Blending of breath with tranquil mind quashes all negative thoughts.Mind starts blowing with incoming & outgoing breath. The consciousness starts riding on the stream of your breath

Observe a child and his pattern of breathing. He breathes through abdomen. This is correct way of breathing. No one teaches him but the awareness comes within. With growing age, he comes in contact with contaminated surroundings. He forgets breathing in equal ratio of inhalation/exhalation. Incorrect breathing spoils the matrix of his mind. And, he forgets basic meditation technique.

When breath & meditation flow in same direction, everything looks smooth and attainable. But when opposite happens, life becomes challenging and complicated. Flowing breath meditation is active meditation technique in which mind starts flowing with breath. The awareness rides on the stream of your breath, and finally consciousness stretch to touch the dimension of meditation.

Your existence exclusively depends on continuous flow of breath. Even your shadow deserts you during intense darkness. But breathing remains your constant companion from dawn to dusk of your life. Obviously, it becomes easy to flow on your own breath. With every swallow of air, you recharge your body with fresh energy. In hatha yoga course in Rishikesh, it is called “prana” (vital energy).

What is Flowing Breath Meditation?

Flowing breath meditation is reaching to highest rung of meditation where breath and meditation merge and becomes one. Active & passive meditations are two ways to blank your mind. In this flowing breath meditation, this is the highest state of consciousness. You merge and start flowing with your breath as mind go to inner depths of consciousness. It is reversible, just as the journey of river to sea is reversible. Meditation is also a part of nature.

A kite-flying boy has to struggle initially to push or push the string in skilful way. Once the kite reaches up the sky, it starts flying on its own with the blowing air. In the same way, you adjust and re-adjust your mind and conscience with the incoming and outgoing breath. Once you attune yourself with the rhythm of the breath, the whole meditating process becomes ease. You don’t need to focus on your breath. Meditation technique become involuntarily.

  • Breath become your constant companion
  • Attuning your focus with rhythm of breath
  • Mind starts flowing with blowing breath
  • Breath & mind becomes one & united
  • No outer thoughts distract your meditation

Breath and Meditation

You realize the connection of breath and life only while holding breath inwardly or outwardly in hatha yoga course in Rishikesh. In other words, you understand its worth only when you gasp for breath in a high-altitude region. There can be no enjoyable activity than filling your lungs with fresh air to bring harmony in mind and body. Unfortunately, most people have lackluster attitude towards breath as it comes involuntary. It disassociates mind from breath.

When you sense the abundance of free-flowing breath, then flowing with your breath turns to be more joyous. Inhalation and exhalation seems to be upward and downward waves in your own inner sea of meditation. It is way to perceive and visualize the higher dimension of life from where all consciences comes and takes the gross form (human body). Breath is connecting bond which sustain all forms of life on this planet earth and promote symbiotic relationship.

  • Breath is basic & integral unit of life
  • Connects you with deeper levels of mind
  • Balanced breathing activates neuron cells of brain
  • De-stress by removing nasty thoughts/impressions
  • Open door to new dimension of consciousness

Breath: Saga of Life & Death

Life is the name of continuous breath. It never stops even for a moment and harbinger of continuity of life. Meditation starts with breathing, and in deeper meditation, you even transcend the breath. You need breathe to sustain life, but meditation resides in new dimension where your dependency on earthly objects reduces. Flowing meditation reminds of floating cruise which ferry you from one beach to another beach of your consciousness.

The secret of quality life depends on rhythmic and soundless breathing.  Human existence starts with first breath and ends with last breath. First breath is the indication of the dawn of life. Changing breathing pattern also changes your mood, emotions, feelings, attitudes and even psychology. Meditation retreat outreaches your limitations of mind and breath, as your consciousness and awareness of mind reach to spiritual dimension.

Breathing Matrix of Meditation

If you decode breathing elements, it will dissolve into oxygen & carbon-dioxide. Both gases are essential to sustain life. The evaporating water loses its identity in search of higher. Meditation starts where ego melts. Life is the name of ever-flowing breath. When you start enjoying every breath, life turns to be a series of celebration. Meditation is not prison where you cage yourself in a small space by cutting all social bonds. Let your mind fly in the high sky of consciousness crossing all barriers.

The ultimate freedom comes only when breathing awareness reaches new dimension of meditation. At this horizon, you break the chain of mental and sensual slavery. Breath comes and goes, but there remains no negativity within to carry stress with exhale air. As you dive deeper and deeper into your consciousness, there remains no sense of flowing breath in mind. You cross many layers of mind to reach pure consciousness. The individual consciousness merges with the pure consciousness.

  • Discover reservoir of peace & prosperity
  • Mind levels new dimension of meditation
  • Breath connects to your consciousness
  • It is inner yogic “kriya” with awareness
  • Balance your mind, body & emotions

How to start meditation

You can use simple gizmos for the beginner to disconnect with outer world. Ear, eyes and room are completely covered to ensure outer disturbance doesn’t distract you during practice. These are:

  • Apply of ear-plug : Use of cotton balls to create inner silence zone in your meditative room
  • Use of eye-shades : Applying eye-shade is best option to disconnect with outer world
  • Dark Room : It helps to disconnect with outer dimension which can otherwise distract mind
  • Time & Regularity : Practice at fixed time and fixed place with your own yoga dress

Benefits to Breath Meditation

Breathing meditation clean your mind and helps in yogic navigation in meditative vacuum. As you delve deeper in meditation, you free yourself from all slavery and bondages of mind. An inexplicable pleasure gently touches your consciousness circle. Here are few benefits:

Breathing for emancipation : Balance your solar and lunar energy paves the way for ascending of awakening divine energy to blossom into highest possibility of consciousness. It breaks all the barriers which bind you to limited awareness and untapped consciousness. You break the cocoon and blessed with special privileges to turn your thoughts into matter form.

Balance your mind : Erratic mind is more troublesome than uncomfortable situations, as it comes for few moments, hours or days. But mind always stay with you, and can make your life hellish if not controlled. Breathing meditation refills positive vibration in your thought space which helps to gain balanced state of mind in all good or bad situations.

Connect to your consciousness : Breath and mind are interconnected. Breath balances your mind and connects to your consciousness where you go mystical experiences. Regular practice of breath meditation helps to reach higher states of consciousness which is trigger to spiritual evolution. Spiritual healing also happens involuntarily when breath become slow & deep.

Focus, attention & concentration : When you bring awareness into your flowing breath, mind comes under your control, and ready to follow your instructions. Attention is followed by focus. When you focus for an elongated period of time, it soon blossoms into concentration (dharana). One-pointed concentration soon transform into meditation (dhyana).

Enhance your energy :   Controlled flowing breath meditation rejuvenates tiring brain cells and weak muscles of your body by infusing energy. When enough energy flows in body, it improves your immune system. It corrects all common ailments related to your breath. It also helps in harmonization of physical, mental and psychological levels of your body.

Improve your neurons : Mind consumes maximum energy which you consume while you breathe. Flowing breath helps in activation of brain cells which sends and receive message while communicating with other organs of your body. It helps in improving the neurons and thereby mind regain problem-solving capacity at its maximum potential.

Open window to new dimension : Mindful breathing elevates your consciousness to new dimension. It needs to transcend your mind, body and general awareness to reach where mind becomes your follower. It is a state of trance, a state of vacuum where time and thoughts doesn’t exist.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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