Positive is creation, negative is destruction. Creation is always followed by destruction. Positive thought doesn’t mean totally absence of negative thoughts. But it’s the overpowering of positivity over negativity.

What is positive thinking? What are good thoughts? How can I control my thoughts? How to remain positive all the time?  Meditation is usual way to change the flow of thoughts. It channelizes your continuous stream of thoughts in positive direction. You need to focus your mind to generate positive thoughts, while negative thoughts come with ease.

You can watch mad race in every place? People are running either here and there? You also join the bandwagon in hope of getting something? You don’t get time for self-exploration. You meet and chat with strange people bathed in negativity. Soon, you get exhausted and filled with negative vibrations. Negative thoughts are more powerful than positive ones.

Don’t wait for divine-send opportunity that will change your destiny. Meditation has great power to recharge positive cells in the faulty subtle circuit of your nerve cell. Angel and devil both exists in your inner existence. When you surrender your will to the Almighty, then everything happens for the best. You will go on positive thinking whatever the situations are.

What is Positive Thought?

A magnet has both positive and negative poles. It can’t exist solely on positive pole. Similarly, positive and negative thoughts make your whole personality. Positive is creation, negative is destruction. Creation is always followed by destruction. Positive thought doesn’t mean totally absence of negative thoughts. But it’s the overpowering of positivity over negativity.

If you exist, your mind executes thoughts. Thoughts crop up and fade away in thousands in a day. Some are positive negative and remaining are negative. If you are virtuous by heart, you will invite more positive thoughts. A ray of hope always guides you when you find yourselves standing at the adverse situations. Positive thoughts flourish in hopeful environments.

The technique of meditation advocates on intense concentration on single thought by culling all thoughts. It’s the best way to control your negative thoughts. Silence meditation is refining of thoughts by settling down all the dirt in the lake of mind. It’s the state of transcending the mind, body and senses to seek the ultimate bliss and happiness.

  • Mind generates vibrations of well-being
  • Inflate of spirituality in inner space
  • Selective thoughts of purity
  • Positive transformation of mind
  • Senses comes under your control

How Thoughts Change through Meditation

Meditation is an attempt to purify your thoughts. If you meditate with commitment and honesty on regular basis, you remain careful of your thoughts. It checks evil thoughts whenever it appears on the surface of minds. You avoid negative thinking of hatred, anger and jealousy.  Your wants and desires reduce as you progress towards advance meditation.

Thoughts are countless as stars in sky. It directly affects your emotional quotient and mental peace. You don’t need to suppress negative thoughts, but to deal it intelligently. Simple meditation induces emotional balance, physical balance and mental balance. You learn to balance between positive thinking and negative thinking.

Negative thinking is destructive which brings misery in your life. Positive thinking is sign of awakened spirit. Kundalini yoga stirs the sleeping serpent power which devours all the negative waves roaming in inner space. You start keeping your mind in a healthy environment. You start feeling positive transformation in your life.

  • Develop alertness to all thoughts of mind
  • Do all actions with awareness
  • Entertain one thought at a time
  • Cultivate positive aura around you
  • Start living in the present moment

Positive Thinking is the overpowering of positivity over negativity

Power of Positive Thinking

If you are hopeful, you carry positive vibrations with you wherever you go. You easily catch the attention of others easily. This is the reason why kings and monarchs take the advice of sages during critical times. This is the law of positive thinking.  Positive frame of mind recharges and purifies your thoughts. It makes you the center of attraction in any public place.

Thought can make or mar your life. A single positive thought can change the course of your life. One positive thought transferred Prince Siddhartha into enlightened Buddha. Newton’s thought over falling apple discovered the gravitational force of earth.  You have to catch and preserve golden thought that originate in every human mind. You have to take action.

Positivity attracts positive thoughts. You discard negative thoughts whenever it starts taking shape in the mind. Mind entertains either positive thought or negative thought at a time. Both can’t exist together. However, mind has the habit of switching to one thought

Law of Thinking

Thought has tremendous power to change your destiny. What you think with intense vibrations, definitely you can achieve what you long for. Countless thoughts appear and disappear in mind. If you catch golden thought originating from your mind and implement it, you will observe big positive transformation in your life.

Thoughts carry tremendous power. It gives birth to dream, and compels you to chase the dream. Unfulfilled dream leaves subtle impression in your subconscious mind. It decides your pattern of thinking and dreaming. If your divine thoughts are intense, you become highly spiritual. An unseen aura surrounds your gross body and enhances your saintly look.

A positive thought conserve the energy. There is no halt or stopover, and you move constantly. Through intense penance and persistence, even slow tortoise can beat the fast hare. Negative thoughts deplete your energy level and make you sick. Positive thought has wonderful healing power. It acts as catalyst in recovering from illness. You can bring peace and solace to others.

  • Thoughts can make you happy or unhappy
  • It can conserve or deplete your energy level
  • Healing process improve by positive thoughts
  • Positive thoughts are contagious
  • Negative thoughts make you gloomy

How to Become Optimistic

Meditation helps in developing focus and concentration of mind. It makes you emotionally, mentally and psychologically strong. When there remain no doubts and fears in mind, you become optimistic. Yoga and silence meditation sustain positive outlook in your personality.

Cultivate positive vibrations: Join the company of friends who are filled with joy, hope and empathy. Avoid persons who are pessimistic and always try to find fault in others. It depends upon you how you see the half filled glass of water.

Joint exercise: Be regular in the practice of asanas practice. Does some joint exercise whenever get time? You will not feel pain, strain and jerk in any part of body during whole day while sitting in your workplace. If your job involves sitting in front of computer screen, practice some mild stretching for better movement of limbs and neck.

Do pranayama: Take deep and slow breath when you take break or go outside the office. Fill your lungs with maximum supply of oxygen. Hold internally for few seconds and then release toxins including carbon-dioxide. This is the easiest way to conserve vital energy.  Walk for few minutes to let the blood flow properly in the whole body.

Do simple meditation:  It’s the brain which exhausted after few hours of mental work. But the mind never feels tired. Meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and evening to rejuvenating mind, body and awareness. It recharges your body better than nap during day time.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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