughts decide what you are going to be in future. Actions taken in the nick of time helps in the smooth sailing of your life boat in the uncertain sea.

The outer world is creation of your own mind. Nothing is good or bad in this world, but only the picture of your imagination. You are the divine creation of nature. When you remain disconnect from your consciousness, it stops your blooming in multi-dimensions. Sodhan kriya open all the blocks in your body and transcends you to land of hope and faith.

  • Cultivate faith in yourself
  • Create positive energy
  • Connect to your power
  • Get what you aspire in life
  • Taste the nectar of life

The positive thoughts are more powerful than negative ones. But the accumulation of negativity fills vacuum in your positive region of mind. The shodhan kriya practice is churning of your mind, body and spirit with chanting of mantras in combination with yogic breathing or pranayama, gesture and silence meditation to connect you with deepest core of conscience.

Techniques of ‘Shodhan Kriya’.

The techniques to shodhan kriya are traditional and always practiced in sequence. It starts with chanting of mantras. For instilling divine vibrations at physical level and at micro level (psychological & physiological levels), mantras sound create delightful experience. Mind moves from external to internal level of awareness. For purification of brain and channelizing of energy level, the practitioners are directed to practice some specific pranayam techniques.

  • Traditional involving sequence of kriyas
  • Progress through outer to inner consciousness
  • Involve focusing on yogic breathing
  • It goes through five steps

What is Technique?

Techniques are simple & ethnic. Bring your physical, mental & awareness level at stable state. You overcome the obstacles which senses and elements of nature create in your inward journey. It helps you in disconnecting with outer world. Your attention starts going inwards for exploration of the inner world. You will experience many mystical rise and falls in inner waves. You will reach to a vacuum. It reveals your finest consciousness state; where transformation of energy strikes at its own. The techniques involve three steps in whole.

Five Steps

These are five steps which start from physical & mental level and finally reach to the subtle state of awareness and consciousness state. These are:

Physical stability:

Sit on the clean floor or yoga mat with folded legs. Acquire any comfortable sitting position where you can retain the stability for longer duration of time. Maintain stability in spine, neck, shoulder and head for attaining better focus and attention. Do not shake any part of the body while sitting for shodhan kriya.

  • It removes the lethargy in body
  • Opens up all the physical blockages
  • Enhances your strength & physical vigour
  • Improves flexibility in your spine
  • Induces physical stamina and stability

Focus & concentration:

It starts from attention, and delves deep in focus and concentration. By culling your senses which goes outwards, be attentive to your shodhan kriya right from the beginning. Unlock yourself from the outer disturbance and focus your whole attention to the inner transformation. There should be no disturbance in the lake of your inner world.

  • Bring mind to your ultimate control
  • Withdrawal your sensitivity from external world
  • Be focused in your attention & concentration
  • All thoughts come to standstill
  • Create vacuum in your mind

Breathe awareness :

It is the outer manifestation of your divine energy, which you can only feel it. Balance your breath from both nostrils. The rhythmic breathing opens up blocks in your channels of energy. Turn your attention to the sound created by vital energy entering your body via inhalation. Deepen your awareness with incoming and outgoing breath.

  • Bring rhythm in your inhalation/exhalation
  • Aware to the internal/external breathing pattern
  • Connects you to the root of your consciousness
  • Opens up the channels of subtle energy
  • Stir the deeper consciousness level

Balance your mind & body :

You will go through three levels of yogic breathing kriya. It is intended to bring harmony in physical, mental and psychological by yogic purging. By controlling body, you become the master of your mind by gentle, rhythmic and forceful breathing. You will be the same from both levels—outwardly or inwardly.

  • Equilibrium in physical & mental realm
  • Remove all the obstacles to inner journey
  • Balance your emotional & psychological
  • Connect your mind, body & awareness
  • Disconnect with outer level of existence

Chanting mantras :

The silence kriya starts with chanting of mantras. Mantras are recital of short stanzas in Sanskrit written by ancient rishis & recognized by Vedic knowledge. These are timeless words of divinity which are relevant even in modern times. Every mantra starts with “aum” sound, which is cosmic sound and is connect with creativity of the universe.

  • First organ of shodhan kriya
  • Induces calmness in mind
  • Transcendental experience
  • Stir your inner awareness
  • Connects with inner consciousness

Silence kriya :

Silence kriya is a stage in which you unite your physical & mental awareness with inner consciousness. You are the doer of kriyas and observer of experiences at the same time. It is self-practice where you are instructed and guided by the guru. Some experiences are inexplicable; and reveal many secrets of kriya to you. It is the last organ of shodhan kriya.

  • Lost in your inner vacuum
  • Transcend your thought-process
  • Observation of your own self
  • Connected to your own identity
  • Overcome the time-barrier

Benefits of Shodhan kriya

The shodhan kriya touches your physical, mental & spiritual plane, which together are the core of human existence. You transcend five senses and five elements of your limited awareness. It transformed into consciousness. You can achieve finest mental health by yogic breathing, silence awareness and chanting of mantras. Shodhan kriya is the Vedic tradition of India, and is relevant in modern life too to get you relief from anxiety, fear and tense.

