The emperor may be restless at palace,while a hermit may be satisfied in hut. Even Lord Buddha’s sermon can’t induce peace to your mind, when you remain unsatisfied.

Why we need peace in life?  Is it inner or outer? Where it comes from? We understand the worth of peace only when rival nations jump into war and colossal damage remains inevitable. Both carry air strikes with long-range missiles, and civilians die with no fault of theirs. Vows made in storm are often forgotten in peace. A sailor prays for peace when surrounded by stormy sea.

An agitated mind can never experience joy & happiness which life offer. Once you lose your peace of mind, the other negativity comes without asking for.  Peace is not a “use & throw” item that you can purchase or hire. Even Lord Buddha’s powerful sermon on divine peace can’t satisfy & calm you, when you are living in recurring doubt, fear and uncertainties.

The mental peace of peacock dancing while seeing gathering of clouds in sky is not different from a curious child waiting for her mother while peeping from window. The tranquility of mind depends on outer object or subject. But it is fleeting. Inner peace comes within. Physical peace is transient, coming & going like waves. While inner peace is continuing.

The emperor can be dissatisfied due to unending desires. A pauper can be archetype of peace as he always exhibits unhurried outlook and contented heart. From spiritual perspective, a person who has surrender his will to Almighty, do his work without expectations or rewards, treats all persons equally and keep away from greed, lust, argument, ego will be peaceful & contended.

What is Peace?

What most pleases to your soul is peace. What brings no conflicting thoughts in mind is peace. What keeps all people of society united and intact is peace. Gautam Buddha renounced his kingdom, including his family and comfortable life just for the sake of peace. The soulful peace comes only when you attain serenity in mind and non-wishing heart with no pride & prejudice.

Pin-drop silence is not assurance to inner peace. It can only pacify your heightened anger and soaring heart-beats. Peace is neither momentary satisfaction of lust nor worldly happiness. It is different from sense of achievement. A mountain monk feels peace evenly both inner and outside. The deepen layer of peace will brighten the chances of your spiritual progression.

Many leaders of freedom fought battle with sole weapon of peace. It was lethal than sharp-edged weapons, as it melted the heart of many oppressors. “Tit for tat” outlook is not applicable in all state of affairs. Silence is magic potent which can bring two arch-rivals closer. The entire effort of ‘think-tank’ is to propagate the slogan of “peace and unity” to strengthen brotherhood.

Inner peace

Inner peace is foremost and the foundation of spiritual tranquility. It is innate in every human being. You can observe the radiance in eyes and sheen in complexion of the man who is embodiment of internal peace. Peace and immense faith in divinity are tools of attaining perfection in any yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.

A child with full belly remains in peaceful state of mind. It is the most natural state of a man.. Beast animals also remain harmless till they are hunger-less. The senses and mind never go against you. If you have inner peace, you wouldn’t get easily disturb by outer fast changing world. The outer becomes extension of the inner world. It is the treasure of all treasures.

Peace for Humanity

“Peace for humanity” is bigger canvas. If any nation lacks peace at individual level, family level, society level, educational level, then peace for humanity will be a worthless talk. These are small links which connects to form big chain. If any link is weak, it makes the whole chain weak and brittle. It is collective effort of individuals which gives strength to peace for humanity.

In common parlance, you might have seen “peace for humanity” is confined to air-conditioned seminars, conferences and workshops where pseudo-intellectuals and doctorates read their research papers laced with fine-tuned modulated voice to catch media bytes or headlines. It loses its essence as soon as thunderous applauding & clapping slow down and die with time.

Spiritual peace

This peace comes within. When you call your deity like a helpless child calls for his mother, she appears suddenly. The spiritual peace pours on you when God hears and reacts to your yelling. You rise above the world of sensual gratification and ego-satisfaction needed for ordinary peace. You need your conscience to perceive this peace.

Spiritual peace and inner peace are slightly different, although they may look similar to some extent. Inner peace is ladder to reach the higher spiritual peace. Yoga and meditation retreat removes all the negativity including weak vibrations in the body by constant practice.

Cornerstone of Peace

The path to salvation & enlightenment goes through the stopover at place of peace. You need to unity mind, body and conscience to know the seat of peace in human body. It is far-away dream for pleasure-loving man to search the roots. He presumes that indulging in sensuous activities gives him more peace and satisfaction than anything else.

Yogic philosophy is the cornerstone of immense joy, pleasure and peace. The roots of peace germinate in unspoiled soil. The big changes never happen in a day or moths, but it takes years of penance. The human consciousness always dwells in peace. There is no ceiling of senses of the body and conflicting thoughts of the mind, when you explore inwards.

Don’t seek the root of peace in sensual objects and materialistic world. It lasts for a few moments. Lust and peace can’t go together. It is the burning intoxicating desire which gives birth to lust. It is sensual in nature and fills impurity in mind and heart. There remain no desires,  cravings and lust as you delve deeper and deeper in inner journey of Himalaya.

  • Peace is accessible by inner journey
  • Trust on traits of love & empathy
  • Individual soul rests in inner peace
  • Peace is steps to super-conscious state
  • Yoga brings joy & peace to mind

Peace & Meditation

Meditation is inward journey which you can embark from any yoga school or ashram. You will discover inherent peace and tranquility in deepest layers of mind. Divine peace remains with you all the time. You need to explore it by simple meditation techniques.  Meditation techniques of Kundalini yoga connects you with your higher consciousness level crossing all limitations of mind, body and senses. “Dharana” and Dhyana” of Ashtanga yoga gives you an insight of peace—-it exists beyond the limited dimension of life.

Meditation and peace are two sides of the same coin. Meditation is a soundless “kriya” of invigorating mind. When you start silence meditation yourself, it gives impetus to inner peaceful journey.  Silence meditation is all about peace, serenity and stillness of senses. It starts with sitting in a strong spiritual vibration in closeness of nature. It is the sure way to enjoy unbroken peace of mind.  Righteousness, truth, mental purity is means to meditation.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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