No scientific logic work in the searching for God. Call him by any name. Imagine any shape for him. But he is nameless & shapeless

People time and again ask: “How this universe came into existence?” “Who is the creator behind this vast cosmic creation? “What is the age of the stars & planets? “Does life exists in other planets?” In spite of tremendous scientific progress and space research, very little is known of God, the creator. Even medical science doesn’t know the human anatomy completely.

The spiritual exploration starts from that point where the science ends. The spiritual science says that outer world is only an extension of inner world. The layers of mind are deeper than any ocean, and the expansion of conscience is more than ethereal space. Meditation is the surest way to know the Creator of stars, asteroids, comets and planets. He is the logic of all logics.

To understand the Creator, you have to understand yourself first. You have to recognize the nature of the single wave first, before understanding the vast sea. There are billion and trillion waves in a sea. Some are turbulent, noisy and run over the superficial surface of the sea. Others are silent and present in the underwater surface. The creator is present both outside & inside.

Who is Creator?

Who created this universe? Who created the stars? Who place the planets in fixed path and leave it to rotate on its own and around the sun? These queries puzzled even the genius scientist Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered gravitational force of earth. The creator is not Hindu, Muslim, Jew or Christian. Religions are creations of human-mind.

How the life started on this earth? Many theories have been evolved, but none give the satisfactory answer. The modern theories tried to prove that humans are not the original inhabitants of this earth. They were aliens, who came from other planet. It eclipses the Adam and Eve theory. We are trying to fathom the idea of creation from limited intelligence.

The creator is beyond the mind, body, senses and intellect. He is infinite. And, it’s not possible to perceive infinite from limited mind. He is macroscopic, smaller than electrons, protons and neutrons. You need electronic microscope to see the parts of animal and plant cell. He is beyond the reach of telescope, microscope or any scientific instrument for observation.

Where to Search?

Every religion has its own god or goddesses. The method of worship or obeisance is almost similar or slightly different. But the super-power is one, and the creator is same. The same sun shines for all people, whether he is Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jews etc. You can call him by any name. You can mentally design any shape for him. But he is nameless and shapeless.

The creator doesn’t reside in temple, mosque or in any church. He is omnipresent—present everywhere, in every particle, in every light, in every drop of water, in every petal of flower, in every leave of tree, in every life. Then, why many failed in their search? The answer is simple. Drop the “ego” from your brain; he will appear in front of you very next moment.

The biggest wall between you and unseen Creator is your “self-centered ego.” Clean your mind from all thoughts and create space for him. Go for meditation and search him in your inner conscience. He is closest to you, available all the time. You don’t need to intimate him for an appointment. He hears your silent thought waves even before it transfers to your brain cells.

How to Realize God?

Perceive the divinity in the flawless nature. Recognize his sweetest voice hidden in the songs of harmless birds. He is not a person with specific face and features. Realizing god is rather a matter of experience than vision. Selfless action, purity of heart and child-like simplicity is dearer to god as says the sages. Simplicity is the hallmark for god-realization.

In meditation, you have to cultivate one-pointed concentration. He is approachable by one-pointed heart. In every creation of the beauties of nature, you can see his color. Realize his compassion in the warmth of your parents. Soak your heart in the eyes of innocent children. Observe his beauty in the face of your beloved. Don’t let go any opportunity to miss him.

Silence is the best chosen vehicle to reach god. The germination of seeds occurs in silence. All prayers are observed in silence. In silence meditation, lips, senses and mind all go to silent mode to hear the sweetest sound of divinity. The divine sound which is the origin of all sounds including cosmic sound produced from the continuous movement of stars and planets.

Faith in God

Profound devotion gives birth to faith. The faith in ultimate creator inspires you, motivates you and encourages you in odd and even situations of life. You never feel rejected or defeated whatever be the event create hurdles in your chosen path. You accept conquer and defeat with equanimity. You never go out of your desired way; however the temptations try to trap you.

Faith in god is potent shield to face any grave danger in life. It motivates you to cross the jungle alone. No fear of robbers or beasts can stop you from marching forward. A hermit walks alone all through his life as he thrives on just enormous faith in Almighty. He remains penniless with no bank balance or regular source of income. He satisfies his hunger on alms.

When Buddha left his royal palace at midnight leaving his young & beautiful wife and child alone, he trusted his inner conscience. He was on a noble mission of searching truth and reality of life. Although, he never spoke about the existence of God, but he relied on some power that constantly followed him till he was enlightened under a banyan tree.

Child-like simplicity is surest path to enter the kingdom of God

Solid Reasons to Justify God’s Existence

Here are some reasons that justify in the belief in some super power:

Earth: Life is possible on earth due to favorable conditions. The distance of earth from sun is perfect for sustaining all forms of life. The gravitation force on earth binds all objects. The right mixture of gases in earth’s atmosphere helps in the survival of animal/plant species.

Water: The composition of water in human body is same and in perfect proportion to the quantity of water in earth. Monsoon comes as water evaporates from rivers and seas. Water cycle in earth is perfect. It is colorless, odorless and shapeless like creator.

Brain & mind: The complexity and functioning of human brain is still mystery. Shivanand writes, “It is brain which needs rest, but not mind.” How it works, how it remembers things, how it solves problems—-all are still unsolved questions to medical science.

Universal Laws: The laws of nature are universal in nature. The planets are rotating on its fixed space but they never collide or derail. The laws of nature are universal in appeal. There is system in cosmic law and all planets are obeying the laws of nature.

Eyes: The human eyes expand and contract as per the availability of light. The focusing of eyes is accurate. It can distinguish thousand of colors in seconds. It can recognize even the two identical faces of twins. It can also express your feelings.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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