Spirit means essence,
Yoga signifies unity
Spirit Yoga Foundation
Meditation is vacuum
in mind
Spirit Yoga Foundation
Spirituality is purity
of heart
Spirit Yoga Foundation

Welcome to Spirit Yoga Foundation

Yoga brings unity and harmony among all layers of mind.
Spirit Yoga Foundation is a non-profit organization in operation since 2009. Its founder is Yogi Simant. We work in traditional hatha yoga and void state of mind or meditation by merging its traditional & modern aspects.
The foundation is consistently contributing to spiritual awareness and harmony among all sections of society. We are committed to carry social initiatives for rural areas through self-sustainability and their empowerment.

We firmly believe that yoga has incredible potential to unite people from different strata of society globally to embark spiritual evolution. It gives us equal opportunities and freedom for prosperity and contended life.

Our philosophy

Social initiatives

Our Programs

Classical Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Our yoga school imparts wisdom of hatha yoga vertically & horizontally. We hone skill of each seeker for purifying at physical, psychological and spiritual level. Under hatha yoga teacher training, we focus on five limbs of hatha yoga i.e. asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, shatkarma & dynamic-static meditation. Under Yoga teacher training, we cover 100 hour YTTC, 200 hour YTTC and 200 hour Vedanta & YTTC affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA.

Gigantic transformation comes when you find change within you. This is the core objective of our classical yoga training. Guru expects only commitment, consistency and courteousness from each disciple. Slowly but steadily it brings transformation at physical, psychological and psychic levels of seeker.

100 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh is certified by SYF. Light asanas, pranyama, bandha, mudra & meditation ensure physical, mental & spiritual growth of every aspirant.
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200 hour yoga teacher training course is affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA. The allurements of this course are classical Hatha-yoga and Raja-yoga and its contemporary relevance.
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Vedanta and hatha yoga are allurement to 200 hour YTTC course of 35 days affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA. We teach hatha yoga and Vedanta-Tantra in context to traditional yoga philosophy.
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Online Yoga & Meditation

Boost your Immunity

Physical, Psychological & Spiritual transformation

Never stop learning even in distress. Delve deeper your awareness in our online programs. It starts from physical asanas, breath “kriya” and a void state of meditation. Seize divinity “within you” after reprogramming at your subconscious mind.

Meditation: Void State

Ego evaporates when mind become thoughtless.
Many people live and die in the same dimension. This is self-imposed quarantine where people never attempt to elevate their awareness level and remain contended with “eat, drink and merry” motto in life. In limited dimension, mind oscillates faster than pendulum and thoughts come and go and never allow you to sit in silence and contemplate. Meditation is vacuum state of mind, where thoughts stop oscillating. It balances all layers of mind.
Meditation is self-exploring where you rise above mundane dimension of awareness. You transcend sense of time and space. Many goes through mystic experiences depending upon commitment and devotion to meditation practice.

Meditation Program

Peace & Ecstasy
Awareness is chariot, while mind is charioteer. Only a competent charioteer can drive your vehicle safely in uneven path. Focus and concentration controls the mind, while in meditation, you reach void state of mind. You need strength and stability at physical level to extol higher dimension awareness.
The convincing way to explore inner space is meditation course in Rishikesh. Our meditation techniques touch physical awareness, breath awareness and inner awareness. Transformation kriya elevates you to divine peace and ecstatic state of spirit.
shodhan-kriya (1)


The Sanskrit word “Shodhan” means purging or subtle cleansing. And, “Kriya” is derived from Sanskrit root “kri” which means “karma” or action. Shodhan kriya works at three levels---gross body, subtle breath and subtlest mind. Balanced flow of breath terminates fluctuation in mind. You transcend body, breath and senses to reach void state of meditation.
Kundalini-yoga (1)


Kundalini is subtle seed hidden at lowest level of human’s consciousness. Just as any giant tree stands on its roots, kundalini supports and nourishes you right from your first breath. Whether its material success or spiritual evolution, all depends upon expansion of inherent consciousness. It is directly related with spiralling of inherent energy.


