Spirituality existed when there was no religion. A non-believer in the existence of any super-power doesn’t mean he can’t be spiritual. Selfless service to humanity is sign of spiritual attribute

There are two types of people on earth—non-believer (atheist) and believer (non-atheist). But no one is free from “karma yoga” (work or action). From cradle to grave, all perform action. The world is a stage where the curtains never fall. Artists come and go, but the play keeps going on all the time. The world is a stage, and humans are characters playing diverse roles.

Spirituality dwells where heart and lips dovetail. An atheist can synchronize his words in tune with his words. While, a non-atheist can miserably fail in displaying heart and lips perfect combination. Spirituality lives in your heart, while religion makes an imprint in your mental space. An extremely religious person can’t be called spiritual, if honesty eludes in his action.

But one thing is certain and sure! Karma yoga is inseparable entity to every human being. Some do action with conscious, while rests do their work unconsciously. But all the good and welfare actions (whether of believer or non-believer) lead them to the same source. They derive the feel of extreme joy and peace from heart. Kindness is another name of spirituality.

A spiritual person speaks directly from his/her heart. There is no filtering, no refining or no adulteration. If represented in mathematical relationship, the heart-words graph shows a straight line. You may talk incessantly on almighty and give lecture on religious philosophy, but if you behave in opposite way, you are thousand miles away from the path of spirituality.

Who is atheist?

An atheist is non-believer in the existence of any super-power who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. People don’t choose to be atheist, but it happens due to circumstances. An atheist never challenges the existence of something bigger power governing this planetary life. He believes in himself and never visits any pilgrim shrine for inner purification. He doesn’t read or recite verses from any holy religious books for instilling mental peace. But it doesn’t mean he is devil.

Many non-believers devote his whole life to the service of mankind. Doing action (karma) without any intention of getting any monetary benefit or recognition is selfless work which is a form of karma yoga. You may find devils wearing the cloak of specific sacred dress, and carrying all sorts of nasty activities.

  • Never endorse any religion
  • Never believe in miracles
  • Believe in boundless love
  • Believe in selfless charity
  • Stay away from religious boundaries

What is spirituality?

Spiritualism is ultimate blooming of the purest petals of heart. It exudes divinity with no radiance of religion attached to it. It is a divine way to know you by working relentlessly for the welfare of humankind. The essence of all religious textbook is strengthening society at large by bond of love, humanity and compassion. Spirituality is not a degree or certificate certified by religious centers of research & study. It is a trait of infinite love, unfathomable truth and boundless generosity.

  • Spirituality is beyond religion
  • Exists in purity of heart
  • Fearless mind is its attribute
  • Humanity at its best
  • Create boundless generosity

Can atheist be spiritual?

It might sounds incredible to average mind. How the two opposites—atheist and spiritual—can exist together. We assume that spiritual-seeker is one who is looking after a definite religious path that resonates with his heart and soul and justifies his rational thinking. Spirituality has nothing to do with devotion or religious scriptures. It is purity which is inner and deeper.

Spiritual is not a souvenir to religion. Pure heart of par excellence opens the door to spirituality. Religion binds you to a particular deity, mind to particular religious philosophy. It can make you religious bigot. Few of them have enough open heart to accept other believer of god equally. An atheist can be spiritual in his deeper and inner heart. The service to humankind is the highest expression of spirituality.

Infinite love and boundless generosity are traits of spirituality

Spirituality existed when there was no religion. And, it will exist when all the religions eclipse. The shortest message of cosmic religion is: “Be compassionate to all creatures of this planet including human kind.” All are parts of the same chain of life cycle. We are interdependent to each other for peace and prosperity. A tree of spirituality can give shade to dozens of believer & non-believer.

  • Spirituality has no specific religion of its own, it’s beyond it
  • Religions & spirituality are two distinct streams of purity
  • Purity is common trait among the two streams
  • Spirituality can exist without religion, but not vice-versa
  • The path to spirituality is straight with no curve

Role of atheist towards Humanity

Being a non-believer, the atheist can’t be label as devil. His role and contribution to strengthen society can’t be undervalued. He is a part of the same society where non-atheist also lives. Some works relentlessly in bringing smile to the faces of unfortunate children who are orphan or single parents. They can transform the lives of less-fortunate people by charity, kind words or sharing their pain and sorrow with them. Service to humanity is large sign of spiritual attribute.

A society is amalgamation of all sorts of people. Some are teachers, who deny the existence of god. But they adopt teaching profession as mission mode to ensure positive transformation in society. In their spare time or during weekend, they conduct free coaching classes to poor children who can’t afford private tuition. We may also encounter some doctors who treat deprived section of society with little charges on a routine basis. An atheist can be soul of mercy and donor.

Atheist & Karma Yoga

A non-believer is not free from action (karma yoga). Karma yoga doesn’t represent actions for appeasing almighty, but the work which calm the pain of others. Visiting a holy shrine or chanting pious hymn is not karma yoga. It reflects only your degree of devotion to a special deity. A man of good deeds is treasure to the society and an asset to his family. An atheist can have higher state of consciousness, than a superficial religious bigot.

His actions often speak louder than his words. Actions and reactions are universal truth. Good actions will always bear fruits sooner or later. A karma yogi performs his duty wholly without speculation of fruits of his actions. The thought of fruit (reaction) binds you, but the intention of fine actions pushes you to a superior plane of existence.

  • An atheist engage himself in selfless action
  • No ambition and anger in his life
  • Devotion to work make him karma yogi
  • He is liberated from complexities of life
  • He is free from delusion of false religiosity
Written by : Yogi Simant

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