Shodhan kriya is helpful to you in three ways

Mental benefits

More and more people are turning to traditional shodhan kriya for its tremendous mental benefits. This is traditional yogic kriya with elements of yogic breathing, meditation and mantra chanting. These are the mental benefits of shodhan kriya.

Increase your focus

When all the accumulated garbage removes from the brain, it becomes easier to focus mind. All your attention goes to a single focal point. It improves your focus & concentration when there remains no strain or tension in the mind. You feel calm and composed at the end of kriya. Meditation starts when focus and concentration culminates.

Creativeness & awareness

When you remain creativity, you become asset to the society & your family. Your awareness level cleanses to the superior level of divinity. Fresh ideas & innovative concepts enhance your creativity and you taste the success in your chosen field. You never feel rejected and dejected owing to the stereotype thinking.

Better decision power

Making right decision at the right time is the secret of any success. Shodhan kriya enhances your decision capability to differentiate between right and wrong, justice & injustice. Consequently, your mental clarity refines and you never remain in a dilemma. You becomes in better position to take decision in crucial circumstances too.

Will power

It is the trait of strong man. Faith develops into hope, hope develops into determination and finally determination develops into will power by unbroken practice of shodhan kriya. A strong will power and iron determination changes the course of your life. You become the architect of your own destiny by sailing in life-turning boat.

Detoxification of mind

Mind remains occupied all the time. Even in sleep, mind works although other physical activity rests. The yogic kriya filters your mind by eliminating all negativity, horrible past memories and recurring flashback of failure moments. You feel relax and balance at mental level. It makes you feel better and happy.

Physical Benefits

Its benefits are manifold apart from mental and spiritual advantage. More and more people are turning to traditional shodhan kriya for its tremendous physical benefits. It balances the daily lifestyle which derails due to physical disorders.

Relief from Stress, anxiety & depression

Shodhan kriya is miraculous action which goes to the root of stress and anxiety and rejuvenates the body and balances it with mental level. The action removes the garbage from your body by instilling positive vibrations. It removes all the factors responsible for depression in your life.

Better immune system

When you harmonize your mind, body and awareness, the immune system improves. Your respiratory and biological system improves by performing shodhan kriya. It enhances your resistance power to fight against foreign invading germs and microorganism which can harm your body and effect your immunity.

Better sleep

Many of you may be deprive of quality sleep. It’s the bane of modern lifestyle where there is no time to pause and take rest. In today’s competitive world, most of the people are suffering from insomnia. Some take the help of sleeping pills before retiring to bed. But when you practice yogic breathing and meditation, it ensures better restful sleep.

Improve lung capacity

The yogic breathing balances the flow of energy from both nostrils and improves intake of oxygen. When you breathe deep well, the supply of oxygen reaches to all parts of body including subtle channels of energy. During exhalation, you expel toxins from your body. As a result, the lung capacity of your respiratory system turns to fine tune.

Removes sluggishness in body

Due to sedentary lifestyle, people remained inactive and avoid any movement. The gentle movement of shodhan kriya opens the blockage in body and makes it more active and energetic to make you feel healthy. You feel the agility of the athletics by practicing this kriya for a couple of weeks.

Spiritual Benefits

Of all the paths of life, the spiritual path leads you to the maximum possibility for attaining peaceful and cheerful life. Shodhan kriya brings remarkable changes in your spiritual life. You get in tune with your own consciousness.

Effortless peaceful life

The outer peace is superficial and temporary. You can indulge in any sense pleasing activity for instant peace and happiness, but it will bring more misery in the end. The inner peace is permanent & curtails your dependency on others.

Spiritual growth

Spirituality has no religion. When you lend a helping hand to others without any reward in return, you excel in spirituality. You connect with others easily. It helps in knowing your root of your identity. It helps in self-development.

High conscious level

When your awareness expands while doing shodhan kriya, your consciousness elevate to higher level. Your intellect sharpens and your perception refines to superior level. You understand the true essence of life.

Connecting with your roots

Your name, status in society, bank balance and family circle is transitory phase of life. It comes and goes. After connecting with your roots, you better coordinate with professional and family life.

Finding new possibilities of life

Life offers enormous opportunities to every human being. The evolution starts when you grab the opportunity in the nick of time. You transcend the boundaries to touch the new horizon of success.

Daily Regimen

Each day will start early in the morning with wake-up call at 5:30. The daily five hour practice is intended to elevate your level of energy and to sharpen your concentration needed for meditation.

  • Wake-up
  • Herbal tea
  • Shodhan kriya
  • Breakfast
  • Theoretical Aspect
  • Shodhan kriya
  • Lunch
  • Rest
  • Shodhan kriya (self-practice)
  • Silence meditation (evening)
  • Questionnaire session

Note: The daily schedule is subject to change. The exact daily schedule will be handed to you on the first day of your arrival.

Student Requirements

The Spirit Yoga Foundation has set standard rules & regulations to maintain decorum and dignity which all students are expected to follow strictly.

