Most of the obstacles are self-imaginary. Know the obstacles which obstruct your inner journey. A best sailor is one who sails his boat safely even in sea storm.

As you close your eyes and sit for meditation, some negativity from subconscious mind start emerging on the mental surface in the form of fear and phobia. It creates obstacles to the path of meditation. The cause of these may be mental, physical or emotional imbalances. The obstacle to meditation varies from person to person. One can be mentally strong, but emotionally weak. Or, other can be emotionally strong, but physically weak.

You may possess healthy body, but not in habit of long sitting as needed in meditation. Majority of negative stuff is the creation of our imagination. When your body, mind and emotions are conditions to meditation, the cloud of negativity dispel from the mental surface. When you attain meditation, you become the epicenter of celestial peace and joy.

Common Obstacles to Meditation

Unstable body

The lethargy and sedentary lifestyle carry a un-stability in body. It retards your attention and concentration level. If there is any disease, discomfort or complication in any part of the body, you wouldn’t be able to sit for long time. The delicate body is also creates hindrance to the practice. Similarly, the overweight people will find it difficult to sit with straight back, head and neck in any asana. The practitioner is supposed to sit for an extended period to focus the mind in the preliminary stage.

Lack of stamina

Stamina, stability & flexibility in lower part of body is pre-requisite for long sitting in any comfortable yoga pose. Stiffness in body is common complain of practitioners with fragile body. Some complain of pain in back, neck and thigh muscles as soon as they sit in yoga mat or floor. They lack stamina which is needed sufficiently in their body needed for long sitting. The practitioner’s body starts shaking in just few minutes. Some may feel headache or vibrations in some parts of the body, while sitting for meditation.

Improper diet

The practitioner’s diet plays an important role in meditation practice. If your diet is irregular, improper and unhygienic, it will always create hurdle in your inward journey. It will spoil your digestion and makes you unfit physically. Some overload their stomach before any yoga or meditation session. While others skip breakfast or dinner just to remain slim and trim. Yogic diet should be healthy, easily digestible and nutritious. Pure and hygienic meal is recommended for the practitioners of meditation.

Lack of confidence

Some practitioner has doubt, complex, phobia and fear which mar their confidence level. It happens to most for beginners who start the practice in enthusiasm but leave in the half-way. Self-confidence is pre-requisite for spiritual science of meditation. Have faith in you and be committed to the daily schedule. But if you lack confidence, it is stumbling block to meditation. Understand your hidden potential and bring it to the surface.

Wrong sitting posture & improper breathing impedes meditation

Lack of commitment

You need strong will-power, dedication and perseverance to experience meditation. Regularity and commitment always yield results. Some starts meditation in excitement, but when they don’t get desired result; they stop the practice after a while. They want result instantly and immediately. Yoga & Meditation course wants patience and perseverance from sincere and devoted practitioner. It needs regularity, punctuality and commitment from the practitioner. Practice at the same time and same place is must to experience meditation.

Improper techniques

The conditioning of mind and body to a certain balance and frequency is needed for meditation. The preparation and conditioning prepare your mind, body and awareness in-tune with meditation techniques. One can’t reach final in sports, without qualifying quarter-final and semi-final matches. So, never try to jump into meditation directly. For yoga beginners, the need of spiritual teacher or guru is necessity to impart the basic techniques of meditation is right sequence for surfing in inner world.

Absence of rhythmic breathing

Breath is life, and life is breath. A participant in meditation retreat must need to control the flow of breath from both nostrils to instill balance breathing. If your breathing is uncontrolled and unbalanced, it will create hurdle. In nature, abdominal breathing is most natural during childhood. But you forget right breathing. Yogic breathing is surest way to reach higher stage of yoga. For balanced breathing, inhale & exhale in equal proportion. It helps to control the mind and induces serenity in mental zone.

Anxiety & depression

These are signs of conflicting thoughts in mind. In today’s competitive world, the uncertainty of future instills anxiety and depression. It affects us at mental, emotional and psychological level. It squeezes content, happiness and excitement from your life. In meditation, complete relaxation of mind and body is must. As soon as you sit in meditation, there should be no conflicting thoughts in your mind. And, it is possible only when you control the anxiety and depression by yogic breathing and living yogic lifestyle.

Mental distraction

When distraction overpowers you, mind takes the back seat. But controlling of mind is the biggest problem. Mind is in old habit of going outwards. It makes you addict in the pleasure of watching fast-changing world. It endorses day-dreaming and making castles in the air. You start living in imaginative world of your own. You become slave to your mind. That’s why all the senses are disconnected to control the distraction of mind Control of mind is essential for focus, attention, concentration and meditation.

Religious fanatic

Meditation is not a religion or belongs to any culture or tradition. The art of expressing your devotion to a deity involve focus and concentration of mind. These are opening doors to reach meditation. It is a pure way of living for mental, physical and spiritual well-being. It is way to connect with your consciousness through yogic pose, yogic breathing and meditation. But some people have myth and misconception that it is a mysterious and peculiar religious path to reach heaven. Some religious fanatic is follower of peculiar guru or deity and avoids meditation and yoga.

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