Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh

In all prominent places for yoga & meditation in India, Rishikesh remains on top-sought destination for best yoga institute. Besides gorgeous Ganga, a parallel stream of yoga flows in between meditative mountains. The sharp turns and twists of river symbolically reflect twisting & turning yoga lessons of yogic asanas (physical postures).

Yoga might not be as old as Himalaya, but it originated somewhere in higher mountains.  Yoga diversified in various streams of bhakti yoga, karma yoga, raj yoga and hatha yoga. Boulders & beaches of Ganga are witnesses to how classical hatha yoga was propounded by ancient yogis to dispel darkness of ignorance. This tradition is prevalent in hatha yoga school in Rishikesh.

Ancient Sanskrit texts on yoga confirm the birth of yoga & meditation in snow-capped mountains which later spread to other regions of our country.  Much water has flown down the bridge since then. But the ancient town still retains the charm of most-sought place for yoga learning among enthusiasts. The town is dotted with numerous yoga schools and ashrams.

Certified Hatha Yoga School in India

Our yoga school is affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA. School is in backdrop of beautiful landscape with perfect silence. The learning atmosphere is highly conducive for learning hatha yoga teacher training course. We design the various modules of yoga teacher training course to suit all students who visits with lot of hope and aspirations.

We mainly focus on the traditional yoga teaching by highly experienced master of hatha yoga. The teaching method is simple and straight which carry wisdom of traditional yoga. Dynamic meditation is major attraction complemented by Vedic counseling and soulful musical therapy.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh

There are two options—-hatha yoga for beginner level and hatha yoga for advanced level. If you are absolute beginner, start with basic level, and then opt for 200/300 hour hatha yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. You will discover slight modification in asanas to suitmodern yoga practitioners. The advanced one prepares you for raj yoga and kundalini yoga.

What you learn in Hatha Yoga?

  • Asana: Comfortable sitting position with straight back
  • Pranayama: Maintaining rhythm in incoming & outgoing air
  • Bandha: Yogic block to plug leaking energy
  • Mudra: Yogic expression by subtle gestures
  • Shatkarma: Six yogic purification practices

Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

The Spirit Yoga Foundation is recognized yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. We believe in trendy & traditional style of yoga teaching to suit all yoga-seekers. Our yoga school has designed yoga courses under the set parameter of reputed Yoga Alliance, USA.

The 200 & 300 hatha yoga teacher training courses are registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. The 100 hour hatha yoga teacher training course is certified by Spirit Yoga Foundation. The practical & theoretical training are well-balanced to refine your yoga teaching skill.

100 hr Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course in Rishikesh

This is tailored-made course for beginners. The teaching is simple yet effective. It has been developed keeping in yoga aspirants’ desire for learning, practicing and assessing their progress. Here you learn basic hatha yoga techniques in simple way. It is the first step to become a certified yoga teacher.

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200 hr Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course in Rishikesh

200 hr hatha yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India is affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA. This course offered by Spirit Yoga Foundation is based on authentic knowledge of yoga with essence of traditional yoga wisdom, originally practiced in guru-disciple relationship.

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300 hr Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course in Rishikesh

Spirit Yoga Foundation also offers advanced 300 hr hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. It is recognized with reputed Yoga Alliance, USA. It opens up new possibilities to become yoga teacher at broader horizon and turn your passion into profession.

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