It transcends the limitation of time. It is timeless surpassing all dimensions. It is both external and internal. It expresses both creation and dissolution.

Aum is universal sound. It has been incorporated into Sanskrit language as it sounds divine and transformative in nature. This is the shortest mantra to bring your awareness into the deepest realm of mind. Mantras are integral element of kundalini yoga & meditation. The repetition of “aum” helps you in the attention, focus and concentration of mind to move it towards the realms of meditation.

It exists even in black hole, where light can’t enter. It can traverse through vacuum, where normal sound can’t travel.  All colors of rainbow merges to make the pure white, all sounds merge to make this divine sound. It is expressed in all religions of the world. Just as the sun’s rays dispel all darkness of fear and ignorance in the morning, this universal sound show you the path to spirituality.

The sound of aum is reverberating which touches the subconscious mind and unconscious mind.  It is powerful enough to still even the most disturbing mind. It connects you with your divinity. That’s why every mantra starts with the chanting of aum. When a newborn baby first time opens his/her mouth, he/she utters the same divine sound irrespective of nationality, religion and custom.

  • A cosmic sound of creation and dissolution
  • Base of all creations in cosmic world
  • Exists in the silence of inner consciousness
  • Beyond the reach of senses & mind
  • Transcend the limitation of time

What is Aum?

The Sanskrit word “Om” consists of three words A, U and M. “A” syllable originates from throat’s back. “U” syllable comes from the mid of the vocal region, while “m” originate from the corners of the vocal region. It represents three worlds—earth, hell and heaven. It also represents three Vedic scriptures, rig, yajur and sama. It also represents the trinity of god (Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh) as mentioned in Hindu tradition.

It is the void of all voids. It is the mantra of all mantras. It is the bridge which connects you effortlessly from your physical awareness to spiritual consciousness. It is the celestial song with orchestra of awareness and consciousness. It is timeless surpassing all dimensions. It is both external and internal. It expresses both creation and dissolution. It is incomprehensible to unconscious yoga practitioner, but accessible who sits silently and hear their inner voice.

In yogic science, it represents four states of consciousness—simple conscious, subconscious, unconscious and supra-conscious. Just as in absorption of mind (Samadhi), all states merge in supra-conscious state, in the same way, all worldly and cosmic sounds merge in Omkara. It existed when there was no cosmic existence, and it would continue to exist, when there will be no life, no animate or inanimate existence and no audible or inaudible sound.

Aum is the mother of all powerful mantras for emancipation


Aum: Divine Vibration

Aum symbolizes the whole cosmic sound in single divine syllable. The cause of worldly sound is vibration in vocal cord. When two objects collide, it also produces sound. One can also hear whispering of leaves. In nature, the pit-patter of rain, thundering of clouds, splashing of sea waves, all originate from same source. But in vacuum, where there is medium to propagate sound, the sound of “aum” still exists. Aum meditation focuses on divine inner vibration.

Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. And, the chords of Sanskrit are attached to this cosmic sound. To reach the hidden cosmic consciousness in your inner self, you ride on the ladder of aum. The sound of breath is the manifestation of this divine sound. If you start reciting this mantra regularly, it is enough to improve your quality of voice by strengthening your vocal cord.

  • Aum can be heard without vibration
  • Yogic breath induces divine vibration
  • It is attached to all dimensions
  • Aum induces divine transformation
  • It is the seed of all mantras

Aum Meditation

Aum meditation is mantra meditation which is preferred by meditation beginners. You have to focus and concentrate on chanting of aum with incoming and outgoing breath. It is easy to practice for one and all. It removes physical lethargy and mental retardation as you recite with intense feelings. It is the seed mantra of all Sanskrit mantras.

Aum meditation techniques are:

  • Sit in dark room in comfortable pose
  • Closed your eyes & relax whole body
  • Focus & concentrate on your breath
  • Inhale & then start aum mantra
  • Recite a-u-m in 20:20:60 ratio
  • Draw energy from base chakra
  • Pronounce A as extended “awe” from back of throat
  • Pronounce U as “oo” using upper palate
  • Utter M as extended “mmm” with rounded lips

All-pervading Aum

Aum is Brahman, the creator and director of all real life stage performance. People perform their role and then disappear. Nothing is permanent, except this eternal sound. Human body structure is same, although people are known by different names. Your real name and identity is aum. You change body like cloths in every birth, but this never leaves you.

Aum is the fundamental subtle unit of life. The first alphabet A represents gross plane, while second (U) and third (M) alphabets represent mental and astral planes respectively. It is more than the symbol of Brahman. The air flows with the reverberation of same divine sound and flowing from the eternal period.

Benefits of Aum

The aum mantra is multi-dimensional in therapeutic yoga as it touches all physical, mental, emotional & spiritual benefits. It is known to relieve practitioners from physical & mental ailments. It is the panacea of many diseases.

  • Create positive vibrations in nearby environment
  • Removes fear and phobia from subconscious mind
  • Elevate you to higher spiritual planes
  • Improve your power of attraction
  • Increase voice clarity & modulation
  • Positive mental & psychological changes
  • Sharpening of focus & concentration
  • Improve your immunity & resistance power
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