200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Blending traditional values with yogic temperament
200 hour yoga teacher training course is affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA. This course is conducted by Spirit Yoga Foundation, a registered yoga school (RYS) in Rishikesh. The allurements of this course are classical Hatha-yoga and Raja-yoga, based on the teachings of classical Sanskrit text and its contemporary relevance.

Hatha yoga is preliminary to reach raja yoga and kundalini yoga as it paves way to free-flow of vital energy in subtle channels. It eliminates physical barriers to induce strength and stability for long-sitting. Moreover, therapeutic outcome is byproduct to 200 hour YTT course.

200 hour YTTC course is based on traditional hatha yoga. It includes five components of classical yoga viz. asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra & shatkarma. Practically, it includes yoga sutras, philosophy of yoga and all its inclusive components with anatomy and physiology and its effect on your body scientifically and spiritually. Meditation starts with basic level covering both static and dynamic meditation techniques.

[cq_vc_colorblock image=”1456″ imageposition=”right” thetitle=”200 hour YTTC registered with Yoga Alliance” titlesize=”in Rishikesh” textblockbg=”sunflower”]The 200 hour yoga teacher training course is affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA. Practical and theoretical training is strictly in accord with standard parameters of Yoga Alliance. It facilitates in extracting your maximum potential at the surface. You learn and practice under highly experienced yoga teachers working as extended family members of Spirit Yoga Foundation. The course runs for 28 days where you meet similar-minded seekers from different country.

  • Based on traditional hatha yoga
  • Affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA
  • Balanced practical-theoretical training
  • Residential yoga course
  • Our team-members are doctorates


Course fees

 Per person (single occupancy) : 1500 USD

 Per person (double sharing)   : 1250 USD)

 Duration: 28 Days

 Daily hours: 6-7 hours

Fee Inclusions

The course fee will include the following. No need to pay extra

● Accommodation & Food       ● Welcome gift & souvenir     

● Yoga dress     ● Certificate     

● Wi-Fi Zone      ● CCTV     

● Learning Indian music      ● Soulful music therapy   

 ● Pick & drop facility from Jolly-Grant airport near Rishikesh

200 Hour YTTC Component

This course is affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA. Adjustment and alignment are part of hatha yoga’s asana. How mind and body are synchronized through balanced breathing is taught to seeker. It also includes shatkarma of hatha yoga. Streams of yoga like bhakti yoga, karma yoga are discussed at length in philosophy class. Anatomy & physiology is part of yoga training.

Practical Curriculum


Focus on five components of hatha yoga. It begins from asana and ends in meditation. Alignment, adjustment & therapeutic effects of yoga & meditation. Practical training begins with standing, balancing, forward and backward asanas and finally ends in static asanas. Holding breath is additional part of yogic breath training. You learn attention and concentration before practicing meditation.

✔ Hatha Yoga  Asanas
✔ Bandha & Mudra
✔ Pranayama & Shatkarma
✔ Dynamic & Static meditation
✔ Sound Healing
✔ Stress-release Breathing
✔ Yoga Nidra
✔ Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Theoretical Training


Five yoga texts will cover traditional philosophy and its relevancy in contemporary world. Introductory ayurveda and Vedanta-Tantra are also included. Complex Sanskrit aphorisms are simplified to understand without compromising with its essence. Anatomy and physiology is also included to know impact of asana and pranayama on various organs of human body.

✔ Hatha Yoga  Philosophy
✔ Patanjali Yoga Sutras
✔ Anatomy & Physiology
✔ Basic Ayurveda
✔ Gita Discourse
✔ Basic Indian Philosophy
✔ Introductory Tantra-Vedanta
✔ Corporate training

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Registered Yoga School 

Our yoga school is registered yoga school (RYS) in recognition with Yoga Alliance, USA. Our spiritual orators are doctorates from reputed universities with vast experience in teaching to national and international yoga-seekers. They regularly contribute their write-ups to international yoga and spiritual journals, and actively participate in symposiums and seminars.

  • Societies Registration Act 1860, India 
  • Registered Yoga School (RYS) to Yoga Alliance, USA   
  • Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961, India 

Our Centre

Our centre lies at the idyllic surroundings of nature—far from the bustling crowd. Meditate on solitary silver sand of river Ganga flowing at its foot. Soak up your spirit in virgin forest surrounding Namami Ganges resorts at Shivapuri (20 minutes drive from Rishikesh). Elevate your consciousness higher than nearby mountains. Rooms have stunning interior décor, sophisticated service and modern attached bathroom.

