It is a traditional way for invigorating mental balance in blissful way.The regular practice of meditation induces positive effect on your mental & spiritual well-being.

Mahatma Buddha and meditation are synonymous to each other. His single-point concentration opened the gate of emancipation, and the rest is history. There is not a single incidence where he lost his temper. He faced all sorts of criticism, but he remained calm and composed in worse and worst conditions. It is timeless treasure to control your feelings, emotions & psychic.

Meditation works on three levels of mind—focus, attention and intense concentration. It finally blossoms into meditation. The purpose of meditation is linking to your consciousness, while physical, mental & emotional benefits are its byproducts. It comes to your fold without asking. Materialistic happiness are merely waves, the ocean of joy exist in your higher consciousness.

Expansion of consciousness is highest state of meditation. You find treasure of peace, happiness joy, contentment & satisfaction within you. In spite of seeker, you transform into donor to enrich the humanity on broader context. You become the epitome of purity and generosity. Whatever you think, you transform it into reality.

Benefits to Meditation

Meditation has enormous potential to turn all things in your favor. You remain motivated and act intelligently as per situations need to take action. Major benefits of meditation are discussed in a simple and concise way:

Enhances mental outlook

Regular divine moments of meditation remove debris from many layers of mind. Neurons start exchanging information without any hindrance. You cultivate the art of acting timely and wisely with no duality in mind. It brings good coordination between left and right hemispheres of brain. Rationality of mind goes-up and there remains no lackadaisical attitude.

Focus & attention

Meditation techniques enhance your cognitive system of learning. Focus and attentive mind in classroom absorbs readily than non-attentive mind. Powerful attention is fruit of meditative tree which grows only after its roots take its tight hold on soil. This soil is nothing but stability in mind and body which comes with continuous practice of asana & pranayama.

One-pointed concentration

Meditation is successor to one-pointed concentration. In academic career, it is the trait which differentiates brilliant performers from mediocre students. Mind is same, but it depends how you utilize and extract maximum from it. Half an hour daily practice of meditation can bring tremendous change in academic & career growth of students who practice it religiously.         

Inner nectar

If you are eager to taste nectar and also smell its aroma, meditation is a way. It gives you all, which you search for in outer world. Senses are means to temporarily gratification. Inner nectar gives you divine flavor of life where sour and stinky doesn’t exist.      

Channelizing of vital energy

Yoga & meditation course are intended to channelize unhindered flow of energy to utilize it for fruitful purpose. You give your best when energy flows in every cell, tissue and organ of your body. It helps in maximum utilization of your inherent potential without minimum consumption of energy. You grow like a sun which emits light in all directions.

Reduce anger:

High BP and hyper-sensitivity are banes of modern life where expectations are high and demands increases with every passing day. Meditation controls the BP. It also controls the heart-beat and blood pressure in a natural way. It makes you stronger and more balanced to deal hyper-sensitivity disorder of daily life.

Reduce your stress levels

Stress emerges whenever thoughts clashes in mind and clouds your decision-making power. It is the meditation which filters your mind from conflicting thoughts. It helps in controlling your stress hormones which makes your life hellish. You learn to handle stress and anxiety, whenever it start to appear from some corner of the mind.     

Control phobias: Phobia is irrational fear which exists in various forms. You feel anxious or uneasy. You may have fear of claustrophobia (fear of confined space), driving phobia and aerophobia (fear of flying). Meditation improves your mental health and also remove phobia.  When you are mentally strong, your mental well-being also refines in finer way.

Power of attraction: Your spiritual aura develops as your practice goes deeper and deeper. Consequently, it increases your power of attraction. You attract others in a meeting, office, club, wherever you place your foot. You steal the limelight in the party. People start getting attracted to you. You become the epitome of magnetic personality.

Mental clarity: The fast-changing world creates confusion in mind. It gives birth to conflicting thoughts which never allow you to take right decisions at the right time. Confusion overpowers you. Meditation calms the chattering in mind. The clarity of thoughts in mind filters your decision-making power.

Improve immune system: Meditation enhances your immune system without any side-effects or extra dose of medication. It makes a strong protection wall to make your body to fall prey from harmful bacteria and viruses. The physical well-being turns to brighter side of life. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. You start enjoy life at its fullest.

Spiritual awareness: Spirituality and meditation exists in the same level or dimension. One-pointed concentration blooms the petals of spiritual plant in the fertile soil of inner consciousness. You carry the fragrance of divinity in all directions. Whoever comes in contact with you start feeling positive transformation in his or her life.

Mental & psychological changes: Your psychology matures as you advance with the practice of advance meditation techniques. It removes all the rubbish or garbage accumulated by long duration of contacting with contaminated world. It enhances your personality and gives meaning to the stereotyped life. The balance in mental & psychology ensure happiness in life.

Written by : Yogi Simant

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