The object of love can be your mother, spouse, pet dog or a tree in your garden. God exists in every form of love. That’s why you feel ecstasy when you fall in love

Sometimes, people ask me, “What is love?” It’s as simple as taking breath. When you mutually understand each other feelings, emotions and desires without uttering a single word, this is love. I often aptly repeat, “Love is beyond the five senses.” You don’t need lips to communicate, ear to hear the voice and eyes to see the face of your beloved. You live and die together for each other. There is no separation, no pain and no complain, when emotions are pure and divine.

In my personal opinion, “Love is not limited to a strong bond between handsome Adam and beautiful Eve. The object of love can be your mother, spouse, pet dog or a motionless tree in your garden.” When the invisible strings of your heart are attached to your dearly loved individual, this is love. The level of your love can be physical, mental or emotional. It can be conditional or unconditional. It can be pure or tainted. It can be divine or material.

God has hidden himself in every form of love. That’s why you feel extreme joy as soon as first ray of love falls on you. An appealing aura appears on your face. Your eyes start sparkling with mystic magnetism. The whole world looks beautiful. You start perceiving shadow image of god when you sit nearer to your beloved. The contaminated mind can never realize this feeling.

Love: Emotion, Imagination & Feeling

Can you recall when you started developing emotional feelings towards someone? Nothing gives you more pleasure than focusing your imagination and feelings towards someone special to your heart. Call it a blessing of nature; the love can be expressed best through feelings. Feelings never fade and wither with time. How the feelings originate is not quite easy to define. In order to have real enjoyment of intense feelings of love, you should have a sensitive heart. It thrives only in a free atmosphere, in a mind of imagination, in a heart of deeper feelings.

“Emotions & imaginations are uncountable waves in the ocean of love”

Feeling is as old as love. Everyone can experience the emotional attachment and devotional feelings towards someone; it doesn’t require any special training. The beauties of pure feelings are unfathomable and unending. It requires a sensitive consciousness and a sense of detachment to enjoy them fully. Love can’t be cast into the mould of a narrow definition. Love has a universal and permanent appeal. It is vast and indefinable. Feelings are the richest legacy of lovers. Imagination gives an additional relish to your pure life of love.

The intense thirst for undivided love turns to God-realization

Love:  Love is Unconditional

When you have powerful feelings of fondness to a chosen deity, it transforms into devotional love or supreme love in common parlance. It drives you to “bhakti yoga” (devotional yoga) which helps you to move on the right track of life. For a devotee, the world remains an illusion and he/she is not fascinated towards worldly pleasures. The devotee is not worried about his looks or kinds of clothes to wear. The outer surroundings can’t contaminate his thoughts, as he is absorbed in his beloved deity. It is primarily a spiritual discipline.

Devotional love is the real one. There is no physical attachment, expectation or dreams in real love. Devotional love is connected with heart chakra (anahata chakra), and it works on the level of one’s body, mind, emotion and energy. This is the purest form of love with no feelings of either attachment or detachment. Purification of heart automatically starts as the devotee rises above the five senses and mind. A deity is object of love and devotee is subject of love in devotional love. No boundary is attached, as it connects individual soul with ultimate soul.

Love is Purity

How purity comes? The answer is simple. By wearing no mask, being sensitive & caring, and remembering important dates related to him/her. The happiness of the individual depends on purity which forms a necessary bond of love and togetherness. Purity is next to godliness. It is a means of keeping your heart open and receptive to the rays of love and hope. God is omnipresent, but still not visible to human eyes. He has hidden himself behind altruistic love. If you love someone selfless, it gives meaning to one’s own life.

When sanctity is attached to love, it becomes divine celebration. It happens not for recreation and leisure, but to bring purity in life. Life always moves in the direction of the best. Pain of separation gives you depth and feeling of enlightenment.  In love, you began to look for whatever makes your adorable cheerful, gives comfort to heart and peace to the mind. Purity is a manifestation of strong love and compassion for people. You concentrate upon those things you love, and you love those things which you concentrate your mind.

Love: Essence of Meditation

Love is “dhyana” (meditation), as it blooms from one-pointed concentration. One who have meditative mind can easily focus on the object of love. Your whole focus, attention and concentration remain passionate towards your beloved. Physical separation may possible, but emotionally and heartedly, the two persons remained attached—this is the power of meditation. Love is not infatuation or crush, but it’s purely selfless love. Like meditation, love has many levels. As you plunge deeper and deeper, you discover many charms of love.

Undiluted love is lovelier than all the romantic tale of Mill & Beans. Life teaches you more than books. A fountain of eternal joy and peace flows right from the inner consciousness and pours into the human heart. The feelings of togetherness never fade, nor is it ever devalued. It removes the pall of negativity and pain and gives you joy and pleasure. It remains the constant source of happiness and pleasure. It makes you love live in most divine way. Its beauty never declines or diminishes. It never passes into hollowness or colorless.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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