"No one is free from karma including me”, one is free from karma including me”, says Krishna in “Gita”. When you expect no award, benefit or any monetary gain in return, the action becomes karma yoga.

It is happening every second and every moment knowingly or unknowingly of the doer. The planets of our solar system and stars are moving at a fixed path. This rhythm in space is celestial expression of karma yoga. But there is no attachment involved in the bonding of planets and starts. It is owe to gravitational field operating in the space. We are also a part of the same cosmic world.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and month into year in fixed days. Creation & dissolution are attached to all animate and non-animate objects. Life is not possible without karma. To sustain life, all plants, animals and birds struggle in search of food which we call karma (action). If it is happening at lower lives, then, what to speak of human-being. All are engaged in some work or other. When you put your heart and soul into your work, and leave the rest to the will of supreme consciousness, it is karma yoga.

  • Universal action is manifestation in karma yoga
  • Karma affects all dimensions of universe
  • Cosmic awareness is component of karma yoga
  • All life struggle for sustainability through karma
  • It is awareness of the movement of life

Karma yoga is universal in nature

What is Karma Yoga?

“Karma” is a Sanskrit word which means work/action. It can be physical, mental, psychological and emotional. The entire world is stage for various types of karma (action). The hermit meditating in caves and sweeper sweeping on road are doing their karma. All great scientists, doctors & sportsmen are karma yogis whose mind is focussed, and there is no agitation of thoughts in their mind.

In this concept of yoga, a doctor doing critical operation is at par to a daily labourer digging well for villagers, if they perform their karma whole-heartedly and leave rest to the god. “Gita” says, “An action becomes yoga only when you give your best performance without any bond or attachment (nishkama bhava).

Desire, knowledge and kriya are components of any action. It starts with desire which arises in the mind to possess it. You need to have desired skill to perform the action. It is the desire or dream which is the mother of all actions (karmas). It becomes karma yoga when you do actions without being attached to the fruits or consequences of your work.

  • Remove all attachments & bondages
  • Harbinger of hope & tranquillity of mind
  • You accept whatever comes as a fruit of action
  • It is devoted to global humanity
  • Purify your heart & mental clarity

Law of Karma

The philosophical concept of law of karma in Vedanta is: “Your materialistic gain or loss in this life is the outcome of your past actions, which can be a combination of vice & virtue.” You might have seen some people who remained idle, but they get everything in life. Good karma of previous life always gives fruits sooner or later. As you sow, so shall you reap? When you understand this, you adhere to right thinking, right speech and action. The fruits of your good or bad action never go unnoticed.

Your actions purify and you achieve peace, happiness & bliss. A believer in law of karma will never do any work which is against his conscience. Your inner voice or conscience guides you in every turn of life. Your karma is the sum total of all your past actions—virtue and vice. It credited in your “karma” bank account. When something good happens to you without any expectation, your past virtue reaps the fruits.

  • No human being is free from law of karma on earth
  • Promotion to heaven is reward to your good actions
  • Any action of virtue is credit in karma bank account
  • Suffering/pain/loss in life owe to past vices
  • Selfless karma never binds you to trap of life

Inculcate Karma Yoga in Life

No job is superior or inferior, all share equal dignity. You have a definite work or task which you have to perform in life. It can bind you or release you from the bondage. When you do your work with no attachment, it becomes yoga. Be a selfless worker and leave all the outcome of your work to destiny or say God is the essence of karma yoga. Fruits are attached to all the work—good one or bad one. When fruit will ripe, you have to taste it.

Right attitude, open heart and pure motive bring flavour of divinity in your work. You can play your role well with least concerned about criticism or applause from others. Do your best and detach yourself from the outcomes of your actions. If you do good, good things are bound to happen in your life. Remember the adage, “The judge sitting in some part of cosmos is always watching you.”

  • All role of life are equal in worth
  • Comparison brings animosity & ill-will
  • your role better with selfless attitude
  • Total involvement is recipe to karma yoga
  • One can shine even in cameo role in real life

Be Conscious of Your Actions

The world never runs with your whims and fancies. Sometimes you find yourself at crossroads pondering which path to be taken. Choose the path which matches with your taste and inclination. Your actions depend upon the path which you take for life journey. You accept the world & situations while doing your actions. Your actions never bind, but release you as your motives for actions are bereft of any reward, profit or any gain. Karma yoga fortify the sense of unity & universal brotherhood.

Like a true yogi, you remain calm and composed in every situation. You expect no fruits to your labour. A karma yogi remains conscious of his actions. It can also give you meditative experience. When you do your actions with feeling and attitude of yoga, it becomes Karma Yoga. When you are fully involves, there is no time or space for fear, phobias or any disturbance or distraction.

  • It never binds, but liberate you
  • Feelings & attitudes of true yoga
  • You involve in action fully with heart & soul
  • You merge with self-illuminating awareness
Written by : Yogi Simant

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