Indulge in mind-soothing & soul-stirring program for corporate professionals looking for “out of box” thinking. The program connects your mind to inner consciousness to bring overall changes----behavior, thought-process, psychological and physical


What People Say

My name is Sonja Johnson, and I came to Rishikesh in hopes of expanding my knowledge of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. Having competed my 200hr yoga teacher training (Astanga) in Canada, my expectation was that I would learn more about the ancient form of Hatha Yoga, from which our more modern modalities originated.

Sonja Johnson, Canada

Sonja Johnson, Canada

My first experience with the “Spirit Yoga Foundation” was remarkable. It offers a unique class of yoga, meditation & Ayurveda. I am thankful to Yogi Simant for giving in-depth training of the meditation process including various breathing methods. 

Fon Lim

Fon Lim

Yoga has been associated with happiness, love and joy. It soothes our journey stress in a most natural way. The whole experience of learning at Spirit Yoga Foundation was fabulous. I admired the effortless teaching style of Yogi Simant.  The chanting of Om mantras was mandatory in class. I learnt a lot in short period.

Sherry Ong, Malaysia

Sherry Ong, Malaysia

Why should I learn yoga? What I would gain in doing so? I was reluctant in the beginning. But on the persuasion of close friends, we approach Yogi Simant, who knows yogasastra and has mastery over it. He cleared our doubts through sensible and reasonable lectures. He selected a nice place on the banks of river.

Lee Yu Liang, Singapore

Lee Yu Liang, Singapore

When my wife and I planned our trip to Rishikesh, India, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Our intention was to take a course on Ayurveda with some secondary Yoga training. Having heard so many stories about India (some good, some not so good), we trusted that the Spirit Yoga Foundation would provide us with a positive experience.

Chris Johnson, Canada

Chris Johnson, Canada

“I’m Li Nuo from China. It was an amazing experience. I underwent Shodhan kriya course from Spirit Yoga Foundation 2 years back. The meditation technique help me to attain balance state of mind. The food served at the yoga center was simple and nutritious. The training centre was clean and had a very professional outlook. The place is truly worth your time and money. My best wish to Spirit Yoga Foundation.

Li Nuo, China

Li Nuo, China

From teaching from yoga room to open space near mesmerizing river, SYF leaved no stone unturned to make us happy. At that moment, we forget the fever and fret of the world. The beauties of yoga are unfathomable and unending. One thing is sure. Spirituality believes in human nature and human freedom.

He Zi Ying, China

He Zi Ying, China

Social Initiatives

We work for the people living on the fringes of society, and still waiting for ray of hope. In contemporary time, when occupation opportunities are shrinking, we stress on self-sustainability programs in match with skill and temperament of targeted community. We carry social initiative programs under state-government funds and also under corporate social responsibility (CSR) to meet the expenses. We survey targeted village and gather information from ground zero, which helps us in better formulating-implementing of self-sustainability programs. We believe in honing existing skill of local inhabitants and motivate enthusiastic youth to learn new skills.
  • Yoga Awareness - It ensures mental & physical well-being of local villagers.
  •  Women Empowerment  - Learning new skill for self-sustainability programs
  • Child Education - It includes child-education and nutritional program
  • Vocational Training - It is need of the hour in rural regions for employment

Spiritual Orator


Our team is motley of doctorates and spiritual orators who work in different dimension of yoga, meditation and spirituality. We blend traditional values of yoga with contemporary life to suit new crop of yoga-seekers. Our purpose is not generating yoga teachers, but to understand mind-body connection and to decode matrix of life.
Dr Dilip(Co-Founder)

Scholar of Vedanta, Tantra and Yoga philosophy who can speak in Sanskrit and English with equal ease Dr Dilip is co-founder of Spirit Yoga Foundation. He is a scholar of yoga…

Mr Rishikesh

Rishikesh Kumar Singh is poetic by heart, an environmentalist by nature and spiritual by conscience. He writes exclusively on Nature, Yoga, Spiritualism, Gender…

 Mr Sandeep

He is a prolific writer on varying subjects from the environment, spiritual to lifestyle. He wrote nearly for two decades in environmental magazines…

Sam Richards

Sam is singer, lyricist, composer—all rolled into one. He was born and brought-up in spiritual environment. As a growing child, singing prayer in chorus on Sundays nourished hidden…

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