  • Situated on the bank of Ganga river
  • Far-from the maddening crowd
  • Blend of modern-traditional architecture
  • 25 minutes drive from Rishikesh
  • 1 hour drive from Jolly grant airport
Daily Regimen: 200 hour YTTC
  • 28-day duration of course
  • 6-7 hours classes
  • Physical & practical teaching
  • Weekly off
  • Special guest lecture (weekend)
  • Question-hour session

Note: Regimen is tentative & subject to change. Final regimen will be handed on first-day

  • What is yoga teacher training course?


Its acronym form is YTTC. It is crash course of 100 hour, 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour yoga training for upcoming yoga teachers. The course recognition with Yoga Alliance, USA speaks of its elegance, class and worldwide acceptability. Recognized yoga school (RYS), ashram & studio regularly conduct YTT course.           



  • Which yoga is best for absolute yoga beginners?


Both hatha yoga and ashtanga are unique in their own way. Hatha yoga is preparatory ground to enter into further stages of yoga and meditation. It primarily works at the mental and physical level to bring compatibility in mind & body. Hatha yoga covers asanas and pranayams besides purgatory regimen. Ashtanga yoga is a wider concept comprising eight limbs of yoga.   



  • Which yoga course is recognized to Yoga Alliance 


200 hour yoga teacher training course, 300 hour yoga teacher training course and 500 hour yoga teacher training course are recognized to reputed Yoga Alliance, USA. The daily regimen start early in the morning with wake-up call and it comprises six to seven hours daily practical & theoretical training.   



  • What is the daily schedule of the program?


Each student is expected to attend classes in proper yoga dress. There are fixed hours for practical/theoretical training with relaxing hour in-between. Yoga teacher training program can be 15 days, 28 day, 35 day & 45 day program.  Every day practical (asana, pranayama and meditation) and theoretical (yoga philosophy, yoga’s anatomy & physiology) classes are conducted.     



  • My body is stiff? Can I learn yoga teacher training course?


Yes, you can join beginner course. Light asana series with mild stretching under the guidance of yoga master will remove the stiffness in your body. Add-ons like yoga blocks, belts and other aids will help you to attain flexibility in your body.   



  • Which YTTC will be suitable for absolute yoga beginners like me?  


Yes, you can join any YTTC course. It starts from yoga stretching and balanced breathing with controlling mind for “Dharana”. It is advisable to start from basic, and then go for intermediary & advance level of yoga teachers training courses.   



  • I am very weak? Can it improve my strength and stamina?


Yoga is best for one and all—old, misfit and fragile persons. Yogic exercise promotes and maintains the healthy body. It improves your digestive, circulatory, respiratory and excretory system. The regular practice ensures physical and mental strength under the guidance of competent yoga guru. 



  • Which yoga is best for beginner?


Hatha yoga is the best choice. It is traditional & easy to learn under the guidance of guru. From physical to spiritual level, it slowly advances to the higher practice of yoga. It starts with stretching, calm asanas & light pranayama & meditation.    



  • What are the requirements to become yoga teacher? 


There is no need of any qualification or degree. You must have knowledge of English, as the medium of instruction is English. You approach guru with open mind. Any one in age group of 18-60, can be a yoga student.  The age for learning is from 18 to 60. But if you have any serious medical complications, better consult concerned doctor before enrolling in any yoga course. 



  • What is the total fee to become yoga teacher?


It depends upon the duration of the course, location (ashram, resort, or three-star accommodation) and status of the yoga school. 



  • What will I learn in yoga teacher training course? 


You will learn many elements of yoga:


  • Asana: Alignment & adjustment with different bodily postures 
  • Pranayama: Breath control and its role in meditation 
  • Meditation: Dynamic & static meditations techniques enhancing awareness, concentration & heart-fullness  
  • Bandha-Mudra: Yogic gestures & locking of energy 
  • Shatkarma: Yogic cleansing process for body
  • Anatomy & physiology: Medical aspects of yoga
  • Textual study of Patanjali yoga-sutras & hatha yoga pradipika
  • Introductory lessons in Vedanta & Tantra 
  • Sound-healing techniques
  • Ayurveda diet & lifestyle
  • Post-trauma healing & rehabilitation with the help of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Art Therapy     

Advance fee (30 percent) is non-refundable. In case of pandemic, this fee is refundable. But if you won’t attend program on scheduled time due to any reason, dates can be adjusted within six months of scheduled date.

Life has many hues, with stress denoting grey shade. Corporate working culture emphasizes on perfection and timely delivery. As human is not mechanical, unending chain of projects, high expectation and recurring deadlines stir-up stress levels. Shodhan-kriya and meditation are an excellent way to recharge tiring nerve cells and boost-up sagging energy levels.

Documentation Requisite

To ease the registration process, we need certain documentation. These are:  

  • Carry your own health insurance
  • Ensure validity of tourist visa
  • Physical/mental fitness is must
  • Two passport size photo
  • Wear our yoga dress
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