When focus feelings turn into intense devotions, this is bhakti yoga.  This is simplest path of spiritual transformation where thoughts and imaginations churn into purest form. Melting your ego to merge with chosen deity is devotional yoga

Bhakti yoga is the path of devotion to transforms your life. If emotions turn into devotion, you become a disciple. The object of devotion can be your mother, father, spouse, friend or your pet dog. It occupies a permanent abode in your heart. The mere thought of deity makes you forget all the pains and sorrows of personal life. It captivates your thoughts & imagination.

You go to higher awareness and experiences when you love deeply and intensely. Unconditional love makes you the most charming man on this earth in the eyes of your beloved. You never expect any materialistic gain in return. The beloved sense your emotions & feelings through your eyes. Words don’t matter in the expression of highest devotion in love.

You can express your devotion to animate or animate objects. It can be your any pet animal. When you shower your love to puppy dog, the dumb animal conveys his attachment through twinkling eyes, gentle gestures and by warm caress. That’s why bhakti yoga is known to be simplest path of divinity where yoga and meditation occur naturally.

  • Devotionally inclined to peculiar creature
  • Use your emotions to connect with other
  • Emotions take to purest form of inner expression
  • Automatically you disconnect with the world
  • Brings purity in your thoughts/actions

What is Bhakti Yoga?

The word “bhakti” signifies intense devotion, adoration or fondness. It is also called ‘Bhakti Marga’ (path of devotion) which is best yoga path for simple-hearted fellow being. You no longer become the slave of your mind or senses. A seeker of bhakti yoga chooses path of deeper devotion as he found comfortable with deep emotions of love and care.

Bhakti yoga is different from hatha yoga and kundalini yoga. You don’t need practical & theoretical training as needed in yoga teacher training course.  Any person can do this yoga in his daily life to bring purity in his thoughts. Offering your highest emotions & unconditional love to chosen object is the easiest and surest way to realize bliss in your spiritual journey.

  • Destination is same, but path different
  • It is the simplest & surest path of yoga
  • It is connected with heart chakra (anahata chakra)
  • Emotions are channelized & concentrated
  • No bondage of time or punctuality

Purpose of Devotion

Unlike ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga, the bhakti yoga is simple and straight. The purity of heart and deep devotion are two vehicles which elevates you to spiritual dimension.  It is like directly jumping into meditative state. Experience is holier than ego. You transcend the ego of “I” and merge with your deity. Mind becomes the pilgrim center of your own inner world.

The seeker of bhakti forgets the outer world and emerged in his divine thoughts. The adoration may experience transcendental experience. The lotus of divine love blooms in your heart.  A devotee sometimes weeps or jumps in ecstasy. He becomes puppet of divine emotions of love and affection. He forgets himself and his surroundings while travelling to the path of devotion.

  • Bhakti is the supreme expression of love
  • Breaking the boundary of ego
  • Thoughts turn to one-pointed
  • Reaching to a new dimension of intelligence
  • Spontaneous expression of higher knowledge

When feelings & emotions purify, faith blossom into devotion

Focusing on Pure Devotion

For meditation, you don’t need any subject or object to focus your mind. From focus, concentration to devotion, the object remains the same. Like a Gyan Yogi (Yoga of Wisdom), you needn’t to go for a self-inquiry. The high devotion transcends all the knowledge that you need to reach the Supreme. When your devotion takes the purest form, life becomes beautiful.

Your love and devotion never changes with change in surroundings or change in thought process. There remains no doubt or fears in your mind. Someone high in the sky is ready to help you whenever you caught in crisis. You know well that he is always to protect you from difficult situations ready to wipe your tears in times of stress or pain.

  • Control of five senses
  • Mind comes under your control
  • Feeling of love overpowers you
  • You remain aware in all situations
  • Symbolic of divine love

All-inclusive Love

Like air, devotional love spreads to all directions without any effort. Devotion towards chosen deity develops all-inclusive love. All creatures seem to be part of the same consciousness—the creator of all creations. Love & devotion develops in never-ending emotions in the heart of devout. He sees his object of devotion in all the animate and inanimate creations of the world.

You find no difference between “you” and “mine.” There is no borrowed happiness in bhakti yoga. You feel cherished in the success & happiness of others. The whole world becomes your comfort zone and you develop familiarity with one and all. You become the magnet of infinite love and compassion. You treat all other with love and respect, and get the same in return.

  • Love transcends all caste, religion & status
  • Empathy & sympathy blooms in heart
  • Feeling of eternal bliss in bhakti yoga
  • Grace of expanded awareness
  • Experience divinity in nature
Written by : Yogi Simant

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