To tame the mind, you need perfect control over your body and breath. Meditation balances different states of mind. Mind is the barrier between awareness and consciousness

The people often ask the questions, “What is the nature of mind?” You can compare the mind with monkey. Monkey never stay at rest, and loves to jump from one branch to another. Thoughts are branches and mind is monkey. Dozens of thoughts arises and disappear in an hour. Attention & focus remain a far away dream. Mind is greatest obstacle to meditation.

Some students curiously ask me, “How to control the mind?” I reply, “Mind is very fast, faster than light and sound. To tame the mind, you need perfect control over your body and breath. First, learn the right techniques of comfortable sitting and balanced yogic breath.” Be a master of your mind and use it wisely for concentration and meditation.

Nobody can teach you meditation, that’s true.  “How can we experience meditation?” I personally believe that we can only teach you the techniques to meditation. It is self-inner journey where driver & passenger are the same. Mind can accelerate or retard your journey. The road can be smooth or bumpy; it depends upon how you embark your voyage.

Mind & Meditation

Delusion of life is the creation of mind. Mind separates you from inner consciousness, and when you cross all the obstacles of mind, the experience of meditation starts. Awareness is the key to consciousness. If you are aware, it means you are alert to the present situation. The meditative mind neither dwells in past memory nor plans anything for the future. When your mind becomes calm and still with no conflicting thoughts, your senses create no problem to you. It is an indication that you are standing at the periphery of meditation.

Like mind, meditation is invisible and beyond the realm of physical dimension of existence. Brain and intellect are sub-units of mind and can be comprehend by medical science. Meditation is purely spiritual and is an integral part of yogi’s life. His pattern of sleep for resting the mind is meditation. He knows that mind is one of the eightfold division of nature. Scientists and artists create wonderful creations when divine cells start oscillating in brain cells.

  • Brain is finite, mind is infinite
  • Mind is beyond the realm of body
  • Meditation balances different states of mind
  • Meditation hones the intellect skill
  • One-pointed concentration is meditation

Mind & Consciousness

Mind is the barrier between awareness and consciousness. You are aware of the outer surroundings owing to five senses which are attached to mind. The senses make the mind susceptible to outer surroundings. The purpose of meditation is to connect your consciousness with cosmic consciousness by culling outer awareness. By uniting your mind and body for expansion of consciousness you prepare yourself for the blissful experience of meditation.

Controlling of mind is removing major obstacle to meditation


Mind is more vast & deep than brain. Similarly, consciousness is deeper than physical awareness. Purification of mind leads you to the door of inner consciousness. There remain no worries, anxiety and fear in the subconscious and conscious mind. You forget the mind and body when consciousness reaches to higher level. When spiritual consciousness goes to deeper layers of mind, you can have some experiences of meditation.

  • All layers of mind are reachable
  • Mind & body are interlinked
  • Coordinate the functions of mind
  • Unite mind-body for superior consciousness
  • Plunge deeper level of consciousness

Balancing of Mind

The complexities of mind make you stubborn at one instance, and flexible in other. Devil and angel exists in your split personality. When “sattva” is active, you become angel, and when “tamsik” overpowers the mind, you become devil. Your whole personality switches between good and bad. You possess both the soft and tough traits of human being. Meditation eliminates the complexity and duality of human nature.

Regular meditation brings transformation in your life. There remains no fluctuation in mind. You become the epitome of infinite pain. You never lose your balance of mind in tough situations. Whether you receive bricks or bunch of flowers, you remain cheerful and calm. Child-like simplicity becomes your trademark personality. Focus and concentration comes effortlessly to a yoga practitioner with a balanced state of mind.

  • Take good decisions in tough situations
  • Perceive whole humans as equal
  • Clear perception of world
  • Remain calm in all situations
  • Bear the criticism without any strain

Classification of Mind

Like the space, mind is infinite. When you focus the mind for completing a particular task, the results are always amazing. Scientists discovered many new things to contribute to the scientific knowledge of the world. The idea of meditation is to explore the various depth level of mind. In the wisdom of spiritual science, mind can be categorized as—animal mind, creative mind, spiritual mind and super-conscious mind.

Animal mind: The feelings of thirst, hunger and love-making can be seen in animals too, so we call it “animal mind”. Generally, we use this limited mind for coordinating various physical activities like respiration, excretion etc. All the five senses influence the animal mind for physical action. You remain the slave of your senses, when the animal mind is active.

Creative mind: It is the most fertile part of brain. All the genius of world’s best use the     imagination and turn their dreams into reality. Mind is productive only when it works without any fear or doubt. Writers, poets, singers, musicians, actors, orators, scientists and doctors use the creative faculty of mind. Fresh and innovative ideas are the fruits of creative mind.

Spiritual mind: The feelings of compassion, love and caring for others are the traits of spiritual mind. When your mind dwells in “satva” state, the spiritual mind overpowers the animal mind. People who seriously practice “bhakti” yoga (devotional yoga) possess the spiritual mind. It is the purest state of mind where you become the master of five senses.

Super-conscious mind: All the knowledge that your mind accumulates either by reading, sharing of information or hearing is dependent on outer source. How a yogi living in absolute isolation and doing meditation can understand all languages of the world. You are all connected to the same super consciousness.  The super-conscious mind is independent of any outer source for gaining any knowledge.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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