Visualize your rising consciousness by channelize your inner energy with united mind, body & prana (subtle energy). The supernatural experiences may vary from practitioner to practitioner, but all are mysterious

The earth has tremendous gravitational power by which it attracts all big or small objects. You can’t perceive this pulling force, but only experience it. Similarly, your body is storehouse of enormous divine energy lying in untapped at the root of spinal cord. The celestial mother sleeps in coiled serpent form. Kundalini is also known by serpent power.

The root of your physical existence is cosmic feminine power, which is all-pervading. It is more subtle than your breath and bigger than thousand stars. You move, talk, think owing to kundalini shakti (power of kundalni). People call it by different names, but she is same. When she unites with her consort at top of the head, you connect with cosmic consciousness.

You may ask the simple question: “why we are totally unaware of inherent serpent power”.   The answer is simple—A mind of mortal dimension can’t perceive the energy or power of divine dimension. She is beyond your senses, mind and intellect. That’s why kundalini yoga course stress on transcending mind and body for self-realization.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

“Kundalini” originate from Sanskrit word “Kunda” which means ring or coil. Nadis and chakras are energy expressway which carry serpent. Nadis are astral tubes connected to seven chakras and carry and control prana (vital energy). Chakras are vortex of dormant energy. The activation and purification of astral tubes helps in the channelizing of energy in all chakras.

In hatha yoga teachers training course, purification of nadis is done by yogic breathing. The classical yoga is basic preparation to kundalini yoga by ascend vital energy from base chakras of lower awareness to top chakra of higher awareness. Yogic gestures in combination with yogic locking stir the sleeping serpent power and assist in the ascending of kundalini.

Kundalini is also known as prana shakti (vital force), where prana is the life force in the body, and shakti is cosmic force pervading in all living and non-living bodies. She is represented as serpent power which is creative in nature. Lord Shiva wears the garland of snakes, and Lord Vishnu also rests on Kali serpent. This serpent power lies unconscious in human-being.

  • Bandhas & mudras stir dormant serpent
  • Awakening through pranayama
  • Sushmana nadi carry kundalini upwards
  • Purity is sure bet for awakening
  • Cross the sense-pleasing lures

Role of Prana Shakti

Nothing happens without reason. It is the cloud which causes the rain. The rotation and revolution of the sun on its axis causes days and years. A creature moves, breathes and sustain life owing to prana shakti. Prana shakti is the lower expression of kundalini shakti. The aim of kundalini yoga is to experience the flow of prana in all subtle parts of divine body.

The nadis are expressway where prana moves uniformly to sustain life in human beings. The yogic breathing or pranayam manipulate and control the flow of prana in interior sheaths of subtle body. It removes the stumbling block to the pranic passage (nadis) to ensure the free flows of divine energy. It is the prana shakti which is the powerhouse in a body.

You have three bodies—gross body, subtle body and causal body. All the creations in this universe are the gross manifestation of prana. The universal energy inserts vigor in all static and dynamic objects. All the movement in nature that your eyes see or perceive is due to this vital force. The stirring of kundalini means uniting with the cosmic prana.

  • Clear the expressway of prana
  • Throw the cloak of “ego”
  • Cultivate positive thoughts
  • Free yourself from all desires

Kundalini yoga unveils the dormant potential of your feminine energy

Seven Chakras in Subtle Body

Chakra is a Sanskrit word used for ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’. These are seven psychic centers in the subtle body which are connected to nadis (psychic channels). There are seven chakras and 72,000 nadis in your astral body. These are wheels of pranic energy which control the circulation of prana in the entire body. Chakras are harbinger of hope for more blessings, which represent the powers of ultimate possibility in life.

These are seven chakras in brief:

Mooladhara Chakra: This is the base chakra where human consciousness begins. It’s a plane above the beast awareness which is limited only with satisfaction of senses. This chakra represents dark red lotus connected with four petals. The seed mantra is Lam. Herein, lies the sleeping kundalini shakti in serpent form.

Svadhishthana Chakra: This is second chakra where human desires are germinate. Ego and jealousy germinate in mind and you remained concerned with your family. This is vermillion in color with six petals. The seed mantra is Vam. Dark side of human like sluggishness, haughtiness & ignorance lie at this chakra.

Manipura Chakra: It is located behind the navel in the spine. It is sparkling yellow in color with ten petals. The seed mantra is Ram. The human traits like strength, power and agility lie at this energy center. If this chakra is activated, you become bold and fearless and ready to face any opponent.

Anahata Chakra: It is located behind the heart in the spine. It is the abode of bhakti yoga. It is blue in color connected with twelve petals. The seed mantra is Yam. It is associated with pure and open heard with clarity in mind. This is also known as heart chakra. Humans’ emotions and feelings emanate from this chakra.

Vishuddhi Chakra: It is located behind the throat pit in the spine. It is violet in color with sixteen petals. The seed mantra is Ham. It is centre of purification and ensures vitality, health and purity. You become world orator and classical writer when this higher chakra is activated by ascending of serpent power.

Ajna Chakra: It is located at the top of the spinal cord and is known as eye of Lord Shiva. This is also known as third eye in western philosophy, the all-seeing eyes. It is silver in color connected with two petals. The seed mantra is Om. It represents the highest of the psychic centers in man. You reach at the door of supreme consciousness, which is self-illuminated and complete in itself.

Sahasrara Chakra: It is also known as crown chakra or thousand-petal chakra. It is the abode of Lord Shiva, the embodiment of supreme consciousness. It is beyond the realm of the mind, body & psyche. When Shakti meets her consort Shiva at top, you feel infinite peace, divine ecstasy & supreme joy.

You realize your potential after transcending the limitations of mind, body and conscience. True power is awakening & observing all. Faith in kundalini awakening makes everything possible, and hope makes everything work. Many have got novel experiences by undergoing kundalini yoga course in Rishikesh.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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