The technique to meditation is not meditation in itself. Meditation starts from self-awareness. It is self-exploratory. When self-awareness goes deeper and deeper, it emerges as fine consciousness.

What is awareness? Is it mental awareness? Or, one may call it body awareness? Or, it involves the combination of both—mental & physical awareness?  Is it dreaming with open eyes? Or, is it hallucination with wakeful mind? Or, it is breaking the virginity of the mind? The word is same, but assumes different meaning when perceive from different viewpoint.

Self-awareness is the boarding of self-journey. Inner attention starts with self-awareness practice. The conscience start soaking up in outer plane of meditation. It is the state of mindfulness. Where the awareness ends, the consciousness begins. A wakeful yoga practitioner of meditation constantly checks the thought waves arising in his/her mind.

In terms of spiritual science, awareness is outgoing. But it becomes ingoing, when it involve “self.” In meditation, body awareness is your instinct to visualize the different parts of the body with closed eyes. The better you visualize, the deeper will be your self-awareness. In meditation, visualization starts from outward, and then it goes inward.

What is Self-awareness?

The border line between awareness and consciousness is self-awareness. When awareness expands, you reach to the door of self-awareness. It is wakefulness towards body, senses, mind, ego & intelligence. You know your mechanism of body, ability of mind, and mind-body combination. Self-awareness is the inclusion of awareness, and both exist in same dimension.

Self-awareness is higher stage, a ladder higher than simple awareness. Awareness can be lower or higher. But the stage of self-awareness is static. It is more refine stage of inner self. When you cross the body, mind, ego, awareness, self-awareness, you reach to first stage of conscience. There is thin line between awareness and self-awareness.

Awareness is your focus on the alertness of five senses. It always goes outwards. In self-awareness, the same focus goes inward. It is the state of mindfulness. While moving in a road, you can be aware of sound, sight and smell that envelop the surroundings. If you are not aware, you can’t be self-aware, then, what to speak of conscience, which is higher stage.

How to be Aware?

Withdraw your mind from past memory lane. Don’t plan anything for the future. It makes a barrier to observe things in and around your surroundings. When your mind and senses don’t coordinate, awareness is not possible. When you engage your mind in your favorite activity, awareness automatically develops. Pay attention to yoga & meditation course in Rishikesh.

Experience the peace and freedom in your pranayama techniques.  Cultivate unconditional awareness. It should be effortless, without any modification. When you walk, be attentive to the path taken. Be aware of your tune and carefully choose the words, whenever you communicate. If you remain watchful to your words & deeds, you will develop your awareness.

  • Observe your surrounding silently
  • Eliminate past & future from mind
  • Involve yourself with active senses
  • Reinstate peace & harmony with yourself
  • Know your strength & weakness

 How to be more Self-aware?

Self-aware is feasible only when you have perfect control over the five senses. You are aware, if you use your senses wisely. But the emotions and mind is beyond the reach of senses. It needs the insight of self-awareness. A sailor stuck in storming sea can sail his boat safely only if he knows how to survive in between lethal sharks and high-rising waves ready to crush him.

Watch your emotions and thoughts whenever you are comfortable and in stable mental state. Constantly analyzing your thoughts will develop self-awareness. Self-awareness is the sign of progressing towards spiritual path. Mould your mental state in tune with inner purification will alter your emotions & enhance your emotional intelligence.

  • Go beyond the animal instinct of awareness
  • Transcendence objective of awareness
  • Be aware to your yogic breath
  • Realize the core value of your personality
  • Bring decency in your thoughts & emotions

Knowing Yourself

The journey of yoga is intended to know who you are. It helps you to know your self-worth. Your true identity is not your name, status, achievement and family lineage. This is your physical identity. The identity of tree is hidden in its roots. Similarly, the roots of your identity are hidden in the interior of interiors. The techniques of meditation open all the conceal layers.

Desires, attachment, family bond are barriers which prevents you from knowing yourself. If you can’t love thyself, then you can’t love others. To know the super consciousness, you have to know yourself.  Meditation is a mirror where you can see your eternal appearance. Discipline of senses, mind and body are tools of meditation to enter spiritual domain of your identity.

  • Awaken your awareness & consciences
  • Be yourself in all situations to know thyself
  • Purify yourself first to know your identity
  • Observe where mind moves in silence meditation
  • Silence the mind as you go deeper & deeper

Self-awareness & Meditation

Like meditation, self-awareness is silent & inward. When the outer awareness becomes deeper and intensified, it turns to self-awareness. It is the yogic process of going within and connecting with the surface of meditation. It bridges all gaps in connecting you with your consciousness. The voyage to meditation starts from self-awareness.

Meditation is self-exploratory. The technique to meditation is not meditation in itself. It only guide and directs you to experience something mystical beyond the sensory world. The conscience is beyond the realm of mind, body & senses. When self-awareness goes deeper and deeper, it emerges as fine consciousness. Both ease the inner journey for self-observation.

  • Outer experience is not involved
  • Inner observation of subtle changes
  • A process start of knowing yourself
  • Inner attention is self awareness
  • Effortless concentration is meditation
Written by : Yogi Simant

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