Stress has deeper roots in your sub-consciousness mind.There is no rest for panic-stricken mind. Meditation still all layers of mind to distress you from all burdens of life

Everything looks fine on earth as long as there is no shaking or trembling. People looks cool and satiated where rising sun brings new hope every-day. But a few seconds confrontation among tectonic plates inside the earth’s crust causes panic, fear & stress on surface too. The panic-stricken people start searching for safe place to hide. A small tremor inside earth invites topsy-turvy events on surface. The same smooth life turns to be stressful and burden.

Stress is not a disease in medical science. It is sign of deep-rooted emotional & mental complex. These are stumbling-blocks to your peace and happiness. No doubt, life is uncertain and unpredicted, but meditation removes the root cause of all mental conflicts. Meditation is fundamental part of yoga & meditation retreat in Rishikesh where seekers all over the world visit here. The simple way is to remain alert, and never allow stress to overpower you.

How stress originate?

The inner world is a vast sea of emotions, thoughts and feelings. These get polluted when you continuously live in negative environment. The roots of all stress in life lie in your deep unconscious mind. It may be in the form of fear, phobia and worry which appear on the surface layer of mind, whenever gets a chance to strike. Your awareness remains directed in negative cloud of inner space. In worst case, it can make you lunatic without any reason.

The fixed and stereotyped thought patterns revolving on all sorts of stress make your life burdensome & irksome. Whenever you get caught in the web of tight situations, the mind starts entertaining stressful thoughts. Fear and depression become inseparable part of your life. It makes you exhaust mentally, physically and psychologically. In the long-run, stress appears in form of wrinkles and dark circles on your face. It develops escapist tendencies.

  • Stress exist in deeper layers of subconscious mind
  • It eliminates joy & happiness of life
  • Thoughts of rejection/failure bring depression
  • You fall prey in your own created web
  • Your mind becomes your worst enemy

How to Control Stress by Meditation?

There is no problem without a solution. Retreat in mountain, reading, outdoor sport or spending weekend with friends may lessen your stress, but its impact is ephemeral. As soon as you resume your daily schedule life, the same stress start following you like a shadow-image. It makes you insensitive and aggressive at the drop of a hat. You consistently change your jobs & friends, but to no avail. For others, you become living example of hopeless wanderer.

Meditation is surest bait to manage stress and worry that you come across in your daily life. It removes all the complexities of life and prepares you to respond intelligently to a challenging situation. Whether it’s chaos at the crossroad, or you lose something precious in the market melee, you remain calm and composed. Meditation techniques generate new hope in life by emptying your mind and culling all negative thoughts & past bad experiences.

  • Meditation is powerful stress-relief technique
  • Removes all causes of stress from its roots
  • Develop ability to manage inner conflict
  • You learn enjoying every moment of life
  • It costs nothing & give better results

Meditation Benefits for Stress

Regular meditation elevates your level of awareness to create relaxed and receptive inner state. The modern stress is psychological in nature, and far from real troubles of life. Yoga & meditation eliminates all toxins from the body caused by suppressed emotions and unexpressed feelings. It recharge your weak nerve cells and more receptive to brain signals.

De-stress your mind

Recurring stress can give birth to physical & mental diseases. Meditation is natural healer to calm your tensed nerves. The daily practice of meditation ensures happy and contended life irrespective of your existing status and prestige in society. Your dependency on external factors to instill happiness lessens as you vigorously practice yoga & meditation.

Activate dopamine level

Dynamic meditation enhances dopamine level in your body which gives you feel-good factor. It is contemporary way of preparing mind for meditation by attaining thoughtless state. When you cultivate the habit of remaining cheerful in all situations, it reduces psycho-therapy consultancy to come out from stress syndrome. It gives you sound and restful sleep.

Physical balance

Physical blockage in any part of body creates stress, and need to overcome to experience blissful state of mind. Static meditative asanas are preferred over normal asana to extend your physical endurance without any inconvenience while sitting for unflinching meditation. It removes stiffness and rigidity from body, and prepares you for higher yoga.

Mental balance

“Dhyana”, the higher organ of meditation course gives you mental clarity, and also broaden your decision-making ability. The ability to differentiate between good and bad indicates mental balance.  Attention, focus and single-pointed concentration flourish into meditative state of mind, where there remains no space for stress and anxiety.

Psychological balance

Tempted feelings make you weak at your knee, and taint your psychological make-up. Regular practice of meditation induces emotional stability by detoxifying emotional debris. It brings mind-body coordination by focusing on breath & mind. Traditional yoga schools in India impart training from beginner to advance level of meditation.        

Awareness level

Meditation starts from expansion of yogic awareness or agility. The alertness of mind never allows your awareness to go ashtray or turn towards snoozing mode. Whenever stress strike to take its ugly form, you finish it before it germinate in mind. Constant practice of meditation refines your awareness to yogic level of purification.

Energy level

Negativity eats up your energy and makes you physically & mentally lethargic. As you focus your mind for an extended period, mind attunes with strong spiritual vibrations of meditation. It helps in the conservation of energy and channelizing it in productive way. Regular practitioner of meditation boosts up their energy level in all situations.           

Refine consciousness in yogic way

Expansion of your awareness paves way to stir your yogic consciousness. You start watching your thoughts, moods and actions all time of the day. It helps in preventing mood swings, which also contribute to tension and anxiety in your life. It elevates your spiritual makeup your mind and help you to grow in personal & professional way.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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