Asanas improve abdominal health & metabolism of your body by gentle stretching & contraction of muscles.Wind-relieving pose helps to rejuvenate sluggish digestive system by eliminating chronic gastric disorders


Gastro-intestinal tract is supporting tract in our digestive system, which includes absorption, assimilation and elimination of food. When lower digestive function is weak, it may cause constipation. The accumulation of waste makes stool dry and hard. Constipation is slow, irregular and painful bowel movement. It mars your abdominal health.

Hatha yoga teacher training course helps to release mental stress and emotional imbalances from human body. Even medical science has proved that suppressed emotions are contributory factors to digestive problems like constipation and piles. Asanas are elegant way to release your pent-up emotions, and thereby may help in relieving chronic constipation.

Asanas along with simple internal cleansing practices provides an ideal setting for management of constipation. Unlike dynamic aerobic exercise, asanas are slow and gentle body movements with awareness. The yogasanas with alignment, adjustment & mechanics assure to give healthy digestive and eliminative system. It reduces your dependency on drugs and supplements.

How Asanas Relieve Constipation?

Feels the difference from the day you start practicing asanas. It is expression of inner freedom and joy. Stretching and contraction of muscles in forward or backward bending asana with alignment and adjustment improve metabolism of your body. Saliva mixes with food in right proportion. There remains no block in the digestive tract. Bile is secreted regularly from liver. The digestion and elimination go together in a well-controlled manner.

Asanas correct your postures, remove the chronic gastric disorders and makes smooth elimination of digested food products. Wind-relieving poses remove gases and also improve digestive system. Anyone can practice, and at any age. There is no restriction, until the practitioners have some serious medical complications. You can practice leg abdominal stretch pose and raised leg pose in your own bed for strengthening the digestive system.

  • Massages digestive organs
  • Activate healing energy
  • Useful for relieving flatulence
  • Positive effect on abdomen
  • Stimulate the digestive system
  • Naturally eliminate constipation

Six Asanas for Constipation

In present scenario, odd working hours & late sittings are common norm, which is breaking the traditional rules. Sometimes, you stay late in your office, and you have to eat outside food by compulsion. This lifestyle adversely affects your digestive system in long run. Here are six asanas of yoga teacher training course to help you out.  The total time is 10-15 minutes.

The six asanas for relieving constipation are:

Pawanmuktasana (gas releasing pose)

It starts with supine position, which is also known as base position. Lie flat on the back with legs at the same time straight. Bend right knee as thigh close to the chest. Clasp your hands on the shin just below the right knee. Your left leg should be straight resting on the floor. Inhale and hold the breath while raising your head and shoulders. Hold the final position for few seconds. Exhale slowly while you return to the initial position.

Benefits of pawanmuktasana to constipation:

  • Release gas from body
  • Useful in removing constipation
  • Cure your digestive disorders
  • Relieve excess acidity in body
  • Activate body metabolism rate

Tadasana (Palm tree pose)

It is the base of all standing asanas. Stand with equal distribution of weight. Raise arms over your head. Join fingers of both hands with palms upwards. Focus your eyes on fixed object. Inhale while stretching your arms upwards. Raise your foot with stand on toes support. Stretch your whole standing body with perfect grip on the floor. Hold your breath in final position. Lower your body and exhale. Practice for 5 rounds in the beginning.

Benefits of tadasana to constipation:

  • Stretches your abdominal muscles
  • Best asana to cure constipation
  • Improve your digestive system
  • Better your circulatory system
  • Improve your body posture

Kati Chakrasana (waist rotation pose)

It is simple standing pose. Stand straight with feet slightly apart with arms hangs on its sides. Inhale & lift your arms to shoulder level. Exhale & twist your body to left position.  Place your right hand over to left shoulder. Gently twist left hand around the back. Keep your spine upright, while turning your head. Hold your breath for few seconds with tight grip. Inhale and turn to normal position. Repeat the same on another side to make a round. Practice 5-7 rounds.

Benefits of kati chakrasana to constipation:

  • Stimulate secretion of digestive juices
  • Better functioning of abdomen
  • Gently eliminate tapped food
  • Soothes abdominal wall
  • Alleviates chronic constipation

Tiryak Tadasana (swaying palm tree pose)

It is a standing bending asana with gentle stretching. Stand straight with feet slightly apart. Straight arms and then intertwine fingers & raises over head. Bend to left side with spine upright. Hold the final position for few seconds comfortably. Hold your breath. Return to initial position and inhale. Repeat the same bend to right side with interlock fingers. This is complete one round. Practice for 5-7 rounds initially.

Benefits of tiryaka tadasana to constipation:

  • Improve your digestive system
  • Ease constipation with feeling of lightness
  • Soothes gastrointestinal problem
  • Recover health of kidney & liver
  • Strengthen your abdominal wall

Bhujanasana (cobra pose)

One of surya namaskar poses practiced with seed mantra (Aum Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha). Lie flat on your stomach in floor. Place hands on sides. Put arms on the floor. Straighten your body by making arch of back. Push your chest forward. Bend the head back with intense gazing between your eyebrows. Retain this pose for few seconds as per your capacity. Your arms should support your body. Inhale while raising torso and exhale while lowering it.

Benefits of bhujangasana to constipation:

  • Activate slow digestive system
  • Helps in secretion of digestive juices
  • Relieve constipation & tones kidney
  • Pacify other digestive problems
  • Improve functioning of liver

Tiryak Bhujanasana (swaying cobra pose)

Lie down on your stomach. Straighten your legs with toes tucked under the heels raised. Inhale & straighten your arms to lift upper portion of the trunk. Pubic bone should remain in floor contact. Twist head & upper trunk and gaze over the left shoulder. Don’t strains your body for retaining twist pose. Hold this pose for few seconds as you feel convenience. Lower the body and return to original position with an exhalation. This is one round. Practice for 3-5 rounds.

Benefits of bhujangasana to constipation:

  • Stretches abdomen muscles
  • Improve digestive system
  • Relieve from chronic constipation
  • Pacify other digestive problems
  • Improve body’s metabolism
Written by : Yogi Simant

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