These requirements are as follows:

Program Requirements

  • Mental & physical fitness is mandatory for all students
  • Basic knowledge of English is desirable
  • Drugs/alcohols/cigarettes are prohibited
  • Regular attendance is enviable
  • Wear yoga dress in all yoga classes

Study Requirements

  • Strictly follow the designed syllabus
  • Follow the scheduled time
  • Must stay in center during course
  • Maintain a distance from teachers
  • Each students must have his/her own health insurance
  • Outing is not allowed during duration of the course
  • Contact manager if any query or demand


  • Only vegetarian food
  • No demand of extra food

Program Fee

  • 600 $ USD (triple sharing room)
  • 800 $ USD (Twin sharing)
  • 1000 $ USD (single)

Payment plan 1

Course feesUS$
  • Food, lodging & yoga learning
  • Spacious room with AC facility
  • Two yoga dresses, yoga mat, neti-lota & beads
  • RO potable water & free Wi-Fi zone
  • SYF certificate
  • Pick & drop facility from airport
  • Special guest lecture
  • Basketball, badminton & cricket
  • Swimming in natural pool in stream
  • Meditation on beach of Ganga
  • Natural trek & birds watching

Payment plan 1

Course fees1200US$
  • Luxurious rooms with panoramic view
  • Perfect silence with privacy
  • Food, lodging & Kundalini yoga teaching
  • Pick & drop facility from airport
  • Three yoga dresses, yoga mat & beads
  • Day first & weekly medical & pulse check-up
  • Weekly ayurvedic massage
  • A kundalini yoga certificate by SYF
  • Outing for knowing local culture & tradition
  • Recreational activities for rejuvenation of mind & body


Dr Vineet Dhyani


I learned and practiced the yogic kriya for one week in a yoga center nestled between two mountains. It activated my inner conscience, and I felt like entering into different dimension of conscience where peace and happiness exist together in abundance. This kriya was prized possession of ancient yogis of Himalayas which remained in oblivion for many centuries. Shodhan kriya makes the Spirit Yoga Foundation, a unique yoga school of its own.

Dr Shaureen

Nainital, India

I used to wonder how a yogi can live in complete seclusion. By experiencing something mystical while doing shodhan kriya, I got a slight glimpse of yogic life. He dwells in new dimension, which you call spiritual. There is no need of outer gizmos to occupy mind and entertain your senses. I am grateful to yoga guru heading the SYF which is carrying the spiritual heritage of India to next generation for the welfare of world community.

Anil Kumar


“Shodhan kriya” offer an array of swift & relaxed breathing. I balanced my mind and body by controlling incoming and outgoing breath. Practicing yogic breathing in oxygenated environment activates all channels of energy. The location of SYF center at the heart of bountiful nature lands me to a different world. Initially, I was unable to sit for long period of time. By the grace of guru, I conquered my limitations and fear in mind. From the last one and half years, I am practicing shodhan kriya at my home. It sharpens my inner conscience.


Sodhan kriya is yogic meditation technique to relax your stressful mind by soothing your tired muscles & body. The stress may be due to tensed family life, hectic office atmosphere, broken relationship or recurring failures in life. It refines and balances your mental, physical & psychological level.

Kriya yoga works on internal yogic action which stirs the kundalini for spiritual benefits. But sodhan kriya purify your physical, mental & psychological imbalances by refining or churning of inner conscience. It infuses new spirit and vitality in you.

Physical benefits

  • Removes tiredness and sluggishness
  • Beneficial to breath-related disease
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Enhance the brightness in your face
  • Improves your immune system

Mental Benefits

  • Removes the negativity from mind
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Reduce the mental stress
  • Improve your intelligence level
  • Improve your brain capacity

Spiritual Benefits

  • Purify your conscience
  • Balance your spiritual aura
  • Make aware of yourself & surroundings
  • Strengthen bond of joy & bliss
  • Improve your meditation power

  • The yogic breathing process brings the improvisation in lung capacity and opens the block nasal passage. Your breathing process becomes smooth and effortless. It minimizes your snoring problem. If you practice yogic breathing for 30 minutes to 45 minutes in morning hours, your snoring problem can be solved permanently.

Yes, you can practice anywhere—-in your home, in office or in park. It is a complete yogic breathing. You can sit in any asana, chair or in any comfortable position with straight back and neck. You can follow the steps of sodhan kriya. The duration of practice is 30 to 45 minutes. Take light diet.

You can learn by joining both courses of sodhan kriya by enrolling the course. The 10 days basic and advance course of sodhan kriya is best way to learn. The age limit is 10 to 60 year old. You should visit with commitment and devotion to guru for better results. By doing both the courses, you can go for self-practice.

Life is stressful at corporate office. Sodhan kriya in short period of time (3-5 days) with breathing & meditation removes the physical, mental & psychological disorders. It removes the entire burden from your mind in a relaxed way and instills confidence to start work with rejuvenated mind & body.

We need your time, devotion & commitment to the guru. The age limit is 10 to 60 years. If you don’t have any past experience of yoga, still you can practice sodhan kriya. You should have sound health at the time of joining.