Daily meditation brings remarkable changes in mind.It activates lethargic neurons and also activates alpha, beta & gamma neurons and refines your logical & reasoning power

Meditation is ease approach to change the life. Challenges are innumerable in student’s life and meditation is solution which gives you focus, concentration, awareness in single stroke. It eases your examination pressure. It modifies your decision-making capability and also sharpens your memory. The simple meditation techniques activate your neurons and removes phobia, fear and stress from mind. It gives you mental, physical and psychological changes to your life.

Meditation is easy for every student as it is integral part of human life. By devoting 20-30 minutes practice of meditation, you can change your life towards positive dimension. There are many techniques of meditation viz. silence meditation, breath meditation, tratak meditation, flowing meditation etc. All these can be practiced anywhere as per your time availability. Commitment, devotion & dedication are pre-requisite for learning meditation course.

Meditation: Control your Mind

It costs nothing, and can be practiced by students in early morning hours. If you burn the mid-night oil, then you can practice meditation in the evening time. But time and place should be fixed. Meditation directly affects your mind. It refines your intellect and better your grasping power. The understanding power and retaining power of mind goes to superior level.

Meditation is the need of the hour in the modern context. It is easy to practice once you learned the science and art of yoga from accomplished guru. One can practice at any time and at any place. Unlike gym and health studio, there is no need to go outside and wait for your turn. You neither need to drink any memory drink or swallow pills to enhance your memory.

The purpose of undergoing yoga & meditation retreat is to reap maximum benefit in less time. You learn to remain calm in all conditions. It helps in improving your attention, focus and concentration for better understanding. It also tunes your body for effortless sitting for longer duration of time. Half an hour meditation will mold you in sharp mind & superior IQ level.

  • Better understanding of complicated & boring subject
  • Steadily improves academic performance
  • Longer sitting for study without any hassle
  • IQ reaches to mastermind level
  • Reduce exam’s related stress & anxiety

Meditation Benefits for Students

Meditation is beneficial to students in many levels. It enhances your attention, focus and concentration which help to release pressure and corrects your physical, mental & psychological imbalances. These are meditation benefits:

Attention of Mind

It brings attention to even fickle-mind and thereby helps in culling train of thoughts. As soon as you sit, the mind automatically become aware of the goal and never go astray. It helps students better grasping of the subject and longer retention of the accumulated information. Every second of your study hour is utilized in best possible way.

Focus on Energy

Meditation techniques help in channelizing your energy. You consume energy in study just like you require it for any physical activity like sports. When you give 100 percent, the results are always amazing. Energy stored by meditation helps in maximum utilization of your capability. Those students who regularly study with focus always come with high flying colors.

One-pointed Concentration

Focused concentration is imperative to all students serious for career-building. It also helps you to reach to the deeper layers of mind. The combined exercise gives permanent impression in your mind whatever you read or grasp. It prepares your mind to reach the basic level of meditation.  Your memory and intelligence sharpens with more and more practice.

Sitting power

Meditation improves your sitting session without a break. Meditative asanas teaches you to sit straight with straight back, neck and head. Even a diligent can flourish into intelligent if he/she masters the art of long-sitting capability. It is first element needed to come out with flying colors—be it school/university exams or competitive exams.

Balance your thoughts

Hundreds of thoughts come to mind in a day. Most of them are worthless. Pranayama & meditation brings coordination in breath and mind, and filter all your thoughts. It helps in the removal of all rubbish thoughts, and retains only the golden thoughts. It plays a remarkable role in changing your life, perception and attitude.

Refine intellect

Meditation removes all negative layers of mind which obstruct your growth. Filtering thoughts infuses intelligent outlook. Intellect relies on intelligence quotient, decision-making and problem-solving faculty of mind. Regular practice of meditation cultivates your mind capability to develop scientific temper and also hone your reasoning and logic sense of mind.

Strong will power

Long meditative asanas helps in developing strong will power, iron determination and tenacity to taste the elixir of success, whatever are the circumstances. You fall down several times, but soon resume your journey and head towards your goal. You continue your journey whether path is smooth or bumpy, whether people praise you or criticize you

Less academic stress

Meditation is master key to all your mental lock. It turns your stress into enjoyment. Most of the negativity is self-created, and figment of weak rigid mind. You get all the answers of your problem by self-meditation. Your intellectual and maturity level improves, and academic stress start seems to be simple task to handle. Knowledge will also improve.

Remove laziness

The upright sitting in meditative asana gives strength & stability to body. The balanced breathing & meditation reduce mental sluggishness. Half an hour practice of yoga and meditation improve your mental and physical alertness. It improves your blood circulation and thereby also improves immunity. It gives vigor and vitality to mind & body.

Balance your psychology

Most of your fears are figment of your own faulty psychology. All fear, phobias and negativity are your worst enemy which halts your learning period and put a big question mark in your career. Silence meditation peels-off many layer of mind and eliminates negativity which hampers your progress. You realize your potential when psychology develop with meditation.

Optimistic attitude

Meditation makes you an optimistic of par excellence. You never lose hopes even when whole world stand against you. You become the harbinger of hope who believes in silver lining during darkest hour of clouds. An optimistic sees an opportunity even in storm, dark night and repeated failures. A practitioner of meditation becomes winner sooner or later.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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